4 *Ding* World Building

    *Ding* [The host's current world is called Chokonma Bauls. It is a fantasy world of swords and magic. Its focus is currently on defeating the Demon King Sugma Dicke. You are currently in the capital city of the Human Empire, Swallowma.]

    [The capital can be broken down into pieces. The climate of the region is quite perfect, with a nice mix of all kinds of weather at different times of the year, although in most cases it usually has clear skies. The capital is situated upon a large steppe, with stone walls 10 meters tall surrounding the whole of the city. The capital is divided into five different districts: the Military District, Commoner District, Market District, Noble's District, and finally the Palace.]

    [The capital is set up in a tiered way with the Military and Commoner Districts closest to the wall followed by the Market District, Noble's District, and the Palace in the center.]

    [Along the walls are watchtowers and barracks for the soldiers. For siege defense, ballistas are mounted on the wall every 10 meters. Looking into the city, the commoner district is mostly composed of two-room houses made of wood and stone. The Market District has smithies, carpenter shops, potion shops, trinket shops, etc. The Noble's District is more lavish with each manor made of precious stones or wood along with accents of silver, gold, and bronze. The Palace in the center is protected by yet another wall of stone, but this one is reinforced with magic circles and cannons. The palace itself is a grand Gothic-church style, but several times larger.]

    [The people can be described as more Western, if put into your previous world's perspective. Most people are heavily religious and devout believers of the various religions' Gods of worship. The main religions being: Aeon Religion, Zephyr Religion, and Ester Religion.]

    [Moving away from extreme details, the world is composed of two continents. In the previous World War, the only continent on the planet was torn asunder by the hands of the gods in control of the world.]

    [The continent that the host is currently on is the continent of Ranso. The continent is separated into three different powers: the Humans, the Beasts, and The Ancients. The continent of Ranso is shared equally between the three powers. The human empire currently worships the Aeon Religion, the Beasts worship the Ester Religion, and the Ancients worship the Zephyr Religion.]

    [The expertise of each of the three powers is: Magic Knights, Warriors, and Magisters respectively.]

    [The other continent is that of the Demon continent. The demon continent was previously locked in civil war up until ten years ago when the Demon King was born. The Demon King took control and reformed the continent and improved almost every aspect. He had assisted in the creation of new magics and the acquisition of new minerals to forge weapons of destruction. With a sudden increase in demons due to the end of the civil war, there was no more room for anymore demons thus, the current situation.]

    [The Demon King is waging war with the continent of Ranso, as he hopes to have more land to increase his influence and demons under his control.]

    With the conclusion of the world building Kietn put the book back on the book shelf and left the library. Stepping outside he looked around. It appeared that he was on the border of the market district and the nobles district.

    "System show me my stats and stuff." (Kietn)


    [Name: Kietn Ranso

    Age: 21

    Level: 15 (25% Exp Boost)

    Class: Not yet chosen

    Traits: Infinite Mana, King of Magic, Grand Scholar, King of The Fight, Evolution

    Stats: (A.N the average max stat for an adult is 10)*

    Strength: 8 (+16/min)

    Stamina: 10 (+20/min)

    Intelligence: 10 (+20/min)

    Wisdom: Infinite

    Mana: Infinite


    Mental Magic

    Passive Abilities:

    Weapon Excellency (low mastery), Magic Excellency (low mastery), Eidetic Memory, Restraint Excellency (peak mastery)]

    Looking at his info Kietn was dumbfounded.

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    "E-eh, system why are my stats increasing so fast, and why are some infinite? Also what's up with those Passive Abilities?!" (Kietn)

    *Ding* [Strength and stamina increase come from the trait: King of The Fight. Weapon Excellency and Restraint Excellency are also from the aforementioned trait. The intelligence and wisdom increase are and effect of the traits: King of Magic and Grand Scholar, the traits are also responsible for Magic Excellency and Eidetic Memory. The infinite mana stat is a result of the trait: Infinite Mana, which, unsurprisingly, gives you infinite mana.]

    Confused about where he got those traits he looked at the functions.

    [Super OP MC Starter Pack]

    Looking at the Function Kietn almost passed out. The people around him tried their best to avoid the insane guy talking to himself.

    "Honey look away. If you follow Gods teachings you will be protected from such sinners." (Generic Judgmental parent)

    Coming back to his senses Kietn asked another question in his head.

    'What is that skill? Can you show me a description?' (Kietn)


    [Mental Magic: can create any form of magic through your imagination.]

    "..." (Kietn)
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