5 Chapter 5 Hazuki Tyler

    Lina Attacks Shana

    Shana blocks it woth her duel blades

    Jinta attacks Akira and she kicks her in the face

    Jinta spins around and Kicks Akira on her feet

    Akira fells ground ut does a spin to go away from him and stand uo

    Shana scratches Lina's Face as Lina punches Shana in her stomach and the kicks on the head

    She Puts her knife on her head

    Lina-Akira stop resisting or Shana is dead


    Jinta takes her hand and puts them behind her to stop her from fighting

    Jinta-Oye You three kids get Ryan we will stop them


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    Aina-Okay sir

    Shana-No stop it,Lina stop it he was the one who saved my life I can kill him

    Lina-SHUT UP!


    Tyler comes out of the house

    Tyler-Oye,Shana Don't think I could be killed that easily

    Ona attack him with a knife

    Ona-How dare you do that to Jaden

    Tyler takes out his knife nmand cuts her head

    Ona fells to the ground

    Tyler-You see this,you all will end like this if you don't leave those two

    Aina-Ryan,Why are you doing this

    Tyler-Ryan,You still don't get it do you?,I am Hazuki Tyler,The No 1 Gangster in my world and I can kill anyone who is my enemy

    Jinta-Shut up,There is no other thing as Two persons in one

    Tyler-Well,There is now

    Lina-Hand over yourself or your friend here is getting killed

    Tyler-that means you are not going to leave her

    Lina-Huh?,No Until you handle yourself

    Tyler-Suit yourself

    Tyler moves at a speed amd cuts Lina's head



    Jinta moves towards Tyler but gets stabbed from the back by Akira

    Jinta Spits out blood

    Shina stands up and cuts his head off

    Tyler-So Anyone else wants to battle

    Everyone there ran of except Lyla and Aina

    Tyler-Do you want to be here

    Aina-Lyla,Lets Run

    Akira-No,You two are staying here


    Akira-As Prisoners

    Tyler-Why Akira?

    Lyla Attacks Akira


    Tyler takes her head amd ties her


    Lyla-Why didn't you kill me?

    Tyler-You want to die

    Lyla-Living a life like this is worth nothing,I had One thing to protect and now it's gone too

    Tyler-What was that

    Lyla-It was Ryan!,But Now he hates me

    Tyler-No,I didn't kill you because This gimuy in here has feelings for you and-

    Tyler faints

    Akira-This must mean he is exhausted and will be returning to Ryan,Lets go Shana


    Akira captures Aina and picks up Ryan as they leave the village

    End of Chapter


    By-Light Yuzuki
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