2 Sky


    Crack, crack!

    In a secluded valley which was hidden so well that it could not be found if one used one's eyes, a foreign object fell from the sky and caused a ground-breaking explosion.

    A 16 year old youth awoke suddenly, stunned by the explosion. His wooden house barley managed to stay in one piece while the ground around his house was cracked open.

    The youth was called Sky, and he had been living alone in this hidden valley since he was 5. Never had the valley incurred a situation like this since his time living here.

    But, a minute later, the valley stabilized, no longer shaking.

    Sky squinted his eyes lazily at the phenomenon, but he soon leaned back on his bed and closed his eyes. Sky did not care about the sudden change apparently.

    But, even though Sky did not care about the explosion, the one who caused it cared about Sky. Slowly she rose out of the dust that was created due to her landing, and she made her way to Sky's wooden house.

    It took her barley 5 seconds to cross the 50 kilometers distance and that was because she had taken it slow. One could only imagine how fast her fastest speed was.

    She easily passed through the wooden walls and looked calmly at the already asleep Sky.

    If Sky was awake at the moment he would definitely be surprised. After all, Who wouldn't be surprised to see a floating Spear looking down at them?

    The spear, named Ryu, was one of the seven weapons of Sin. And apparently, she had chosen Sky as her master.

    Ryu swiftly poked her master's finger while he was still asleep and devoured his blood as a sign of acknowledging her master.

    She drank her master's blood until she was satisfied and like her master, she lazily leaned against his chest to fall asleep.


    Sky woke up feeling weak and something sharp poking his chest. But he was too lazy to care about it so he ignored the weird things and got out of his bed.

    Ryu woke up at the same moment as her master. But she did not call out to him, instead she stealthily followed him to see what her master was going to do.

    Her master left the wooden house and first came to a place which was about half a kilometer away. Here, there were supposed to be plants which grew vegetables. But because of Ryu's landing the ground had cracked open and all that was left was uprooted and partially destroyed plants.

    Seeing that her landing had created such harm to her master's vegetable garden, Ryu could not help but feel proud.

    Hump! I'm the strongest!

    She imagined herself as she crossed her illusionary arms and floated arrogantly to look down on the world.

    Seeing the wreck of his garden, Sky did not feel anything. He calmly started walking towards a different place. But once he reached there he was met with the same situation. Even this vegetable garden was uprooted.

    But Sky did not seem to lose hope, he walked and walked and witnessed at least 20 of his vegetable gardens uprooted. Finally, a hint of anger seemed to appear in his eyes, but it was soon overwhelmed by his usual laziness.

    Ryu, who was following him stealthily felt more and more proud of her strength. She felt extremely arrogant because of her power.

    "Sigh! I have to replant them." Sky spoke in a murmur. He was a lazy guy and he knew that clearly. He also knew of the unbearable consequences of falling down into one of the seven sins, Sloth. He would turn into a slave to Sloth.

    The only thing that was still holding Sky back from completely falling to laziness was food. Because of this reason Sky had been concentrating on food ever since he was 5 and even though with passing years his cultivation had raised to a level where he no longer needed to intake food, his love for food still continued.

    Sky hated working, but he hated becoming a slave even more. He did not know the reason himself, but his blood felt repulsed just at the thought of becoming someone's slave.

    Because of this Sky could not give up on the last rope that he was holding him back to not fall down into the abyss. In other words he could give up on food. Even if it meant working!

    Ryu watched calmly as her master who had never worked hard in his life work like a dog to re-level the ground, crush the dead plants into manure, bring water from across the valley, before planting his vegetables.

    With his cultivation it wasn't hard for her master to do the physical work, but some plants needed long time of care to grow properly and because of this, her master had to stay about half the day each day taking care of these plants.

    Fortunately, the hidden valley's climate hardly changed and this climate was ideal to grow a variety of plants.

    It took 6 months, but her master had finally succeeded in replanting all of his 20 vegetable gardens. Today, he finally harvested some of the well grown ones and took them back.

    He cooked a hearty meal to himself and seemed to have enjoyed eating very much. Ryu smiled wryly seeing his blissful smile.

    Suddenly, Ryu felt a nasty urge in her pointy end to destroy the gardens just to get her master to work hard and enjoy this hearty meal once more. After all, men only truly enjoy when their hard works pays off.

    But she soon shook her head. It was about time she took the next step in her plan and this required her master to leave the hidden valley.

    She sighed but there was no pity in her eyes. Her expression was always one that of a Lion, prideful and arrogant!

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