5 Endless Vertex Fantasy

    (Author) bacon_bacon

    Tags) Fantasy, Magical Realism,

    (Synopsis) suitable for all ages

    Same old earth. Civilians living an absolutely normal life, except for the fact that there are Warriors who commoners don't know about.

    This is a novel about a teenage Warrior's rough adventures to discover life's true purpose, as well as fascinating things that might actually exist in reality. Who knows? Your 80 year old neighbor could be a Warrior who can smash boulders and do the impossible.

    There is no limit to what people can achieve.


    A slow story that takes you into phantasmagorical projection of our own. It guides you, hand by hand, into a magical experience which leaves you questioning what is next to come. What makes this story stand out from all the others is its seamless way of transporting you into a fictional world filled with interesting and quirky characteristics, so if this is your type of story, feel free to check it out. Be aware though, the entry is a one way ticket, and once you are there, you may never find yourself to leave the story's gentle grip.

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