4 The palace

    You where going in the palace it was big and beautiful. You where walking down the hall you saw beautiful painting. You where looking in big rooms. It is so big you said yes they said.

    You saw a painting you saw Alan on the painting you ask why are you in this painting Alan? Alan said I'm the prince. WAIT WHAT!!!!! you said. I am the prince of the light side said Alan.

    You can't believe what he just said. Do I have to call you prince Alan no said Alan. Just call me Alan okay you said. So What do you like to do now we here you can do everything you want. Everything you said yes said Alan. What if we make us ready for dinner said John good point said Anna.

    Anna brought you to your room. Anna said I'm the room next to you she said. you close the door. you was taking a shower you was done with showering. You was walking with a towel atside your room you did want to ask Anna what to wear.

    But when you nok on the door John open it and saw you in the towel. You both blush. You said sorry but I was looking for Anna. It's no problem said John. He close the door and you walked to Anna's room you nok on the door and Anna opend it.

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    Anna was asking What is wrong. I don't know what to wear you said no problem said Anna I got this. Anna and you where in your room Anna chose a dresse for you it was a dark red.  Anna did you hair and make-up Anna ask do you like it?? YES!! you said your the best. you where going to the dinner room.
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