6 Chapter 6: first revenge

    After the battle against the demon emperor we stayed at sender for the time being while there are people searching for each of Delia and Max after a month while I was with father a soldier came running (w-we have found the two of them)the soldier I left father and go toward the soldier I grabbed his armor (where are they)Kasim as they got me out of his armor he fall back but didn't run (tell us where are them)father as he told the soldier that (the gunner Max is at Hamel at the south west from sender and the hero Delia I heard rumors that they saw here at the Nenda the east village from there but she left after 10 days)the soldier as he left us (so who will you go against first)Bela as all of them came near me I looked at them (you know that you don't need to go with me)Kasim as I looked at them (we want too)Bela as they looked at me with determined I gave up (okay you can go with me I will go after Max first for what he has did to me and Delia is still moving we still don't know where she is going too)Kasim they got their weapons (when will we depart)Kohaku (we will set tomorrow so prepare everything you need)Kasim as we was about to leave (wait Kasim I want to talk with you)father I stopped and looked at him (okay we will go first)Midle and the three of them left the room I go and sit beside him (so what do you want)Kasim he looked at me (can't you reconsider from what are you going to do)father I looked at him (I won't and he is the one who start this fight and I won't leave him until I kill him after all what he did to me you still try to protect him from me)Kasim as I looked at him with angry face he looked sad (the two of you are my sons so of course I will try to protect you even from each other)father (so you still want to protect him if I'm going to kill him)Kasim he looked toward the ground (no he has done many horrible things since he came to this world so he must be punished but don't you think death is too much)father as I looked at him I stood up (I'm not leaving him and you know that and if you stay at my way then I will kill you too)Kasim as I left him as I was opening the door (take care son)father as I heard that I looked at him with angry face it's the first time that he ever cared for me since I was born my brother was the star of the house it doesn't matter how much I try I won't ever be the center of the talk so I left him with angry face that after all that time he just said that at this time after his star go from the space I go from the room and met the girls at the way (are you done)Midle (yes let's prepare our luggage)Kasim and at the second day the four of us left the village on foot because no griffon saw us and let us at him so we took the demon horses and left Sendar if we were to go there by griffons we would reach there after 5 days but on foot we will need about a month but with our status we will reach there about ten days so we set on and we took the road toward Hamel when we was about to leave I saw mother and father waiting at the city gates (what do you want)Kasim as I looked at them (nothing we just want too-)mother as she was about to complete her sentence I left them and go (wait Kasim don't you want to hear them)Kohaku (no I don't even want to see them again)Kasim (wait Kasim)father as he jumped before me (what do you want I'm clear for what I told you for what I'm going to do so don't step into my way)Kasim as I but my sword at his neck but he didn't move (I won't stop you I just want to let you hear what your mother was about to tell you)father I removed the sword (very good talk)Kasim as I looked at her (w-well I just wanted to wish you good luck)mother (is that all then I will go)Kasim as we left them (why couldn't you tell him)father as she fell at the ground I looked at them (won't you go toward them)Midle (no it's better if they forget me)Kasim as we go toward Hamel after we went for 10 days we reached Hamel village (okay we will stay here for the day we need food so prepare it Bela and Midle I will go and get a room for us Kohaku get food for the horses)Kasim as we get our jobs and before we left I saw some bullets at the ground it seems like Max was here I saw one of the men he has a bullet at his shoulder I ran toward him (I will leave the inn for you)Kasim as I left them and go toward the man as he get inside the village guild I get after him but as I get inside of it I saw the whole place full of holes small holes I go toward the man (hey you know the man who made those holes)Kasim as I looked at him he get up with his sword at me (and who are you)the man as his friends get with him I looked at them and smiled a devil smile and then calmed down (I will ask you again do you know who-)Kasim as I was about to complete I saw the sword coming toward me I left him as the sword touched me it cracked a little I caught it and get more strength toward the sword as it get more cracks until it get destroyed (get him)the man as he told them that I looked at them (dark wave)Kasim as all of them died I looked at him and get my hands at his neck and rise him at the air (I won't ask again who made those holes)Kasim as he was at the air (I will tell you so please leave me)the man as I left him he breathed again (you have five minutes)Kasim as I get my swords (h-he passed from here about 5 days ago as he took all the money by force he used guns and no one was able to touch him no matter as we how much we try)the man so he is Max after all with his status he can do that but why does he want all that money (do you know where did he head too)Kasim (I heard about yesterday that he became the boss of the wolf head bandits they are the strongest bandits at the whole country even the royal guards are no match to them)the man is that so (where are they located)Kasim as the time are about to end I got my sword near him (I-it's at the south from here if you walk you will reach there after two three days)the man I got my swords down (if you lie to me I will find you)Kasim  and then left him I go toward the inn I get to the room that we got and told the girls what I heard (so he is at the south but don't you feel that he is lying)Kohaku (well after all I did to him he won't be able to lie to me)Kasim (okay then we can go tomorrow with all our luggage ready)Midle as we slept and the next day we set to the south after two days as we camped I heard some one near us talking so I go near them without making any sound and took them out (who are you)Kohaku as I let my swords at them but as they was about to talk I saw two shots at their heads it seems that Max is near this place I then heard another shot I got near the girls (dark shield)Kasim as more shots get near the us and get us but the shield protected us (ice shield)Bela as she used her shield I undo mine and looked at the sky I saw we have about three seconds for every time he shot I waited for the right time as he shot I smashed the ground and took a giant stone (run)Kasim as I throw it at the way it get a huge fog and all of us ran (you think that will stop me)Max as he get his snipe down (change mode machine gun)Max as he took his second weapon and shot as he looked at his snipe I was shot at the leg but it was too late for him to shot me again as we ran away (we won't camp here but we will go toward him)Kasim as we moved and my hurt got healed I left all the weight from the horses and let the girls ride him (go toward there I will be after you)Kasim as I left them with the horses and they go faster as I saw more shots go toward me I took a stick from the ground and throw it toward Max (dark shield)Kasim it has a shield at it so I jumped after the stick and as it reached the cave I didn't find him there so I get inside of the cave and prepared my swords on the way I found many bandits (protect the leader)the bandits as they stood at my way as Max ran down stairs I killed all of them and go after him as I saw him fighting the girls I jumped toward him (snow piercer)Kasim he saw me and jumped away he laughed (I will show you my mighty gun now change mode heavy machine gun)Max as he throw a ball and it appeared a huge machine and it shot all of us as we protected ourselves but it was too much that the stones get destroyed (change mode personal defense gun)Max as his other gun changed and he came to the girls as his heavy machine go toward me as he shot them I saw them I looked him hitting them I jumped down (dark shield)Kasim as I shot a rock with it toward the machine it explode as the armor get destroyed I got toward Max (snow piercer)Kasim as I got near him he won't be able to dodge this attack as I saw him smiling I then heard some shots coming toward me and I was sent into the ground he grabbed my hair and rise me (you see no matter how much you try you won't ever surpass me so die while trying)Max as he laughed and throw my head toward the earth I laughed too (why are laughing for)Max as I looked at him (it's that I always think of you as a good match for me but I but now I know that you aren't my match)Kasim as I stand again he jumped back (h-how can you stand with those injuries)Max I smiled toward him as he fall at the ground and fired at me I go near him (snow piercer)Kasim as I pierced his hands and (dark wave)Kasim I destroy his machine as my body get healed (how can you be more powerful than the last time)Max (you don't know but I have the power of a middle class demon emperor now you aren't my match)Kasim as I got my two swords to cut his legs (now feel the pain that you let me felt all those years)Kasim as I cut his hands too as I smiled (KASIM)Bela as she hugged me I realized myself so I cut his head and go with her (it's done let's go)Kasim and all the girls got healed after that we get out of the cave and I found many soldiers waiting for us one of them came out and talked to me (are he dead)the soldier (go and see yourself)Kohaku and we left them and go back

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