6 The old princess

    you where slowly opend your eyes you saw everboy with a worried face. Anna gived you a huge. why did you get a black out ask Anna. you remember when we saw the big painting on the wall. yes said Anna. I remeber everything back then it was my six's birthday when my mom and dad been killed.

    My mother asked the mother of Anna to send me to a other world where nobody hurt me. So what you try to say you are the old princess said John. yes you said but that is not posibbe said Alanl. Yes it is mom?? She is right I did send her to the other world it was her mother wish. She is the true princess of the light side and is the only one who can defait Olivia.

    But she need help of a elf, a werwolf, a witch, a fairy and a vampire. But I didn't Find a fairy and a vampire you said. It's no problem I know how can help us Alex and Chloe okay you said. But how are we going to defait Olivia you said. With your good friends they will be there for you and you for them yes you said.

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    let's find Alex and Chloe you said. good diea of you. we are going to find them and defait Olivia the queen of the dark side who killed my mom and dad this is for revange.
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