5 New life


    Within red hill full of burning red flowers an sound of brush hitting ground sounded.

    "Hmmph... too easy."

    With an smug face an pale and transparent figure materialized beside floating half transparent brush.

    Richard looked at the crushed evil flower under his brush and slowly reached his hand inside it.

    Within the crushed flower small particles of energy seemed to slowly float down towards earth. Within Richard mind he recalled ones again how to surround and devour this particles with the small white flame burning inside himself.

    Soon all the remaining green particles vanished leaving only Richards slightly brighter small flame behind.

    There are no more monsters to kill in the garden. After Richards crushing defeat yesterday he spent the rest of the night and day stimulating how to fight finally realizing that he could turn invisible as ghost

    Is there even an opponent for Richard now as long as it's not high ranking magical monster he can simply smack them death while being invincible himself, truly an perfect assassin.

    Richard looked at the field of flowers with an empty look. It's lonely being invincible. Richard soon looked up at the fallen angel statue. The statue was of small girl sitting on top of stone cube and looking at sky with tearing eyes.

    The other hand of the girl was trying to grasp desperately something far above her head.

    Curious of the statue Richard floated in front of the statue and noticed something written on the cube of the statue.

    "Lets see..."

    ""Here rests the crimson angel... the guardian of bloody hearts manor.""


    So there are angels in this lands too, but what an small girl. Why did they make her so sad as if she was trapped here or something. Richard looked at the innocent face of the statue and turned around ready to leave explore the forest.



    With a start Richard turned around towards the small voice, but only seeing the statue.

    Ready leave again Richard started to float down the hill.

    "Wait come back"

    With much clearer sound an girl seemed to call Richard from behind him. While turning around Richard raised his own voice.

    "Who is it, come out. Just so you know I'm not to be bullied... or I will cry."

    "I'm here"

    As the sound ended white hand sprung out from the ground in front of the statue of the girl. With twisting movements white torso seemed to rise from the ground.


    Richard stared with open eyes while an figure of an small ghost rose from the earth.


    With an pleasant smile the figure of an girl with open white wings replicating the statue behind her spoke to Richard.

    "Hello... didn't know there were other ghosts here."

    With an blank look Richard looked, as the girl floated near him.

    "I don't have much time... I seemed to sense one of my brethren, but your blood must have been weak as you don't even have wings and you are ghost too.

    "You are ghost too right?"

    "No... just an image left behind. Doesn't matter I have no time left. Please go inside the cube to inherit my last will my fellow brethren."

    With an sad look the girl turned into tiny particles and vanished.


    Really what is going on with this place. Without thinking twice Richard floated towards the cube. Why not right, it seemed interesting after all.

    As Richard hand went inside the cube he could feel a massive ball of golden fire trapped inside it.

    "This is no joke!"

    With an fast pull Richard tried to retreat from the fire, but in vain as in the next second Richard was inside the stone reduced to an small ball of white flame which was currently being eaten by the big golden flames.

    Shit! Is there no way out of this. In panic Richard tried to float away but in vain the very existence of Richard was getting devoured by the golden flames.

    Soon Richard mind turned blank and the white flame turned smaller and smaller under the burning of the golden flames soon leaving behind flame as big as an match.

    Within next second the small white flame turned bluish and started to merge with the big golden flame turning it from gold to red and then blue.




    After what seemed like an eternity, 5 seconds later Richard woke up.

    "Aaaaa...! My head."

    "... who is it...hello?"

    Is that my voice Richard opened his eyes and saw nothing but darkness.

    Something was strange. Richard voice seemed to be strange and there was an even bigger problem...

    Richard could feel he was inside some small space and he was hungry. Both things which should be impossible to the current ghost Richard.

    Or rather where am I. Richard slowly recalled touching the statue and getting devoured by the golden flame inside but how is he still alive.

    "I can feel..."

    With an sudden realization Richard started to laugh he could feel the stone where he was hugging his soft warm knees.

    He was alive. With an strong kick the stone broke in front of Richard letting gentle red glow shine from the broken wall.

    With little difficulty Richard got out legs first from the stone cube.

    "Ah... I'm alive!"

    With an yell Richard stood up and looked at his two slender pale feets standing on ground.


    With laugh Richard swept hair away from his face and looked at the crimson moon with happy face.

    "Finally my new life begins..."
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