7 Elean Falblood

    "Aaaaa...! So boring."

    Elean kept rolling over manga spread on floor. Most of this manga were either gore or shojou  manga (aimed for young females).

    "When is the next patch coming?"

    "***** **** ****"

    "Yawn is that so..."

    With small breath Elean rised from the furry mat of some kind of big red wolf and swept dust from her black robe away.

    Behind Elean her shadow extended and pushed one of the books on shelf opening secret door with a click sound.

    Without minding about the dark figure which went back into her shadow she walked into her office and went sitting behind a pile of books and papers.


    As soon as Elean lowered the small bell down a knock was heard behind her office room.

    "My lady."

    "You may enter"

    With a small bow the head maid Lilium walked inside the room with a silver tray and white tea cup on it.

    Without speaking Lilium gave the tea cup with steaming red liquid inside it in front of Elean. As quietly as she came she walked to the door and with bow vanished.


    After Elean took small sip of the red liquid she let out small smile.


    With a small puff of smoke one of the 40 black candles at Eleans left side lit up.


    "here it is"

    Eleans shadow without warning started walking on the burning black candle on its own and carried it on front of The desk on floor.

    Before the desk as soon as the shadow lets go of the black candle it lets out flames on the floor creating burning circle with different symbols.


    With Elean order the shadow jumps into the circle and disappears. As Elean can use high level shadow servants it is easy to share the vision with one of her shadows.

    As Elean closes her eyes she saw young white hooded man struggling against fat black hooded human stabbing at his stomach.

    It seems this guys are useless.

    Elean sees the offerings of this humans. With a thought from Elean the black robed man start to die one by one.

    "If you are going to summon devil at least bring the latest manga ."

    With frown Elean wills the shadow to burn the offerings too.

    As the shadow floats near the last dying human Elean senses a faint trace of divinity on the black haired man.


    Interesting with this the boy may survive the summoning to this side.

    With ease Elean makes low level contract and brings the spirit of the man to her side as the body would crumble without higher level summoning she didn't bother to even try.




    It's been little over an week since Elean made a low level servant contract with the spirit known as Richard.

    "What is that fool doing today."

    With a knowing smile Sandra laughed as she started to tell Elean about Richards battle inside the garden against an evil eye flower.


    "Well as long as the boy doesn't rush into the forest he should be fine, but why did he want to fight against the monsters in the first place?"

    With puzzled look Elean looked at her friend since school days. At the time they become inseparable at it hasn't changed in twenty five years since then.

    "It seems the boy learned about evolution and decided to try his luck against small plant monsters on garden"


    "Did you tell him that it would speed his evolution at best with 5 years with monsters as weak as that.

    With a small glint on her eyes Sandra smile knowingly without answering.






    As Elean walked on the upper floor towards her private room she walked past half opened window facing towards the backyard.

    "... alive... you are killing... alive..."

    With curious look Elean opened the window to hear better the faint sound of singing coming from outside.

    "... I have fought against thousands of enemies... killing them all.

    No one can say no to me again... laa la laa.

    They keep coming without knowing I'm the end and ruler here..."


    With a stunned look Elean looked outside seeing small white haired girl singing next to the statue of an angel swinging her legs.

    What made Elean stunned was not only the mesmerizing sound of the girl that seemed to take hold of the listeners soul while carrying oppressive pressure of someone divine, but the actual divinity of the girl actually emitting from within her very soul. Something which only celestial could possess being their one of their trademarks as divine race.

    Wasn't that fool supposed to be at the garden too. Elean tried to sense Richard, but couldn't feel the contract mark anywhere near the mansion.

    "Grrr... was it that girl."

    With a burning flame on her red eyes Elean started to walk towards backyard.

    "If you did something to that fool divine race or not you will be the second angel buried on that flower bed..."
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