7 GODOPEDIAOLOGY is a king now

    GODOPEDIAOLOGY gets fed up by the affairs of the kingdom and the rival ministers poisoning the King's ears, he feels that he should leave the kingdom for some time period and decides to go to the forest area where the refugees stay.

    The king without knowing the value of GODOPEDIAOLOGY asks him to leave the kingdom fearing his increasing popularity. The people feel that if GODO is out of the kingdom then definitely the ministers would once again start extortioning the public so people start revolting against the kingdom.

    The king decides to put an end to the revolt and gives command to the army to kill all those who go against their kingdom. GODOPEDIAOLOGY enters the kingdom and tries to stop the King from his act but the mad King hearing the words of the ministers ask the soldiers to arrest him.

    GODOPEDIAOLOGY understands that the public peoples lives are in distress and if he gets captivated then there is no way to save their lives. So he jumps near the throne, keeps the knife on the King's throat and keeping him as his hostage tries to escape from the court. One of the minister asks the arrow man in the balcony to shoot GODO but the arrows hits the king and within no time the king dies. Looking at that the enraged ministers and the soldiers round up GODO.

    GODOPEDIAOLOGY gets circled by the soldiers and there is no way to escape. GODO remembers GOD and what he sees up is the huge big courtyard's lamp filled with full tonne of oil. The soldiers try to pierce GODO in between but he bends down and again jumps up and throws the knife towards the lamp. It damages the tank portion of the lamp and the oil gets scattered around the court. GODO picks up the fire torch and throws it on the oil. The oil fells on majority of the ministers and they all burn in fire. Remaining ministers fight amongst themselves and only very few couple of ministers stay alive.

    The left over ministers know that GODO is a clever guy and would definitely look after the kingdom, so they accept him as his king and together they announce it to the public. They feel happy but the army's commander in general wasn't happy with the decision, so he orders the army to arrest GODOPEDIAOLOGY and his supporting ministers. The army leaves the public and marches towards GODO and the ministers. Looking at that the soldiers who supported the kingdom and its welfare joins the side of GODO and now the army gets divided into two groups. GODO's side has very less army and the commander general has more persons and it seems that it would just take a hour time to get decided. The commander in general marches with his huge army.
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