9 The 0th Espada, Solo VS The 4th Seraph, Babel

    While they were leaving, Solo turned to Luka.

    Solo: Hey Luka, why you didn't go all out against Granberia?

    Luka: Eh? What do you mean?

    Solo: you are unconsciously put a limit to yourself, is that because you don't want to hurt anyone?

    Luka opened his mouth, but no word came out and lowered his head.

    Luka: ...Yes... Even if I knew I would lose, I can't really hurt her...

    Then Alice talked.

    Alice: *Sigh* And this is one of the reasons that you will be defeated early. I'll help you a bit...

    Luka: Eh?

    Then she took out a weapon, and shown it to the male duo, Solo stepped back and had a disgusted face.

    Solo: ...Oh my Soul King...

    Luka: Eww... What is that?

    Alice: Angel Halo...

    Solo: That thing has nothing of angelic, and I thought that Amira was disgusting... But this... Just... what the **?

    Alice: C'mon, it isn't that bad... Luka, you can use it from now on.

    Luka: No way... that thing is creepy.

    Alice: But it has those angels you humans love embedded right in the handle. I thought you would be happy!

    Solo: 'That was a dick move...'

    Luka: Those angels look like they're being tortured...

    Alice: Whatever, just take it...

    While Luka, with disgust, he grabbed the sword handle, and then they heard a moan coming from it, frightening Luka while Solo took another step back with a disgusted look.

    Luka: Wha?! Ri... right now I just heard a moan?! Did you not hear that?!

    Alice: Well, that's to be expected. The sword was refined from 666 melted angels, after all... Listen up. Because the angels' grudges are hammered into the sword, it holds their curse.

    When Luka heard that, he let drop the sword and got away from it while Solo started charging a cero at it.

    Alice: Calm down guys, the curse will not affect you...

    Then they sighed in relief and Luka grabbed the sword while Solo stopped his attack.

    Alice: Ahem, it eats away the magic of whatever it slashes, making it hard for the opponent to maintain their form.

    Luka: ...I don't get it.

    Alice: *sigh* you idiot. If you beat a monster, they won't be able to hold their form. They won't die, they'll just temporarily be made harmless.

    Luka: This sword can... Seal monsters?

    Solo: A monster is nearby, you can test it right now.

    Luka: Eh?

    Then a small earthquake was occurring, and Alice vanished again, after that, a monster girl with the upper body of an human and the lower body of a giant worm appeared.

    Earthworm Girl: Oh? Travelers? Can you let me wring some semen from you?

    Solo: No.

    Earthworm Girl: It was just a rhetoric question, I will do it anyways.

    Solo: Well, we tried to be pacific, Luka, do your thing...

    Luka nodded and then slashed at the monster, but instead of blood, from the newly-made wound came out magic.

    Earthworm Girl: What the... What is that sword? From my wound... My power is draining...

    Luka: It works?!

    Solo: What the hell are you doing? Continue to attack!

    Luka: Eh?

    At that moment, the Earthworm Girl coiled around Luka, and Solo facepalmed.


    Luka finally defeated her, and she became a normal earthworm, meanwhile Alice came and started explaining.

    Alice: Do you get it now? That monster from before turned into that. Totally unharmed... Just left harmless.

    Luka nodded and thanked her for the sword, then they walked towards the mountain range to defeat the monster bandits.

    [A few hours later]

    They were at the base of the mountain range right now, and Luka realized something important.

    Luka: Crap... How can I stop them if I don't know where they are...?

    Alice: This huge mountain range will take forever to search, are you still going to do it?

    Luka: Hey Solo, can you help me?

    Solo: ...Alright, I'll search at the other end of the mountain range, see ya later.

    Luka: Stay safe!

    Some dozen of seconds later of Sonido, Solo arrived at the other side of the mountain range and started using pesquisa, but found a really big signature, even if it was insignificant for him.

    So he used Sonido towards the source and found something he never seen in this new world, there was a woman with black hair and a three pair of enormous angelic wings.

    But when she turned, her face was disgusting, her mouth was full of shark-like teeth, she had a long tongue that was at the center of the mouth, and had only 1 giant eye with black sclera.

    ?: Oh? Someone found me... *sniff* You aren't human... What are you?

    Solo: ...Are you a monster?

    ?: Don't compare me with scum, you insect!

    Then her hand became a blade and swung to Solo, who was surprised from her strength and power and dodged left.

    Babel: Interesting, so you can see me... I am the fourth Seraph, one of the Goddess Illias' right-hands together with Eden, Babel (OC).

    Solo: I am the 0th Espada and the strongest from Hueco Mundo, Solo Virtuta.

    Then he unsheathed his zanpakuto and blocked another hit while holding the sword with one hand, the hit made a crater under him, but he didn't seemed troubled.

    Solo: 'This... Ohh? Interesting, Barragan's level, but in normal state... I can still beat her without using Resurreccion...'

    Then Solo disappeared from Babel's sight with a static noise and appeared behind her, ready to cut her, but her wings blocked the hit.

    Solo: Tsk... Cero...

    He used his other hand to charge a cero, and successfully hit her.

    Babel: Guh... I need to go all out... 'He's too strong...'

    Then Babel's body started glowing and her skin became completely white and her mouth disappeared, leaving only the black giant eye in her face.

    Suddenly she disappeared from Solo's sight and appeared in front of him, hitting him with a kick, which made him fly at the mountain and crash.

    Solo: 'Primera level... Continue like this... It was a while that I didn't have so much fun!'

    Then Solo smiled and used Sonido to reappear in front of Babel, who seen him and blocked his sword, and so their clashes started, Solo was smiling all the time while Babel was trying to kill him, after 5 minutes, a cut appeared in Solo's face, making him raise an eyebrow.

    Babel: You were really strong, you really are as strong as Illias said... I'll give you a chance... Kneel in front of me and pray for Illias, and I will not beat you to death...

    Solo: You think such a stupid power level will be enough? Dream on!

    Then he released all of his reiatsu, shocking Babel from the intensity of it, and Solo easily overpowered her sword-hand, slamming her to the ground.

    Babel: W-What... How... How is it possible...

    Solo: I told you, it isn't enough... And not even your dear Illias will take me down.

    Babel: Y...you...

    Then Solo extended an arm to her and smirked while a scarlet light appeared in his palm

    Solo: You know... I never tried to fully charge a cero while I am at my 100%... I wonder how much damage it will do...


    Luka and Alice found the four bandits... Which were 4 monster kids that were trying to imitate the 4 Heavenly Knights, even if it greatly failed.

    Luka defeated all of them and now they were thinking what to do with them, which was taking them to apologize to the people of Illiasburg.

    Alice: So you're going to pull them around the town? What are you going to do if the people lynch them?

    Lamia: L...Lynch...?

    Goblin: Nooo! Waaah!

    Vampire: *Sniffle* Waaaaah!!

    Luka: ... It's ok, they won't do that! Anyone who tries to lynch you. I'll beat them down!

    Dragon: You... You're such a good guy...

    Lamia: *Sniffle*

    Alice: Still, I wonder what is doing Solo...

    Right when she finished talking, she felt an immense pressure, even if it didn't hurt her in any shape and form, but Luka and the children were kneeling on the ground.

    Vampire: W...What is happening?!

    Goblin: I don't know!

    Alice: Solo released his reiatsu... But how can he do it? He is at the other side of the mountain range...

    Luka: What?! Then what is happening ther- *Booom*

    He was interrupted when they heard a giant explosion, scaring almost everyone except Alice. And then they slowly walked outside just to see a big mushroom made of smoke.

    Meanwhile, Solo was at the center of a giant crater made from his cero, and in front of him there was surprisingly some remains of Babel.

    Solo: *whistle* She was really strong to not be disintegrated from the Cero, but... If this is Babel's strength, what could be Illias' strength? Meh, I still have Resurreccion...

    Then he disappeared from the crater with a Sonido.
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