7 Grade 1 Monster

    Sky was awoken by the sounds of the distant howls. Seeing that he was inside a dark isolated cave, Sky could not help but sigh!

    Just a day ago, he was enjoying his peaceful life in the hidden island, but now, in the span of a single day, he returned back to his Clan only to be sent away. Sky did not know what to feel at the moment.

    The cave was dark, but there were no signs of wild life making it temporarily safe. At least the Trial did not start off dangerous. Right now, he wasn't even at Physique Awakening realm and even a random wild animal could kill him. This made the cave even more precious.

    Once he knew he was temporarily safe, Sky arranged the information he had on him.

    He belonged to the Sky.

    And right now, he was undergoing something called a Trial which his big sister had briefed him about.

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    What he did not know was,

    How did he appear back in his clan?

    And why did he lose his cultivation?

    As he thought of these, he tried to find explanations using the limited amount of information his brain possessed, but before long, his body turned heavy as laziness hazed his thoughts.

    "Sigh! I don't want to think so much!" Sky sighed as he prepared to sleep to satisfy his laziness, but a loud grunt from his stomach disturbed his plans. Sky was no longer a Sin Devil who could survive without food. He had to eat to quench his hunger.

    "Hello master!" As Sky was thinking about how he could quench his hunger, a black spear suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Sky squinted his eyes at the black spear. At one instant he would be able to feel a vague connection between the spear and himself, but the next instant this feeling would completely disappear.

    "Am I really your master?" Sky was too lazy to test her, so he directly questioned.

    "Yes! You are my master!" Ryu answered happily.

    "Can you prove it?" Sky lazily rubbed his stomach as his eyes stayed on the spear. By this action, he was indicating that she must bring him some food if she wanted Sky to accept her. As for wether she was telling the truth or not, Sky was too lazy to care about it.

    The black spear Ryu laughed heartily, seemingly acknowledging her master's test, and flew out of the cave. She was probably going to hunt a few wild animals for Sky.


    'Hump! Ordering me around! He he! It comes at a cost!' Ryu snickered, looking at the disappearing cave as she flew deep into the seventh territory.

    The 'Trial' of the Sky Clan was straightforward and it only had one goal, that was to recapture the Abyssal World or the Abyss.

    A million years back, the Sky Clan used to rule the Abyssal World and their power was unrivaled. Later, the Great Demon Clan eyed the Abyssal World and seized it away from the Sky Clan.

    Even though the Sky Clan lost their hegemony over the Abyssal World, they still maintained control over the EverNight Forest where their Clan grounds were situated.

    During these past million years, the Sky clan had migrated to the Mortal Sin World and made it their main base, but they had never abandoned the EverNight Forest of the Abyss.

    Every Generation, the Sky clan would choose seven individuals to control and protect seven different territories of the EverNight Forest.

    The object of the Trial was continuously expand the seven territories until they devoured the whole Abyssal World, letting the Sky Clan take back what was rightfully theirs.

    During the past million years, the Sky Clan had its best prodigies taking over the Trial and continuously expanding the seven territories until now, where the seven territories completely occupied the whole of EverNight Forest.

    Sky did not know what was expected of him in this Trial, heck, he did not even know what the Trial was. But he did know one thing.

    His mother had emphasized it so many times that there was no way Sky would forget it. And that one thing was, 'Only personal strength could help one out of all situations.'

    Knowing this profound truth, Sky did not waste his time as he sat down in a meditative position and started his cultivation.

    Physique Awakening was a fairly tough step in cultivation as this realm required one to modify their body to attract the Sin Qi towards themselves. Sky did not waste his time as he dived right into awakening his physique and reaching the early stages of this Realm.


    Ryu had it easy. As a Sin Weapon, her strength was boundless and killing the few wild animals in the surroundings did not pose her much threat. She easily killed 10 days worth of food.

    She planned to head back to the cave, but a sudden appearance of a bear like monster changed her plans. This bear like monster was at grade 1 of Monster Cultivation.

    A grade 1 monster was equivalent to a Physique Awakening Cultivator and because of their sturdy bodies they would often come on top when they fought with humans of same realm.

    The grade 1 monster's appearance made Ryu change her plans. Right now, Ryu wanted to make Sky believe in her and Ryu planned to use this monster to her advantage.

    After making some preparations, Ryu purposely led the monster towards the cave her master was staying at.



    Sky was forced to abandon his cultivation as he sensed a change in the flow of Qi in his surroundings. A bear like monster greeted him as he stopped. The bear like monster gave out a savage impression as its mouth was filled with blood from the wild animal it had just tore open.

    The bear monster noticed Sky as soon it stepped inside the cave. But it was fairly intelligent as it cautiously revolved around him as if to find his weak point. The cave was dark and the bear could hardly make out Sky's lithe figure. This was its reason to stay prudent.

    Monsters differed from wild animals in the fact that they could think and cultivate like humans. This bear was fairly intelligent, and did not want to take risk.


    Ryu hovered outside the cave staying tranquil. Though the cave was blocking her vision from the events inside, Ryu could still see the happenings. Seeing that the bear was cautiously probing Sky, She gloated over her master's misfortune.

    'Hump! This is what you get for ordering me around!'

    Her plan was fairly simple. She would allow her master to feel the dreadfullness of a monster before saving him. As she becomes his savior, Sky would start to believe her. Once he starts believing in her, it was fairly simple for Ryu to make Sky depend on her for every single thing.

    This way, she would be able to keep Sky in her grip for the rest of his life.

    As for Sky doubting her, Ryu knew Sky was too lazy for that. Ryu knew, Out of all the humans in this world, Sky was the easiest to fool. But not because he was an idiot, but because he was lazy.
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