2 Finding An Orphan


    Yao Mei felt extremely hungry as he neared the end of the day. With little to nothing covering him besides a ragged red robe, Yao Mei also felt quite cold. Also, Yao Mei had a slight bit of trouble dealing with the added weight he had gained on his chest.

    "F**k, who would even want breasts? These stuff are just useless piles of meat for me! And seriously? My hips have widened too? How am I going to survive without being OP? I'm going to get kidnapped..." Yao Mei started to shiver at the end of the sentence.

    "Welp, I need to become like one of those cultivators! I need some OP treasure from my bloodline, and some amazing cultivation! And then I can live a life where I am not afraid."

    "Dammit, I feel so defenceless right now... that guy didn't even have a sword! All I have is some leather whip now... I don't even like BD**!"

    [Available items: Scarlet Whips of Bondage]


    "I'll take it."


    Somewhere roughly two kilometres away from Yao Mei, laid a wounded orphan boy. Lying on a burnt tree stump, the boy slouched his back and looked to the evening sky.

    "O, heavens! My family is dead!"

    "My Uncle has betrayed us and taken over as family head!"

    "He killed my father with poison!"

    "And sent my mother to work in the mines!"

    "If I can have a chance at revenge, then I will never regret this life!"


    A slim figure appeared as it walked past and tripped over a severed tree branch.


    Yao Mei got um from his prone position to see a half dead teenage boy slouched on a tree stump. With eyes of despair, the child still said hopeful words.

    Glancing at Yao Mei, the boy chuckled and then waited for his expiration.

    'Hmmm... maybe this boy knows where to find food!'

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    'O, wait... he doesn't look strong at all...'

    'Perhaps he could be my first disciple?'

    "You, little child." Yao Mei spoke in a serious tone.

    "Ye...esss...?" The boy answered.

    "If you know any place where I can get food, I can consider taking you on as my disciple and healing you!" Yao Mei confidently declared.


    "Yes! I am a great immortal of the Qi Gathering stage!" Yao Mei victoriously announced as he struck a pose.

    'Too sexy.' The orphan inwardly declared.

    'But she's my only hope.'

    "Great immortal! I have food in the small bag beside me. Please take it as my oath to become your disciple!" The boy shouted with all of his remaining strength.

    'Hmmm... this little guy knows what he wants! I am going to teach the life out of him!'

    'Voice! Halp.'

    [Channel your Trap Qi into the child to help in the healing process]

    'Thank you, voice!' Yao Mei smiled as he clamped his hands onto the orphan's shoulders.

    "This will take a minute, just wait a bit, K?" Yao Mei whispered in a naturally seductive voice, as he sat on the boy's lap.

    "Yes... master..."

    'Too hot! My sword.... NOOOO!' The boy inwardly screamed.

    'This is how it supposed to work right?' Yao Mei questioned.


    'Wait... what's that?' Yao Mei noticed something poking into his behind.

    [Points: 101]


    "Your healing is completed, disciple, now get up." Yao Mei spoke as he stood up and took a step back.

    "Thank you, master..." the orphan nervously thanked.

    "What is your name and why wre you injured?" Yao Mei seriously asked.

    "I am the first son of the deceased patriarch of the Wen clan. I am Wen Kai. My uncle murdered my father to take his position, he also sent my mother away to become a labourer! I beg of master to make me strong so I can take revenge for my family!" Wen Kai explained.

    "What stage is your uncle at?" Yao Mei asked in a concerned tone.

    Brushing his head, Wen Kai responded, "He's at Qi Gathering 1st layer!"


    'Only 1st layer? I just killed a foundation bodybuilder, why would I be scared-'

    "His Master is a 9th layer Foundation Building stage cultivator though, that is how my father died... Even with my father's mid Foundation cultivation, he still didn't even stand a chance!" Wen Kai sulked.

    "Well... I can help you become a powerful cultivator, only second to me! Take..."

    [Available items: Art of the Trap: Bloom Shift]

    [Available items: Teaching Arts I]

    'I'll take both!'

    [points: 1]

    Yao Mei instantly felt like knowledge was poured up into his head, leaving him with a sense of minor enlightenment.

    "Take this knowledge!" Yao Mei shouted as he blinked next to a tree, leaving a trail of yellow flower-like Qi.

    "I am not a cultivator though?" Wen Kai questioned.

    "Yes you are, I poured enough Qi to make you a Qi Gathering 1st layer."

    "Thank you master! But how do I cultivate?"

    Yao Mei wondered for a bit, before stomping on the ground.

    [points: 0]

    [Art of the Trap: Base Cultivation Method for 1 point]
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