6 System?

    When Richard peeked inside the broken cube he just crawled outside from he saw small door on the ground.

    "This seems interesting."

    With the light from the red moon Richard found switch on the side of the door. As soon as he pressed it the door moved to side.

    "Ooo... high tech."

    With approving look Richard pulled up the chest inside the hole.

    " *ping* you have found treasure chest...."

    Moving on... the wooden box seemed to be almost empty Richard looked at it from up and down, but it seemed almost as the most plain since becoming ghost.


    It's not even locked! Within the box Richard found white robe with beautiful blue symbols and silver ring with blue engravings.


    It's right size too. No more nakedness. Richard was already happy that he didn't have to start his new life running naked. All though he is still commando under.

    And this finger seems to be made for his right index finger... ara?

    As Richard looked at the ring it seemed to start to glow with light blue color.

    "I see... so this is what happened."

    So the inheritance the little angel girl was talking about was this ring. In front of Richard eyes he could see now system messages spamming and small hologram of what seemed to be his current form it seems.

    The child inside the hologram seemed almost like the angel girl but obviously boy... not so obvious what is with those slender legs and hands the long white hair and blue eyes... Richard looked like some kind of anime character...

    Well doesn't matter. At least I'm not ugly and there seems to be some kind basic stats shown too.

    Name: not registered

    Race: celestial race (lesser)

    Age: body age 10 years old (soul 18 years old)

    Physical condition: healthy

    Titles: no titles

    Blessings: The blessing of Libarianos, Child of light

    "It seems kinda plain, but celestial race... huh? Did I turn into an angel."

    Richard still couldn't fully wrap his head around the sudden happenings.

    It seems there is more there. After Richard focused near the system texts that vanished he could see an blue arrow pointing down.

    Welcome to the system!

    You have been registered as an blue cross rings new owner.

    Scanning host.

    Scanning completed

    Do you wish to finalize registration?

    Yes.              No.

    As Richard focused on the floating yes button the ring started to send memories he hasn't seen before inside his mind.

    After about 5 seconds Richard woke up from the daze seemingly remembering seeing things but forgetting what they were about

    Well what ever. Richard didn't really care, but more than the self statue and the hologram there seems to be nothing else... I need to level the ring up to unlock other functions? So that is what those memories were for.

    Richard looked up at the mansion and the red moon high up the sky.

    "What should I do now... I look completely different than before or rather only my soul is same... or did it evolve too? If I try to walk in like usual won't I be cut down like those imps before..."

    What to do. What to do. Richard smiled merrily while sitting beside the angel statue on the cube and swinging his legs rhythmically.

    Richard calmly listened as the wind howled and earth occasional cracked as fire burst into air inside the forest.


    The smell of burning wood and flowers lingered in the air. Richard was really alive now. Unlike when Richard was ghost he really felt like he was here.

    "Should I sing..."

    "Mmm mm mm...

    One minute you're here and the next you're killing


    You're looking at the warm soul


    Save me from the deadly eternity

    You don't wanna be stuck indoors

    Save me from the deadly eternity

    And when you're done I feel alight

    One minute you're here and the next you're killing

    You're the deadly one

    And I'm dancing because you're done

    Alive... mmm mm mmm..."

    Without caring about the passing of time Richard kept singing what ever came to his mind.



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