8 Chapter 8: The Figh

    They waited there as the hours pasted and 2 guards from The Gave came down, unlocked the door, one grabbed Pepper, and the other guard grabbed Naomi while she yelled "let me go." The guards locked the jail door and took Naomi and Pepper to the ballroom. The ballroom had a shiny brown wood floor, light gray walls, a platform with 3 thrones on it, a glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and light fixtures hanging from the wall. There they saw Hayes sitting in a throne while Jax kneeled on the floor facing them his hands tied behind his back and Logan had a knife held up to Jax's neck. Jax had bruises on his face and a cracked lip. Jax's eyes widened as tears rolled down his cheeks. He yelled "Naomi," and Naomi yelled "Jax!" Hayes laughed, got out of his seat, got down off the platform, and stood in front of Naomi while saying "well it seems you just never die. Your always fighting and that's an excellent quality." Naomi said "you killed my parents." Hayes said "well yes they were standing in my way of getting the throne. They were weak, completely useless. Your dad put up a pathetic fight it took less then 10 minutes to kill him and your mom... well once her husband died... she couldn't last. She was dead within 5 mins of him being killed... It was pretty pathetic if you ask me hahahaha but you... it seems you just won't die. Your a fighter unlike your guards who drop like flies. Unlike everybody else your a fighter and you would be an excellent addition to the family. I'll tell you what you agree to be my daughter and you can have your princess title back. We'll have a strong kingdom! We'll kill anyone who gets in our way. What do you say Naomi? Be my daughter." Naomi yelled "I'm not your daughter and I never will be." Hayes looked at Naomi and said "okay Logan kill Jax and make it slow so Naomi can see what happens when you defy me." Tears ran down Naomi's cheeks as she said "no please don't kill him!" Hayes said "too late," as he sat back on his throne. Logan began to beat Jax. "Ah, ugh, ah," Jax mumbled as Logan hit him. Naomi cried "please, please stop hurting him," but Logan continued to beat Jax. Naomi cried "stop it," but still Logan ignore her, she screamed "I said stop it," and shocked the guards that held her and Pepper. The guards collapsed for Naomi knock them out. Sparks appeared in her hands and she shocked Logan. Logan flew into a wall and slide down it getting knocked out from the blast. Naomi shouted "I said stop it now Hayes you have to deal with me." Hayes smiled, Naomi sent a lightening bolt towards him, and he dodged it throwing a dagger at her. She deflected the dagger with a spark and said "lets fight Hayes." Hayes smiled and said "I'm gonna kill you." He threw 3 more daggers at Naomi and Naomi dodged them all sending another lightening bolt at him. He dodged it and said "your powerful Naomi you can..." Naomi stomped on the ground and shocked Hayes while saying "no talking! I want to fight." She sent a lightening bolt but again Hayes dodged it. Hayes threw a dagger at her and it cut her arm. He laughed and said "your weak and I'm gonna kill you like I killed you parent." Naomi stomped shocking Hayes once more and started sending lightening bolts shocking him while saying "you don't know me! You think I'm weak but I'm strong! You will not get my kingdom! You will not destroy my people! You are not a king." She walked closer and closer to him continuously shocking him with lightening until she stood in front of him. He looked at her and said "we could rule together." Sparks appeared around her foot and she said "you will never be a king and I will never be your daughter!" She kicked him and he flew into a wall getting knocked completely out. The sparks on her body went away and she ran over to Jax while crying "Jax are you alright?" Jax looked at her, smiled, and said "you did it Naomi. You learned how to use your powers." Pepper began to growl, Naomi stomped on the floor, and shocked Logan knocking him out again. Jax looked over at Logan to see he had a dagger in his hand and said "how did you know he was gonna throw that Naomi?" Naomi said "he did it before and I knew he was dumb enough to make the same mistake again." Jax sat up and Pepper walked over to them rubbing her head up against Jax's back. Jax asked "who is this?" Naomi smiled and said "allow me to introduce you to Pepper. She's been helping me find you oh yeah by the way your Momma says hi." Jax smiled and said "so you traveled all the way here by yourself with a fox, met my mom, and took back over your kingdom! You are one strong little princess. Naomi said "and you are gonna be a great king Papa." Jax looked at Naomi as tears filled both of their eyes and Naomi said "I'm without parents and your without you family. Maybe you can be my Papa and rule as king." He hugged her and said "I would love that my daughter."

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    The months passed by and Naomi and Jax defeated the rest of what was left of The Gave and rebuilt The Brinny Kingdom. Liam was named head guard and Pepper is treated like a royal pet. Logan and Hayes along will all of Hayes guards remain in a dungeon far away from The Brinny Kingdom and will remain there forever. Naomi, Jax, and Pepper finally got the family they longed for and continue living out the rest of their days in peace...

    The End
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