7 Chapter 7: Going to The Castle

    After 2 hours of waiting the storm finally let up. Naomi and Pepper stood outside the front door while the old woman stood in the doorway saying "are you sure your gonna be okay walking all the way back by your?" Naomi said "I'm sure. Thanks for all the help." The old woman smiled and said "your welcome your highness and please tell Jax his Momma says hello." Naomi smiled, said I will, and began to walk to her kingdom while Jax's mom went back inside her home. Naomi and Pepper walked for a mile on the stone path until they got to the entrance of her kingdom. Naomi looked at Pepper and said "this is it, I'm back home. We must get to my castle and get to Jax." They entered her kingdom and walked through it. As they walked they saw that nobody was outside like once before. Windows on different buildings were broken, some buildings had fire damage, and other buildings were completely trashed and destroyed. The clean streets she once knew had trash on them and there were no animals running around like before. Naomi said "what, what happened to my home?" As they walked a man crawled out of a dark alley, grabbed Naomi's leg, and said "they kill you! The Gave are gonna kill you little girl, they are out to kill you," Naomi quickly shook off his hand from her leg and ran away with Pepper as the man laid on the sidewalk. After she got further away from the man she slowed down to catch her breath saying "how could this happen Pepper? What has Hayes done to my kingdom?" They continued to walk until they came up to Naomi's castle. Naomi's castle was 10 stories high and 10 stories wide. It was light brown bricked with a dark brown roof. There were cement stairs that led up to the castle door but there weren't any guards out guarding it. Naomi said "come Pepper, lets save Jax." Naomi and Pepper walked up the stairs and opened the door to see nobody was walking around. They entered the castle while closing the door behind and two guards of Hayes grabbed them. One of the guards said "thought you were gonna come in and get to Hayes did you? Well we have something for you." Naomi bit the guard's hand and he let her go and re-grabbed her saying "we'll put you two in the dungeon until Hayes comes back." Naomi yelled "let me go," and the guards laughed at her. They took both Pepper and Naomi to the dungeon in the basement of the castle. There she saw Liam, he leg chained to the floor. Liam said "Princess Naomi your alive," and one of the guards said "ah so this is the Princess that has been causing all the trouble... well Hayes will be most pleased to see we've caught her." They put her and Pepper in the same cell as Liam and left while one of them said "enjoy the company before you die Liam." Naomi ran over to Liam, hugged him, and asked "where's Jax?" Liam answered "Hayes has him. They separated us after we got here I have no idea what they did to him but I do know he's still alive. Hayes said he had something planned for Jax. Jax will be so happy to know your still alive! We thought you had died in the house fire." Naomi said "no I'm... I'm still here and alive. What happened to my kingdom Liam, where's Momma and Papa?" Liam looked down and said "Hayes he... he killed them and once he killed them he took over your kingdom as rightful aire. He thought you were dead but your not, your alive and you Naomi must now claim your place as aire to The Brinny Kingdom." Tears ran down Naomi's cheeks and she said "how can I claim the throne Liam! I'm only 8 years old. I have no parents, I don't have Jax, and Alex is dead!" Liam's eyes widened and he said "how... how do you know Alex is dead?" Naomi said "Logan killed him trying to kill me. Then he knocked me out and threw me and Pepper in a ditch to die. Alex's death was my fault and now I'm supposed to defeat Hayes. How can I do it Liam? How can someone like me do something like that." Liam said "have Faith Naomi! Naomi you aren't just some ordinary girl! You have powers! These monster who are killing everyone and everything aren't stronger then you. Naomi I know its hard! I know this will be the hardest thing you've ever had to do but you have to be strong! You have to fight because if you don't this kingdom and all its people are going to die. Now is the time Naomi to rise to your feet and take what is rightfully your's! You have to fight Naomi! Don't back down." She looked at Liam and said "your right.... I have to do this.... I have to save my kingdom from Hayes. I have to be strong...."

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