9 Apprentice of an Witch of carnage


    Before me two demons were staring at me like they wanted to open me up and see what is inside. Richards smile started to strain a little bit as the silence between the four people continued.

    "Hello master and Sandra. You wanted to see me."

    After quick look between the two girls Elean smiled at Richard and asked him to tell them again what happened yesterday to him.

    Richard slowly started to tell them from the beginning...




    "... I see."

    Sandras usually sleepy eyes seemed more awake than usual as she nodded convinced about something.

    "Do you know what happened Sandra?"

    Elean seemed to urge Sandra before her as she leaned towards the other beautiful girl on the red leather sofa.

    Richard peeked secretly at Elean. The dark red haired girl was wearing beautiful red lolita styled dress today. With red ribbon on her modest breasts and with long white sleeves covering her pale hands. The sleeves left only her long fingers showing which were gripping on black pillow on her lap. Below the black pillow Eleans legs were covered with elegant black stockings with red thorns decorating them.

    Different colored thorns seemed to be popular here as Richard had seen them in the servants clothes and in many wallpapers and other decorations around the house.

    Richard looked at Sandra who saw him peeking at Elean and showed him a smile. Sandra was wearing her usual white robe which couldn't hide her curves seemingly bursting at every right place.

    "I got some ideas."

    Sandra waved an golden wand which seemed to appear from thin air towards the sky. As Sandra lowered the wand before her an blue book floated from above her head and descended slowly towards her open hand.


    Within seconds she seemed to find the right page from the nearly 10cm thick book.

    "... inheritance of an celestial. It's said that when an celestial mortally wounded or incapable to anymore fulfill their virtue can leave their virtue behind to strengthen weaker celestials virtue."

    Sandra, Elean and the confused Lilium all looked at the kindly smiling white haired small kid before them.

    "You mean to say this fool was an celestial? He was clearly only an dying human when I brought his spirit here."

    "Well he clearly had some blood of an celestial inside him or he would have just burned to nothingness as the virtue combined with him. More importantly what are you going to do from now on Richard. You are an Celestial now and the contract you had with Elean has been canceled."

    Richard thought about all he had been trough since coming to this place. Richard had no real desire to go back to earth. He had no one he missed there and the only real regret he had was the lack of internet here. On the other hand he had seen many magical things here that were impossible at earth. The servants here were all nice to him and there were countless interesting books for him to read and magic to discover. Moreover he had an actual body now so he wanted to try learning magic now that he could.

    "I want to continue living here and learn about magic. Master is that okay."

    Elean looked at Richard and seemed to think something as she showed an evil smile towards him. While crossing her legs under the black pillow.

    "Richard I can accept you as an apprentice, but do you know what it means to learn from an devil as an celestial?"

    Richard showed an troubled look.

    "Is it bad?"

    "More than bad, if any celestial learned about it you would be instantly killed. Knowing this do you still wish to learn from me?"

    "Yes, I want."

    Without an moment of delay Richard agreed. Surprising the girls with his lack of fear and hesitation.

    *giggle* Elean laughed happily.

    "I see. You are fool indeed, but as your master let me give you an compliment for your loyalty. Starting today you're my apprentice. Work hard and I will gift you surname when you're ready.

    "Yes master I will not let you down!"


    The girls looked at Richard in wonder, suprised how stomach rumbling could even sound cute.

    Richard smiled little awkwardly remembering that he hasn't eaten anything since coming to hell.

    "For starters let Lilium guide you to eat. Then she will show you your new room. I will call you later today. For now you are dismissed."

    Lilium bowed little at Elean and Sandra before walking to Richard and grasping his hand with an smile on her pale face.

    "Let's go Richard."

    Soon Richard was dragged towards the exit of the room and he could hear Sandra and Elean faintly speaking about something behind him.



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