10 Life goes on.

    "La la laa la laa!"

    With wave of his hand Richard summoned an arrow of light that pierced an red imp slowly turning it into ashes.

    "La la laa..."

    While singing happily the white haired child hopped across the black grounds towards the small wisp of flame still lingering on air and letting the ring on his finger to absorb it.

    The last week has been a literal amusement park ride for Richard first getting weird resurrection to a child. Then becoming masters apprentice and trying to adjust his new life of not being servant, but studying actual magic! Richard found the actual magic to be really cool! First it was really boring for him, trying to actually control this weird energy, but he finally did it.

    Now Richard could shape his natural energy into light arrows and light spear. Currently Richard was clearing the forest near the mansion something the black knight, (insert starry eyed Richard) usually did. While clearing the forest of small predators like imps and evil flower demons he practiced magic and fed the inheritance ring energy to let it evolve. Truly an one arrow to take three targets.

    "Wa ha ha! Koh! Koh!"

    Richard sword to practice his arrogant laughter later, but now more pray awaits him!

    "Let it go! Let it gooo....!"

    While singing meaninglessly Richard continued his killing spree knowing his master was observing him using shadow servant.





    After having his fill of mindless carnage Richard walked back inside the mansion the red flower field still captivating him on its beauty.

    Richard pushed the side door open meant for servants.


    Richard felt the door hitting something and a thud of something falling down.


    On the ground was an maid with blue hair and unnatural white skin holding her nose.

    "Sorry are you alright?!"

    Richard walked towards the teary eyed maid feeling guilty of opening the door with more speed than necessary.

    "What is wrong with you! First of all this is the door for servants! Not for someone like you!"

    "Geez... I said I'm sorry Ella... forgive me please."

    Richard tried to pacify his ex work buddy, but failing.


    With a look of irritation the maid got up, but not before leaving one last resentful look at Richard.

    Richard rubbed the back of his head little sad.

    "I wonder why she started to hate me so much..."

    Richard sighed remembering her sempai, she was always cold to Richard, but after becoming Elean Falblood's apprentice she turned outright venomous.

    "Just gotta make up with her later..."




    After another day Richard was studying a book about demon hierarchy and rites of certain clans.


    Richard looked up from his book seeing his master looking at him with strange expressions on her face.

    Elean looked down at the white haired boy looking at herself feeling awkward due to the current situation.

    "You are going to school."




    Elean averted her gaze feeling the heated stare of Richard bearing down on her. She know that Richard didn't have the best experience from schools m, not to mention he was brutally murdered and sacrificed on one.

    "Yes. You will go to school starting tomorrow."

    "Bu-but why! I can just learn from you and Sandra? There is absolutely no reason for me to go?!"

    Elean let out another sight hearing Richard aversion and small panic in his voice.

    "If me or Sandra were here that would be the case, but both of us have to leave to capital due to an urgent situation there."

    "I can just come with you?"

    Richard asked pleadingly, but felt his heart drop seeing his master gently shaking her head making her dark red hair sway.

    "If you were still ghost, but as you are now it would be practically death sentence to bring you along and without me or Sandra here to mask your aura the mansion could get attacked. You are going tomorrow for your own good. You will be safer there."

    Richard didn't answer just trying to wrap his head around the situation seemed to keep him still.

    With a slight sad look Elean left Richard to ponder himself before encouraging him a little at door.

    "I will come to teleport you there tomorrow so say your goodbyes for a while at least. Even at worst case it shouldn't take us more than a year so show some spirit apprentice."

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