1 The Strongest Hero confronts a Martial Immortal

    In a normal day, A human figure suddenly appeared hovering in the sky, in his feet is a greatsword adorned with otherworldly jewels and around the figure 9 swords floating around pulsing with divine lights.

    "So this is the lowest realm, never have I imagined there exist such realm without a single martial cultivator. But this is strange, this place looks different from our realm at all, what is this strange building and clothings around, are those carriages? How is it moving with no fierce beast rearing it."

    The figure pondered as this realm was completely different from theirs. All the realm he visited thay existed across the universe are the same but this realm is very different.

    "No matter, this planet only has 7 billion beings in it. So meagre but its more than enough for me to ascend to Martial Immortal. After killing all these people, my Soul Devourer will reach the peak stage and I can finally be a Martial Immortal after a hundred thousand years."

    A cold and ruthless glint flashed through his eyes. He licked his lips as if there was a great feast awaiting before him.

    Waving his hands, the 9 divine flying swords started to rotate around him, then he pointed downwards.

    Instantly the sword streaked through faster than light to the ground below, he can already imagine millions of dead from one sword strike of his.

    The scene he imagined of complete destruction didnt happen, he looked down as of why but he was startled as he saw the scene below.

    Millions of miles cant hinder his sight, he can see crystal clear of what happened.

    There he saw a bald guy in his early twenties, with a strange outfit of white clothes, a red boots and gauntlet, with a red cape waving in the air.

    That was not why he was shocked though, it was because the sword he sent was currently in the mans hands.

    "Im-impossible!! This sword cannot be held by others! It's already bound in my soul, no other beings can grasp it!" As if the soul was sucked out off him, he muttered panickly.

    One of the 9 Divine Swords arent easily subdued, they are overbearingly arrogant and is extremely prideful, they dont allow anyone to hold them, even the guy forcefully spent his lifespan just to prove he was a bit worthy to use them. It was a given that the 9 Divine Swords were arrogant and prideful since they are one of the Heavenly Treasures, a group treasure that exists since time immemorial.

    Although startled, he immediately regained his composure as he concludes that it might be some strange restraints of this realm, and the 9 sword was affected somehow.

    Of course the Cultivator was just deluding himself.

    He didn't mind it anymore and was about to throw another sword but was again became baffled as he suddenly noticed that the bald guy, with his poker face, was now in front of him, holding the divine sword in his left hand.

    'H-how?! He jumped?! How did I not notice it?' he finally lost his compsure and was a bit afraid.

    It is a given, as a Martial Emperor his sense was already hone to the extreme, he already spread his senses all around the planet knowing all the movement happening all around. But this bald guy, he didn't notice him move at all!! Even those stronger than him, A Martial Immortal Cultivator sneaks up on him, he can still sense them and can even notice those that are faster than him in speed. But this guy-

    "Eh? Who are you? Wait, you can fly? How?" a average voice coming from the bald man asked him.

    "You, you-" the Cultivator became flustered. He cant gauge him at all! Every inch of the bald guys body is screaming with averageness and weakness.

    In his panic, the Cultivator immediately send one divine sword, aiming to kill the man.

    "!!!!!" But the cultivator was flabbergasted.

    The Divine Sword broke into pieces!!!!

    He saw it clearly, after sending the sword, the bald guy was momentarily confused as of why he attacked and casually punched the incoming divine sword and broke it into pieces.

    "Eh? Why did you attack? Are you an enemy?" The bald guy asked with a confused space, as if punching the sword was nothing at all.

    Then suddenly the bald guy instantly appear in front of him, raising his fist with the intent to punch.

    The cultivator held both of his hands up to guard.

    "!!!!!" The moment he noticed it, he was soaring through the sky, a shock so powerful it spreads to the very depths of his soul.

    An agonizing pain in his face as he realized all the bones in his hands was pulverized. His bones, which was greatly enhanced, billion times stronger than steel, virtually indestructible was actually shattered and pulverized by a mere punch!! Moreover, he discovered that his hands was already crippled, he can never ever step again to Marital Immortal if no one can heal his hands.

    The Cultivator was scared **less, his back was drenched in sweat. Without warning, with a step, he escaped with a speed several dozens faster than light, wanting to return to his own realm.

    "Oh" the Bald guy muttered surprisingly, his eyes shone with a hint of excitement, his face light up like a kid finding his favorite candy in a store.

    The Bald guy then jogged towards the man as he chased him.

    The cultivator was crying with no tears. He was already using his top speed but the bald guy still followed him behind. He wanted to cry but he cant. How did he offend such person!! He was indignant.

    But Lady Lucks was on his side today as the bald guy was sucked in to one of the random unstable vortex appearing anywhere and everywhere in the space, knowing that it leads to another lower realm.

    Then, Saitama was lost, arriving in a completely foreign place, with sea of flames around him.
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