8 GODOPEDIOLOGY meets the angel

    The army marches fiercely towards GODOPEDIOLOGY and his followers. Looking at that even the public joins GODO and hits the commander in general's armies with vessels, knifes, utensils and with all the things available at that time. The armies on both the sides fight fiercely and the war that could have lasted for minutes now has crossed many hours and in became night hours. Still the war went on.

    It thundered all the night with heavy rains and even in that moment the war continued and finally when the sun started rising GODOPEDIOLOGY jumps from his horse fiercely towards the chariot of the commander in general and wipes the general's head from his body separately. Looking at that all the soldiers who obeyed the general's command had no option but to surrender to GODOPEDIOLOGY. Thus the war came to an end and the whole public cheered that GODO truly is now their king.

    It was the crowning ceremony and after all the rituals, when GODO was about to be crowned, a voice asks to stop it. It was the voice of a old man who was in the verge of death. He was bleeding and feel on the ground unconscious. GODO sprinkles drops of water on his face and after some time he regains consciousness. He explains to GODOPEDIOLOGY all that happened. GODO asks the priests and popes to stop his naming ceremony and decide to head alone towards the mountains where the monsters reside.

    All the efforts of the ministers and his believers go in vain and they fail in stopping him from moving towards the dangerous mountain. Till his arrival he declares that the kingdom wouldn't have a king but in his place THE HOLY BOOK OF GOD would be their king and that the people should strictly follow its rules and should act accordingly as written and stated IN THE BOOK OF GOD.

    After the announcement he leaves the kingdom disguised as a merchant and walks towards the shortcut. He reaches the entrance of the forest where existed THE MONSTER MOUNTAIN. After traveling for a very long distance he becomes tried and fells asleep. The human body smell was a taste of delight for the monsters who resided exactly on the top of the tree where GODO was sleeping pleasantly down.

    The monsters mouth start watering and after resisting a lot, they finally jump on GODO and before GODO could open his eyes widely he sees that the monsters body bursts into pieces and their fatty flesh falls on all the sides of GODO and covers him in the center. He tries his level best but couldn't come out of it and faints.

    Before he could die of suffocation and could breathe his lost breath he sees a fairy like angel flying down towards him. He feels that it is the end of his life but that angel lifts him out of mountain of flesh and puts him on the ground and with her wand she brings rain and it washes all the dirt on GODO's face and his body and before GODO would really breathe his last breathe, the angel inhales the oxygen and blows it in to the lungs of GODO with her mouth to his mouth.
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