7 Chapter 7: salvation

    After I took care of Max I go back toward the capital to see if I can see where are Delia going too but for two weeks we couldn't find a certain place for here it's like she disappeared after some while  I was training with the girls I saw mother coming with father and they have a paper with them I then saw an arrow coming toward me I jumped but then saw two spikes coming near me I cut them with the swords but then I saw Kuaka coming near me (sword art sword flash)Kohaku a huge light came out from her sword normal people would close their eyes but that won't affect me so I clashed her sword with one of them and the other at her neck (uh we lost again)Midle I let my swords down (you improved a lot so don't look down from that)Kasim as I go toward mother and left them resting (so what is this paper)Kasim as I looked at it mother rose the paper (well we found Delia's next destination she is going south to Fenra town)mother as I looked at the paper it's a map I looked at it I saw that she is moving south all the time her new destination is Fenra (but why does she going to three)Kasim I looked at them (we are have doubts that she is going to another country)father (but if she go north she would reached along time ago)Kasim as Sendar are near the north more than any other direction (well about that our people saw her coming from the walls of the north border so they shot her as she fall from her griffon she ran away and she now are moving on foot)father I looked at the girls as I looked at them prepared (okay we will leave tonight)Kasim as they took their weapons and was about to go out (won't you tell him)father mother then grabbed my hands (what)Kasim as I looked at her (d-don't go Kasim or-)mother as I heard that (or what)Kasim she looked sad (or you will die that's what the prophecy tell)mother as I looked at her (I don't afraid of dying now all I care of is killing Delia)Kasim as I left her I saw the girls felling a bit of (what is it)Kasim as I looked at them (I-I don't think we should go after Delia after all)Bella as I heard that I looked at her with furious eyes (you two are with them if you don't want to come then don't but don't order me to stay here)Kasim as I was about to leave them (it's not like I'm not with you with your avenge but you will die and that's what I'm afraid of)Bella I then stopped moving up until now no one was caring for me all of my life I was the no wanted boy but I strength myself (then don't come after me anymore I don't need who stay on my way)Kasim as I looked at her I then left them alone (are you alright Bella)Kohaku as I saw Kasim's mother coming near us (is that right that he is going to die if he killed her)Midle (that's what the prophesy said it never lie)Kasim's mother (so even if we leave him he will die from that right)Kohaku (y-yes it's the true and we can't change it)Kasim's father as we heard that we all fell down (s-so there aren't anyway to save him)Midle as I saw Bella getting up (n-no I don't want to accept this fate even if it's true then I will stick with him until he is at his last moments)Bella as we heard her we the two of us stood up (you are right he helped us a lot with our strength we can help him)Kohaku as I looked at his mother and father as they smile (what a good friends he got finally he got something we can't let him leave it)Kasim's father (but.. but even so he will die if he go after her)Kasim's mother as she cry I saw Bella go near her (do you really love Kasim)Bella as his mother looked at her (o-of course I do love him)Kasim's mother after that Bella slap her (then go and protect him stop crying like it will help him)Bella as she left after him I saw Kasim's mother standing again (s-she is right I have to protect him all of his life he protected himself because I wasn't there for him but now is different)Kasim's mother as she left us and go his father thanked us and left after her at that night we all go to Kasim's room we saw him gathering all of his luggage but he stopped mid way (what do you want now)Kasim he saw us we get inside of the room (w-well we want to come with you if that okay with you)Bella he looked at us and then throw us a bag (prepare your luggage)Kasim as he continue we smiled (okay)Bella and we started gathering our luggage when we ended he left his luggage and looked at us (do you have anything that you want to do)Kasim we looked at each other (we want to complete your revenge)Bella (that's not what I meant after I end my revenge I'm going to release you from your slave pact what will you do after I leave you)Kasim we looked at ourselves (I want to be by your side all the time)Bella (we want that too)the two of them (and if I died like what the prophesy said what will you do)Kasim we looked at him with afraid eyes as I go near him (I then will die after you there is no world for me if you aren't there)Bella and the two came near him too (and we won't let you die that easily right)the two of them he then smiled to us but not like his devil smiles that he always do it's his first pure smile I never saw him use it since I saw Kasim for at that time when he rescued me we then go to sleep and at my dream I saw that young girl again (what do you want now)Kasim she jumped at circle and I'm at the center (I just want to tell you that the prophesy is real and you will die but my task is the one that will kill you not the kill of your friend)the young girl (I don't care I will kill Delia no matter what)Kasim as I grabbed her (then you must be more powerful and kill the priest that summoned you at this world)the young girl she then disappear the next day we get toward the south gate as I saw mother coming toward us she looked very serious as we stop to see what does she want (I want you to take this with you)mother as she gave me a medal and she left us with her tears at her eyes I looked at her (mother)Kasim as she looked at me (if I came back again you won't see this guy anymore but my old self)Kasim and I left her as she looked at me with smiled face we set to Fenra with our demon horses and head to our destination it would take one week to reach at Fenra village Delia reached there but full of wounds (damn it I'm badly hurt from those arrows)Delia as she reached the village as she found a young girl being bullied (I can use her for now)Delia as she go near those girls and put her sword near their necks (leave her alone)Delia as the girls looked at her they laughed and smiled with those injuries I would do the same too as they got their knives ready as I saw the girl running away I saw the four of them coming toward me at the same time I jumped and they missed (sword art falling star)Delia and all of them was pushed back as all of them was unable to move and I saw the young girl coming near me as I spit some blood and collapsed at my place (hey are you okay there)the young girl and that's the last thing I remember as I lost my consciousness I then remembered my time with Kasim when we were at our world we were having too much fun at that time until I was about to die at that second I was wrong to leave him to fall there at that dark hole if I just helped him I wouldn't be at this situation as I woke up I found the young girl putting a towel at my head (hey you are awake finally)the young girl as she told that I sit down I found myself at some kind of cave does this girl live alone or what as I looked around that there aren't any other beds as I looked at the girl if I kill her now no one would come after me and I can hide here until I fully recover and run away as I get up and took the kitchen knife I rise my hand as the girl didn't move I looked at what is she looking at (if you want to kill me just do it)the young girl as she smiled while she still looked at statue (aren't you afraid of death)Delia (no if I die I will be with my family)the young girl (then why didn't you kill yourself)Delia (because I love them as they told me that they would be sad if I killed myself)the young girl as I remembered my daughter that I throw her toward Kasim and I left the knife and fall after it full of tears as (I'm sorry I won't be the one to kill you but can I take care of you)Delia I may not be the best mom but I can try again with this young girl as I saw her looking at me while smiling (well you can but no matter what don't hurt yourself for me)the young girl what does she mean by that as she hug me I forget that question and hugged her too and for the rest three days she took care for me and at the fourth day I was completely healed so I took the herbs and go with her to sell them they are rare herbs that only found at mountains but how does she go and come without getting against any monsters as I looked at her she has a bird with her it's a wild bird it's very hard to let those birds near humans but she ride it with the herbs as she put her hands (let's go Delia)Mina as I ride with her and I saw the bird going toward Fenra and we reached there about after ten minutes it would take about three hours if she go there on foot as the bird landed I saw those four girls coming near us as Mina get down from the bird (where is your tax)the girl as she looked like she is their boss as I saw that Mina was about to gave her a huge amount of herbs I took my sword and jump (don't give her those herbs Mina)Delia as I looked at her she go back some steps but then stopped (why are you interrupting with our deals we promised her to let her sell her herbs but she will give us 80% of the herbs she come with)the boss I go near her (from now you won't take any herbs from Mina is that okay)Delia as I go near them and put my sword near her neck (w-why do you care you aren't even acquaintance with her)the green clothes girl I looked at her (from now on I will be the one who take care of Mina anyone dare to do anything to her will have to beat me first)Delia as I cut their hair they ran and their boss stopped mid way (you will pay for this)their boss as she ran away I took Mina and go to her spot (why did you do that they will get their older brothers and they will attack you now)Mina as I looked at her I put my hand at her head (it doesn't matter and there aren't anyone who can beat me other than three people now)Delia as she looked at me I saw four big guys coming and destroying all the shops at their way until they reached our shop and they stopped and the girls came after them they smiled after they saw me (so you are the one who did that to my sister I may consider forget it if you come with us)the man as he smiled more I spit at the ground (if you want to attack me I'm more than happy to beat you so don't think twice)Delia as I get Mina back I got my sword and go near them as three of them have axes and the last one have a spear (not bad quality)Delia as I saw them coming toward me (watch out)Mira as they came near me I just get my aura out and all the four of them was pushed back by it (how weakling like you dare to fight me)Delia as I took my sword and go toward them I saw the three with axes throwing their axes toward me I stopped (sword art million swords)Delia as I slashed every axe and it emitted an after image from the speed as they saw their axes get slashed into two pieces they ran away now that leave the one with spear as I jumped he came from behind me (you fell for it spear art wind tornado)the boss as he spin at his place I was at the center of the attacks but it was too weak to damage me so I just waited until I saw his spear and I catch it as their boss found my sword at his neck (so what do you want to die or leave us alone)Delia as he looked very scared (w-we will leave you alone)the boss (I won't accept that)the girl as his sister ran toward Mira and took her knife and put it at her neck (don't move or she will die)the girl (aren't you scared about your brothers safety)Delia (I don't care about that weak man)the girl so I throw him away and waked toward her she looked more scared from every step I took (d-don't move I said)the girl I stopped as I saw some blood coming from Mira's neck (I'm at my place)Delia as I touched the ground with my hand (what are you doing)the girl (sword art earth sword)Delia as a sword cut her hand that have the knife and Mira ran toward me as she screamed (are you okay)Delia (yes I'm what about you those four was the strongest men at Fenra)Mira as I left her and go to the other girl and get near her (if you want to live you better leave us alone the second time I won't be that generous and leave you alive)Delia as she heard that she ran away me and Mira took care of the place and after only four days we bought a house inside the village as she was saving for it and lived inside of it and the cave we used it as a home for her bird and the next week we spent doing our job while playing together until the day I saw him coming Kasim reached the city and I can tell that he came to take his revenge so I hide behind one of the houses (hey sir do you know a lady who came here about two weeks ago)Bela damn it they came for me (ohh yeah you mean Delia she is living with Mira I don't know what do you want with her but she is a fine lady to us)the old man Bela looked puzzled (what do you mean by fine lady)Kohaku (she helped the village to take care of our bullies that we can live an easy live now)the old man I saw Kasim going near that guy (what do you mean by that)Kasim as he looked at the house that I'm going behind so I ran away without being seen and I ran toward our house as I saw Mira preparing some tea I looked at her as I saw Kasim breaking the door and take me from my hair and throw me away but that was at my imagination I was waked up from Mira (hey Delia there are a guy who want to meet you)Mira I have to take care for that now I get ready and go toward the door and I found Kasim at the door with Kohaku but the other two weren't with him (are you ready)Kasim (y-yes I'm)Delia as I go with them I saw Mira (who are those people)Mira I looked very up set to answer as we stopped at the road and Kasim with Kohaku continue a little until they reached the other place where there were the other two (who are they Delia)Mira as the town people gathered (they are the people that I did awful thing too)Delia (only bad things you throw me into a dark hole)Kasim as he hold his swords I looked down (and I'm sorry about that but I have changed this time for real)Delia he held his sword very tightly and I looked down as I saw Mira at front of me (please don't hurt her)Mira as I looked around I saw Kasim appearing in front of her (do you even know what she did to me)Kasim while he looked like he is about to go crazy she was frightened but didn't move at all (even so she has changed from that girl I know because she rescued me)Mira as Kasim heard that he looked at me (did you really do that)Kasim (yes but now is different at first it was only for using her but now it isn't like that)Delia as he appear near his group and I realized the group of people and I saw the girl who tried to attack Mira before as she was smiling (so you really has changed)Kohaku as I saw Kasim got his ice sword toward me (snow piercer)Kasim as he shot it I go and hugged Mira and get her out of the way of the attack to protect her but he wasn't even aiming for me but at that girl who tried to attack me she fall at the ground and I saw Kasim going back and leaving me (w-why did you left me alive)Delia he looked at me (because you have changed)Kasim as he left us as I cried and I saw someone giving me a handkerchief I looked up and I saw Kohaku (take it mom)Kohaku and I cried more as she helped me (I'm going with Kasim now but we may come again so you better stay like this okay)Kohaku as she left us after she smiled toward me Mira helped me to stand up (who are those people Delia)Mira I looked at her (that guy is the one that I was running from and that girl who came now was my daughter)Delia she looked at them and turned her eyes toward me (w-wait was what do you mean was your daughter)Mira (I throw her along ago when I was a pitch)Delia as she looked at me I saw Kasim looked at me one last time (she really changed)Kasim and he left place

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