8 Convincing demon

    [ Bloody hearts mansion garden ]

    "Laa la laaa"

    My voice is so much clearer now. Richard tested all kind of different voices from high to low from famous male actors voice to a certain wizard on bridge.

    "You shall not pass...!"

    The voice of Richard resonated deeply in air making even himself impressed how his voice can sound so low.

    "Oh... pretty arrogant for an intruder. To even have the guts to order me around."


    Like broken robot face full of sweat Richard turned slowly his head to left.

    With small unhurried steps Richards master Elean Falblood walked trough the sea of red flowers towards him. Her deep red eyes full of murder.


    With hurry Richard jumped to his feet and put his most harmless face on while smiling at Elean.

    "M-master it's not like that. Yes! I was just practicing my impressions. I did not think anyone would hear me."

    "Master? Do I know you?"

    With a clear look of utter distrust and suspicion Elean sized Richard up.

    Where did this celestial came from. More over...

    Elean sharply started at Richards beautiful pale blue eyes and snow white hair with jealousy.


    Oh no master is super mad. Richard started to a tremble little.

    "M-master I don't know what happened either it's me Richard. I was hunting monster plants when suddenly a ghost of an angel appeared and she talked about inheritance. Then big ball of flames tried to kill me and I was like this..."


    Suspicious... Elean looked at the celestial before her, but there was not even a slight resemblance to the weak fool of a ghost from before.

    "If you really are what you claim for then you don't mind a little test right?"

    With a sharp glare that told there is only one right answer. Richard nodded hurriedly showing his willingness to cooperate.

    "Follow me."

    With last sharp glance Elean turned around making her deep red hair swing along as she started walking towards the main entrance of the mansion.

    Richard let out small breath of relief as the oppressive aura from Elean lessened.

    Without turning Elean led Richard trough the mansion. Along the way many servants and people Richard had never seen cast curious glances at Richard along the way from the rooms and hallways.

    Was there this many people before. Richard looked at the curious people with gentle smile of his own which seemed to cause even more unrest among the curious people. Some blushed and waved at Richard as he walked past them.

    Who is she really and what is she doing here. Elean secretly kept looking back at the white haired celestial calmly following behind her. Does she not know who she is. The amount of people she killed alone at the recent war 5 years ago alone could fill a lake with blood full. What is more celestials are so rare here that you could count them with one hand fingers. Then there is that Richard too where did he wander to.

    While both in deep though they finally arrived before an big black door with an red flaming heart symbol in the middle of it.

    Without stopping Elean walked towards the door. Before reaching 3 meters from it the red heart symbols slowly lit with red glow and the door opened without sound.

    Richard stopped for a fraction of second his eyes glittering as he saw the automatic door before walking after Elean.

    Of course it's impossible to Elean to miss the celestials reaction as she was secretly observing her, which brought small smile to her lips.

    As Elean sat on her black wooden chair high enough to enable her to see the magic circle before her desk. Richard cautiously walked inside too at the edge of the circle.

    "So shall we continue. You claim to be Richard, but that is impossible. So let me tell you what really happened."

    This doesn't look too good. With a troubled look Richard looked at Elean.


    Elean suddenly hit her hands at the desk before her.

    "First I don't know your true goal, but you clearly are aiming to obtain something from this mansion. The reason you know Richards name is because you must have seen him outside the mansion and captured him..."

    With a confident look Elean started to narrate her hypothesis.

    "...Let me tell you this. I don't care about that fool if he goes and gets himself killed outside on his own, but I will avenge it if you miss treat any of my servants! This is your last chance. Tell me who you are and what is your aim coming here, or are you saying. A nobel celestial just wandered on her own to Bloody hearts manor by accident."


    But I never left. Richard started to furiously think how to convince her master to not kill him. If only I could...


    With a good plan in his mind Richard closed his eyes and started to concentrate to his soul.

    Inside his mind Richard soon saw blue flame much bigger than before slowly floating inside a circle which Richard imagined as his body.



    Elean stood up clearly not believing what she saw from the celestials body a soul slowly came out you could say this was unbelievable dangerous and stupid to let unprotected soul come outside from its protection was suicidal.

    "Wha... Richard?"

    The soul that came from the collapsed celestial still linked to its body clearly looked just like Richard but with white hair and blue eyes.

    "The story before was it true?"

    Elean didn't get her answer from Richard as his soul returned to his body while he went unconscious from over exerting himself.

    "What has happened to this fool..."

    With a confused look Elean kept looking at Richard before she ordered her shadow to bring Richard to sleep inside his room.




    [  Bloody hearts mansion attic Richards room ]


    What happened... Richard woke up in his bed with face full of confusion.


    While looking around Richard started to smile.  Master must have believed me as I'm in my room and not in dungeon.


    That place was terrible. Richard could feel the coldness and stench of blood from just remembering the dark stone dungeon deep, deep beneath the mansion.

    Richard had been cleaning the entrance before the dungeon. Lilium told him that he would get himself killed immediately if he entered inside that sealed chamber.

    *knock knock knock*

    "Come in"

    With a courteous bow a victorian styled maid in long black dress with frilly red apron full of black thorn decorations came inside.

    "Lilium hello sorry for not doing my work today."

    With an shy smile on his lips Richard reflexively apologized as she recognized the green haired plant maiden before him.

    "... I'm sorry I don't seem to recall you. Miss Falblood has tasked me to take you to her as soon as you wake up. If you would, could you be so kind as to follow me."

    With an blank look Richard looked at Lilium who had shown calm emotionless face to Richard from start to finish.

    Is this really Lilium. Richard couldn't help, but to wonder. Never had Richard seen Lilium without an kind smile before. Now she just seemed emotionless, polite, doll like servant without will of her own.

    As Richard walked behind Lilium they soon arrived before two golden double doors with lions as door knobs.

    *knock knock*


    With a tired voice from inside the double doors opened showing a sea of books before Richard and Lilium. Without hesitation Lilium started walking without stopping clearly having memorized the way beforehand.

    Soon Richard saw both Elean Falblood and Sandra Falkill two beauties one red haired and other wheat colored hair staring intensely at Richard from behind a pile of books on red leather sofa.

    With a bow to Richard Lilium walked beside Elean silently.



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