8 Delfrost/Instructor

    Once inside Kietn had began observing his surroundings.

    *Ding* [Would host like to hear a short description of Delfrost?]

    'Yes please.' (Kietn)

    *Ding* [Host is currently within the Knight City of the human empire, Delfrost. Delfrost has served as a place of relaxation for the veterans of the empire's military for the past 100 years. It also functions as the training facility for the future knights and magic knights.]

    [Delfrost consists mostly of houses made of brick and other special materials. The city's focus is mostly on structural integrity, rather than a lavish appearance. Although the city may look dull, it is most certainly full of energy.]

    As the system finished Kietn could hear sounds of metal clanging together. Walking forward a couple feet or so, Kietn looked around the corner of a building. What he saw was two knights fighting, while he didn't understand why, he was still interested. Watching as one knight would be on the offensive swinging his sword in a complex dance forcing his opponent back step by step. While the other Knight would go into defense, parrying blow after blow, shying away from the blade at a hairs width.

    After having watched for five minutes, give or take a few, Kietn turned away. Settling on a decision he went on his way.


    Walking through the city there was two very common things: Swords and armor. Looking around there was always at least three or four smithing workshops within walking distance. Each shop had their own unique theme. One shop had dragons, another had crows, and one even had the Great Serpent as its insignia.

    Window shopping whilst moving throughout the market, Kietn spotted majestic swords followed by even more majestic armors. Getting a feeling in his chest that only a real man would know, Kietn made it his goal to buy some extravagant equipment. Well, he would have to put that off to the side due to his lack of money at the moment.


    Enjoying the hustle and bustle of the market, Kietn kept walking. Somehow on his walk, Kietn had come across the central square of the city. It was a simple area, in the center there was a quite large fountain. Surrounding the square was all sorts of governmental facilities. Things such as the Knight's guild, Magister's association, which are both run and funded by the empire. A pleasant surprise for Kietn was that there was also a mercenary guild.

    The thing that had caught Kietn's eye the most was a large group of knights. It appeared that they were doing a group training session. Each and every one was doing a synchronized series of swings a flourishes. While Kietn had no clue in regards to swordsmanship, he still took interest into the artform.

    Standing off to the side was what looked like their instructor. Oddly enough was that he was a beastman. Looking back in his mind, Kietn remembered seeing quite a few beastmen walking through the market not to long ago.

    The instructor was watching the knights swing their swords with a frown on his face. Once in a while he would start yelling* at a knight for messing up his foot work or because he had messed up the sequence. Each time the beastman yelled Kietn's ears would start ringing. Attributing the beastman's loud voice to his race, which is similar to a lion, Kietn watched on in interest.

    Whilst watching, Kietn noticed that some of the knights would leave to get a drink from the fountain. Upon leaving they would place their swords on a weapons rack and walk over to the fountain. Taking this chance Kietn decided to join in on the training.

    ••• (A.N. the following is in a different perspective, I saw some novels do this so I wanted to try it.)

    Ralloo, a warrior reigning from the kingdom of beasts, set off on a journey. He had taken a chance to come to the human empire due to it being open to the other races. Whilst here he had ended up being drafted into the army during a civil war. With his excellent battle prowess and command abilities he was promoted to platoon leader.

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    With his new promotion the beastman survived through other battles throughout the formerly seperated empire. He liked to believe that todays peace was partly due to his efforts in the humans' wars.

    Eventually retiring after having been injured time and time again, he settled within Delfrost. From what Ralloo had heard about Delfrost, he arrived with expectations. However upon arrival, he was greatly disappointed with the state of the future knights. Each and every student he came across was lacking in skill and basic tactics. Their sorry state brought forth anger, deciding to become a teacher, he sought to correct the students.

    Since his arrival he had produced many genius-level knights. He had begun taking pride in his teaching ability apart from commanding and his personal skill in swordsmanship. Recently though, the quality of students had taken a big hit. Teachers with more connections had ended up taking all of the students showing promise and Ralloo was left with rabble.

    During his class, as well as public display, his students, well they were as terrible as usual. Ralloo had noticed that the students were lacking in desire or even a simple goal. Noticing that most of the students were sons of nobles that were forced into becoming knights, Ralloo lacked any expectation to produce a star student.

    Not even half way through training, students were already taking breaks and disgracefully drinking out of the fountain. While he was disappointed with the students he wasn't able to do much. Most of the students families were much stronger than a lowly platoon leader. Even though he was dissatisfied with them, they still had the qualifications to be within the academy.

    Even now, commoners were trying to enter the academy. Those lowly people weren't even able to properly hold a sword, much less be able to perform complex meneuvers. Once again a commoner had walked over and grabbed a sword to try and display his nonexistant talent.


    *imagine a drill instructor from american army videos on youtube
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