2 Chapter 2 : the village on fire

    After I camped out side for three days as I ate monsters meat and my level has rose but not as much as I killed the demon that I found I got new skill the fourth day I found a village so I get into it I couldn't read anything but as I concentrate at it I could read it said it's the village of adventurers that's great that way I can know where are those demons to kill them I get into the village as I saw the girl that those people was going to kill four days ago as she came near me (oh mister you have came)the young girl she is at the same age as I'm but whatever (can you told me where is the adventurers guild)Kasim she looked at me with down eyes (y-yes I can but you don't intend to be an adventurer right mister)the girl I looked at her (it's not of your business so where it's)Kasim as I looked at her she got scared and go back some footsteps but then came near me (I-I will tell you but in one condition can you save my family)the girl I left her and go on my way she ran after me (w-wait mister I need your help like before I don't want to see anyone dear to me to let that to happen to them again)the young girl (then do as I told you become power full enough to protect your family I don't care whether you are dead or alive anyway)Kasim and I then left her as she fall at the ground I saw some people gathering around her (hey you girl I want you to become my slave)the bald man as he have a collar I need one of those so I jumped and pierce his body with my spear (sorry but I will take this collar)Kasim as they saw me piercing his body all of them get their weapon ready (h-how dare you kill one of our friends)the man as all of them get near me (get away scum)Kasim as I waved my spear and all of them fall at the ground and couldn't move does this spear have a paralyze active the girl get near me (ohh okay I will help you but I will have one condition)Kasim (I-I will do anything)the girl (good I will tell you when we end so lead the way)Kasim as she led the way after some time I reached her home it's a tattered house that it's the only one like that we get into the house I found three woman and one man the man seems like he can't stand alone without his stick he have (bela y-you came back)the woman as she hugged her (I-I'm home mother and I get one who can help us)Bela as she get her eye at me (hey kid I didn't agree to help yet)Kasim as I get inside the house (so what do you know anyway)Kasim as the old man get near me he seems like he is examining my body but after he touched me several times he left me (w-why can't I see your flow of blood)the old man it seems like my blood stopped when I turned into a demon (don't worry about that what is your problem I want to leave as soon as possible)Kasim he get into his chair Bela came near me (we need to find an alchemy to cure my father's curse)Bela is that old man her father well he don't look like he is that old (what curse that are input inside of you anyway)Kasim he looked at me (I have the spider web curse it consume all of my stamina)the old man I looked at him and I found that he just can't get enough of his stamina I go back (okay isn't that plant that cure it everywhere why didn't you just go and pick it)Kasim he looked down (I-I can't do that all of my friends left me and the plant are protected by adventurers and all of them tried to kill me in the past and I think they will try again if I go)the old man I looked at him then looked at Bela (do you know where is the plant is)Kasim she said yes (okay then I will get the ingredients for your cure but I still want to get my reward)Kasim all of them looked at me with happy faces I then took Bela and get out from their house (okay lead the way)Kasim she got us out of the village on our way (so what was your father's job anyway)Kasim she looked at me (he was adventurer but not like the rest of them he was honest man who keep us safe and don't steal from the others)Bela as I saw something moving at the forest it's a demon so I throw Bela at away and pierced his body my status increased and I got anew title I looked at my status card (good I have improved)Kasim I have improved into middle level demon and my status has increased a lot too and I took some skills from the dark magic and the two of us saw some adventurers coming on our way after I killed the demon they saw me while I took out the spear (y-you killed him alone that demon took the four of us to just injure him)the woman she had a rapier (I don't care Bela let's go)Kasim as the two of us was about to leave I let my back to them I sensed something attacking us so I defend using the spear I saw three of the adventurer attacking me with their weapons and then they jumped back the fourth one was chanting a spell and like he just ended (fire spear)the woman as she fired it at me I throw Bela away and I jumped the other side (so you want to die dark flame)Kasim I took mana manipulation from one of the monsters so I don't need to chant anymore if it's a spell that I took from the monsters then I don't need to chant it I jumped at the magician and cur her hear leg and hand (l-leave my sister alone)the girl with rapier as she jumped at me (dark shield)Kasim I apply a dark shield that anyone try to touch it if he can't destroy it will counter it's attack the girl tried to pierce the barrier but wasn't strong enough so she was burned alive the other two looked at me as I looked at her with devil looks (w-we can't defeat him let's run)the bald man as the two of them tried to run (ice ground)??? I looked at the ground and it turned into ice the two of them fall from it and I took that chance and took the two of their heads and landed after I used the tree as landing stone I looked around but I couldn't see anyone other than Bela and the magician girl I go near the magician and then looked at her (p-please don't kill me I will do anything for you)the girl she grabbed me with the leg and then took out a knife and tried to hit me but my skin is harder than that knife of her so the knife got destroyed I grabbed her from the neck (l-leave me please)the girl (you still asking for forgiveness I was like that too but I don't want to and you threatened the wrong man this time)Kasim as I used some force her head got cracked and she stopped moving I throw her body away near the rest of them and I took Bela and we left them but she was too scary to move so I slapped her face (you know that I do that if you want to continue to live at this world you better get used to kill people okay)Kasim and I left her and get going I then saw her coming after me as we reached the plant side but I couldn't see anyone who was guarding it (where are those people)Kasim as I looked around I didn't sense anyone near us too (it seems like those people from before was the ones who was the protector group)Bela if that's the case then why was he that afraid of them he could just kill them if he just took his way through them well anyway we got the plants I saw Bela taking them too (hey don't touch that plant it's poison one)Kasim I took it with my hand since It's frozen I won't get the poison (how did you knew that it was poison plant)Bela as she looked at me (I read a book about plants and herbs long ago)Kasim as we took the plants I sensed some men coming so the two of us hide our selves as they saw the plants all of them ran at it (w-where are the herbs and where are the defend team)the big man (they are killed boss I found them killed all of them was slashed and your sisters too)the assassin as he reached their place got very angry as they prepared themselves (I want the man's head here kill anyone near this place he shouldn't be far away)the boss I prepared my spear with the poison plant and he jumped toward us I throw Bela away and jumped at him so that he doesn't see her I took his attack with the spear but he wasn't even injured (was you the one who killed my sisters)the boss I looked at him (I don't know what are you talking about and even if I know I won't tell you anyway)Kasim as I prepared my spear at my right side (dark wave)Kasim I unleashed a wave of darkness the man tried to use his shield against my wave but it pierced through his body so their boss and the quick ones was able to jump away and the weak ones was killed I then took some steps back as I saw three of them coming toward me I saw some magic at me (huh dark hole)Kasim I sped the men toward me as they was hit by their friends magic I left them and run toward the fog (dark wave)Kasim and all the magician was killed that leave the boss alone he punch the ground all the place was moving and the fog was lost as he saw me he jumped toward me (body crasher)the boss he tried to reach me but I was about to jump back (light step)Kasim I appeared at his back and I injured him as he reached the ground (huh what could just a mere injure do to me you can't kill me with that weapon of yours)the boss (I don't need to kill you anyway the poison will do that)Kasim as he touched  the injury at his face he saw the blood with different color (hand over the antidote)the boss as he came toward me (sorry I don't have it but even if I do I will just kill you anyway)Kasim I then used the back of the spear to block him and moved at his back and slashed him again he got injured again and the poison is nearly at all of his body he fall at the ground (that is what you get from bulling the people)Kasim as I slashed through his head Bela then came out with the herbs and the two of us get back as we reached her house (y-you actually get the antidote)the old man (never mind that do you have an alchemy lab here)Kasim (n-no we don't but the adventure guild have one)Bela's mother I have to go there (Bela stay with them I will be back)Kasim on my way to the guild I saw a huge crowd gathering at one place I go there and I saw an middle age man was attached to the giant pillar (why did they do that to him)Kasim I told an old man (he tried to talk about the new hero girl with bad manners)the old man as he was in pain when he saw him I looked at that man I go toward the crowd and get out of them toward that boy the guards tried to stop me (if you don't want to be with him then go back)the guard as he pushed me I took my spear and cut his hands (don't touch me again the next time you try to I will kill you)Kasim as I get through him the rest of them get prepared but none of them tried to move (you will be against the new hero will you able to get her as a opponent)the guard that I cut his hands (I will kill all of them not just that hero girl Delia I will kill all of them)Kasim as he looked at my face he was about to run but I throw my spear toward him (and who oppose me will be killed too)Kasim as he died all of the other guards came toward me (dark shield)Kasim and all of them was burned alive I cut the robe that was at the boy the old man got near him and let him drink a potion (t-thank you)the old man (don't be I just hate those people and I will kill them all)Kasim I took my spear and left them and head to the guild I saw many people coming after me but all of them was afraid of me as I was applying the potion I heard (did you saw that group boss body and his friends body all of them was killed with dark fire magic)the man (b-but aren't those flames demon flame magic)the other one (no I saw a man who used that magic l-look he is there)the man as they looked at me I finished the potion and I took it and left the guild but I sensed some men going after me so I get at a closed way and they appeared (so you are the one who killed our boss you will have to die for us)the man as he got his knife out it seems like it's poison one I took my spear ready and as they came after me I didn't move they reached the right place (good dark flame)Kasim and I burned three of them and their way to run was sealed and I ran toward them too as all of clashed our weapons I injured three of them on their way back two of them was burned that leave only one with clear body (light step)Kasim I appeared from their back and I killed the injured three and that leave the man with poisoned knife he was too afraid to move (do you still want to fight me)Kasim he collapse at his place I took his knife and killed him as he tried to get me while I was about to leave him and I go back to the old man's house as I go there I saw Bela going toward me (KASIM)Bela she tried to hug me with tears but I dodge her and go inside the house (that was harsh don't you think)Bela's mother (I don't care her is your potion)Kasim and I hand over the potion he drank it and after awhile he stand up they all looked at him (next time be more careful okay you old bastard)Kasim he cried with his family hugging him and then Bela came near me (and about our agreement what do you want)Bela as they heard that (w-what agreement)Bela's father I stood up with the collar with me (I then won't hold back I will make you my slave)Kasim they all tried protected her but she stopped them (don't it's our agreement he did his role well and I won't fall back)Bela (what are you talking about he isn't someone you can just go with after all he did he will just will take more trouble he even fought the hero soldiers)the old man I looked at him with angry eyes (do you really think she is a real hero)Kasim he looked at me (n-no I don't think so after the two of them did for the 12 past years I can't let them be too but I'm too weak to do something)the old man I closed my hand very strong (so I was inside that hole for 12 years huh I will torture them for every second I was inside that hole)Kasim as they heard that all of them go back as some flame get over my body I go new skill dark flame enchant I calmed down and the flame get down Bela came to me and hold my hand (then let me help you with your revenge you wait for it for the past 12 years right)Bela as she told me that I looked at her the last time I trust someone I got inside that hole without any mercy (I still don't trust you so until I do I will you my slave)Kasim (and I agree with that)Bela as she put the collar at her neck I injured my self a little and apply the slave pact (I Kasim will be your master you can't kill or injure me with your will)Kasim and the pact was success (okay then I will be going on with master)Bela as she smiled for her family and the two of us get out of the house (so where are we going to anyway)Bela (I'm going to kill some more demons to get more levels and status after that I will head toward the capital)Kasim I then looked at the slave pact at my card status I looked at her status but her status become as good as mine she came near me (why did your status increase like that and why do you have the demi demon title and the non chant skill)Kasim as I told her that she laughed (you don't know the pact improved the last 3 years now the slave will get more power from his master and he can get one skill of him so I chose the non chant skill)Bela so it's like that (good that way the two of us will improve in a good way)Kasim she pull my robe (but why do you have the demon title anyway)Bela I looked at her as we were moving (in fact I was non title but as I killed him my title changed with my appearance)Kasim as we get out of the village I heard from the guild that there are a demon emperor near the capital fighting the hero with full power to let the demon lord being born so I will head there but as we get on our way I heard some screams and as I looked at it I saw the village on fire Bela came with me I saw a horde of demons attacking the village (good they came on their own let's go)Kasim and the two of us run at the village again not long ago we reached the village and we get with some demons but Bela as she saw them she killed them with her magic she didn't chant so it's more easily to fight with her now as we proceed I saw another group so I jump at them (dark flame)Kasim and I killed all of them I then sensed an attack coming toward me (dark shield)Kasim but the shield got destroyed and I was blown into the house as I got out of it I spit some blood and I looked at one of them (oh you are good with that power you could withstand that attack just now)the demon this demon is different from the others I looked at him (you tell me what is your rank)Kasim as I looked at him while preparing my spear (huh I will tell you anyway you are dead man now because you came with contact with the demon emperor)the demon emperor he is another demon emperor I laughed loud (ha-ha you then will be my next plate come)Kasim as I rush at him as he came toward me but I didn't contact with him I hit the earth and get a huge stone from the earth and then hit it with my leg and the stone fly toward the demon emperor he destroy it but as he did that I was about to attack him and he was blown into the sky (light step)Kasim I appeared at the sky (dark flame enchantment)Kasim and I blow him again toward the ground with my spear while the ground cracked I get down (did he die)Bela as she came near me (no I didn't get his title yet)Kasim he get up from the fog (good-good I won't go all out if you don't have that power after all I don't want to fight the weak)the demon emperor as he rush toward me (ice spear)Bela she used her magic but he dodged the spear but it has homing so It go toward him as I go at him I stopped him the spear was about to reach him but I grabbed me and throw me toward the spear so Bela null the spell and the demon emperor rush toward Bela and punch her as she was blown into the near house I looked at the house and then run toward her I saw her not moving (y-you will die here)Kasim I shout as much as I could and I then go after him he even go back some steps but he rush toward me too (light step)Kasim I appeared at his back and (black flame)Kasim and I used the flame at his back he felt the pain but then tried to hit me with his hand but I jumped and then get at his head I grabbed his horns and then broke one as I throw him at the sky (light step)Kasim I go before him (dark shield)Kasim I rush toward him (fire enchantment spear skill three horns)Kasim I applied two skills at the same time he got contact with the dark shield and was blown into the ground on his way I reached him and I attack him with three attacks at his chest and the last one I didn't leave him as the two of us reached the ground I took out one of his eyes with his horn and then attack his eye hole with the spear as it's not strong enough to go through him (uh d-don't if you kill me my brother will kill you he is the demon emperor at the north and he is more powerful than me)the demon emperor I smiled at him (then just die fast to let your brother being consumed by me)Kasim and he was killed a page came at my face (do you want to get the demon emperor title)the page I agreed as I told it that I got the skill I sensed someone near me so I was about to slash him but as I saw that she protected herself the spear just fell at the ground it was Bela she is still alive

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