3 The Bandi

    "Hmmm... master needs some money... that pervert bodybuilder only had 1000 gold coins." Yao Mei mumbled.

    "1000 gold coins?! Master is rich!" Wen Kai shouted in an astounded manner.

    "O? What can I get with this money?"

    "Master can buy pills to boost cultivation! And some stylish clothes!" Wen Kai announced.

    "Nevermind that, disciple. Receive this cultivation technique before we leave." Yao Mei said as he threw a copy of his newly bought cultivation manual."

    'The voice gave me an extra... thank you!'

    Knowing that he is weak and extremely susceptible to a possible kidnapping because of his beautiful looks, Yao Mei desired to become stronger; MUCH STRONGER. He didn't want to end up part of some fat old man's harem, and certainly did not want to engage in yaoi. To do this, Yao Mei needed a disguise to hide his fairy beauty, and some armour to protect him better in the long run. While he is at it, he decided to buy a better whip too.

    But one thing still made him worry. 'Is 1000 gold coins enough? I still think I need more money, I can't just rock up with a peasantry sum of gold! In cultivation books, the protagonist usually has more than a million!'

    'But how do I get more money....? Selling my body? Definitely no.'

    'I am going to become a bandit! That is easy money, I'm just going to rob some disgusting looking rich people, especially those perverted old men...' Yao Mei snickered.

    'And then I will go find some sort of cultivation school and become a great teacher! I can farm more points from there...'

    "Master, why don't we eat, I'm hungry after training..." Wen Kai sighed.


    [Individual: Wen Kai]

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    [Age: 16]

    [cultivation: Qi gathering 2nd layer]

    [Affinity: 50/100 trusted]

    'Not bad, he increased by a layer in only an hour, but then again that is barely 1st rate talent.' Yao Mei recalled from his new knowledge.

    'I should find a place to breakthrough to Foundation soon.'

    "Yes, disciple, let us eat!"

    An hour later, Yao Mei and Wen Kai finished their meals and got up for more cultivating.

    "It is already dawn, Master. Should we leave for the nearest city? I know how to get to Wind City, I can show you the way right now."

    "No, disciple! I am going to instruct you on practical combat! Come with me and hide in this huge bush. It's nearby a path, so we can ambush some evil cultivators!" Yao Mei declared.

    "Yes master! I await your instruction in the art of cultivation!"

    Both of them immediately jumped into a bush and waited.

    After an hour, Wen Kai started to feel slightly restless. After a day, Wen Kai started dozing off. After another day, Yao Mei started to yawn and Wen Kai had already been asleep for 5 hours. And just as Yao Mei was about to yawn again, the sound of clashing swords echoed down the path.

    "Disciple! Get up, we have company!" Yao Mei whispered into Wen Kai's ears.

    "...master! I am ready!"

    The sounds of clashing swords got closer and closer as the now audible footsteps of multiple combatants created dust clouds in the path.

    "Disciple, Support me by throwing gold coins at these evil cultivators!" Yao Mei instructed.

    "Yes, Master!" Wen Kai responded as he was given a bag of gold coins.

    "AAARGH! You damn Autumn Leaf Sect outer disciples! Give us your treasures, and we will spare you!" A big and burly cultivator in black robes shouted as he impacted his heavy sword onto a female cultivator's sword.

    "No! Let me have fun with them first, Senior brother!" A slimmer cultivator in black robes contested as he assaulted with his blade on a different female cultivator.


    "Evil disciples of the Ghost Dao Sect! Feel my bloom palm!" Shouted a male cultivator in plain white robes.

    "Junior sisters! Run! These men are of the 2nd layer of Qi gathering! We can't handle all them even if we are of the 3rd layer!" The white robes male cultivator shouted as his Palm was blocked.

    "Senior brother Lu! We will stand our ground!" One of the female cultivators responded.

    'Hmmm... around 10 black-robed evil cultivators? And 3 white-robes ones? This is definitely unfair! Those evil guys even want to do lewd things to those ladies! Despicable!' Yao Mei thought.

    'I have an idea!'

    "Disciple, watch your master crush these fools!" Yao Mei announced as he blinked into the middle of the combat.

    "Hi hi~" Yao Mei spoke in a seductive tone as he fluttered his robes.

    Suddenly the scene became still as the cultivators stopped to look.

    'Wow, that was easy...'

    "Hah, another pretty lady! It seems the Asura is with us today!" The burly cultivator laughed as he licked his lips.

    "Unknown cultivator Senior sister! Please leave this place, these men are evil and will not leave you pure!" The white robes male cultivator shouted.

    "Hush... you fools are ruining my beauty sleep..." Yao Mei yawned as he tilted his head seductively.

    [Points: 910]

    'It seems one of them was gay.'

    'Hmmm... that's a lot of points, what can I do with that?'

    "Listen lady, if you spend the night with us, we can let these trash go..."

    'Hmmph! They can die!'

    [Available items: Foundation pill]

    [Available items: Flower-bearing pill]

    [Available items: Spirit condensation pill]

    'I'll take all of them!'

    [Individual: Yao Mei]

    [Age: 20]

    [Cultivation: Foundation building 5th layer]

    [Affinity: 100%]

    [Points: 210]

    Yao Mei suddenly felt a huge boost in overall strength and comfort as his body gained 5 levels of power. Along with this amazing feeling, Yao Mei also felt a calming breeze as he actives his Qi.

    'Feels like flowers.'

    "Hey, Lady! Are you going to come here willin-"


    A flower-like blade of Qi zoomed into the burly man's neck, slicing it clean off.


    "That's right, f**k you."
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