2 Chapter 2: Alone

    Back in the bedroom in the secret room was Naomi crouched in a ball crying. She heard the neighing of horses and felt the ground shaking and they took off. She opened the floor door, got out of the secret room, opened the closet door, ran over to the bedroom door, touched the door knob and jumped back. She shook her burnt hand off that had a shiny scar on it from the hot door knob that burnt her. She looked at the floor to see a black smoke creeping under it. The room began to get hot and loose air. She began to cough while saying "he, he's burning the house down with me in it... I have to... I have to get out of here. I'm loosing oxygen." She looked around the room to see there was no windows and no way out. She banged on the walls screaming "help me, help me." She started to shake ad the thick smoke filled the room. She began to get weaker from lack of oxygen and coughed some more. She said "I have to... I have to use my powers or I'm dead." She touched the wall and said "come, come on you stupid powers work! Please work!" She looked at her hand to see nothing was happening. Tears ran down her cheeks as she thought back to shocking her guard. She mumbled "that's it..." and stumbled to her feet. She put her hands together as sparks appeared and put her hands put. A strong lightening bolt shot from her hands making a hole to outside. She climbed through the hole, ran away from the house, and the house exploded. She laid on the ground and watch the house catch up in flames. It began to rain and tears ran down hee cheeks. She looked all around and said "what, what am I gonna do now?" She stumbled to her feet and ran to a near by tree that covered her from the rain. BOOM, CRASH. She heard the thunder and the lightening as the storm started up. She leaned against the tree and said "I'm alone... I'm by myself now... what am I going to do." She slowly drifted away into a deep sleep.

    7 hours later. Chirp, chirp, crunch, crunch. She was awaken by the forest animals flying in the sky and running across the forest floor. She looked straight to see the house burnt to ash. She said "its gone... the house is gone." She looked up at the sky to see a yellow, bluish sky that the sun was rising in. She mumbled "its dawn..." She stood to her feet and looked around her saying "what am I gonna do now... Jax is gone, my family is gone, and now I'm by myself.... I don't know what I'm going to do or where I'm going to go..." She looked to the ground to see a deep grove trail in the mud from a carriage. She said "those tracks... they led back home.... I think The Gave took Jax back to my Kingdom... I have to.... I have to follow them... Jax always helped me when I needed him now I need to help Jax."

    She began to follow the tracks. Half an hour she followed those tracks until the tracks led her to a rock path underneath a waterfall. She said "the tracks end here but I know this way..." She began to walk on the stone path as a mist of water from the water fall hit her face. Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble. She felt the rock underneath her shake. She fell to her knees and struggled to stand back up. She thought "this water fall, its strong against the rock." She began to walk again. Rumble, rumble, rumble. The rock underneath began to shake again and she fell to her knees. Crack, she looked at the ground to see the rock begin to crack and break. Her eyes widened and she said "its gonna break." As rock began to break, crumble, and break. Naomi struggled to stand to her feet and run. She ran as the rock behind her began to drop and break off. Further ahead of her she saw the rock beginning to break and fall down. She turned around to see the rock breaking coming up to her. She turned to her side to face the rock wall of the water fall. She quickly put her ear to the wall and knocked on it. Knock, knock she heard the echo of her knock on the other side of the rock wall. She yelled "its hallow," created a lightening bolt, shot through the rock, and climbed in the dark hole that had a peak of light in the doorway from the outside that she made as the rock path she stood on broke and crumbled. She yelled "what now," and heard her echo. She thought to herself I... I need a fire. She looked around in the small amount of light she had from the outside for a stick but couldn't find one. She though well that's great now what. She balled her fist up and sparks began around her fist. She opened her hand as a the sparks hit each other and formed a fire in the palm of her hand. She said "well I guess that works," and shined the fire around to see that she was in a cave. She said "I guess going through here is my only option," and began to try to find her way through the cave.

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