4 Revant the Mad Child

    "Kill!! KILL KILL! I'LL KILL THEM ALL.!!!! " A blonde boy, around the age of 13 to 14, was running all with his might as he was being chased by the people who massacred his village. His eyes bloodshot, full of animosity, hatred and bloodlust but he knew that at his state he cannot do anything, there are just too many people and he was too weak.

    "I swear if I live past this day, you all will taste the true meaning of hell itself." He muttered under his breath with great hatred.

    'It was just a normal day, I was assigned in picking out berries in the vicinity of the village to eat, but by the time I came back the village was already burning and people are slaughtering the villagers. I immediately hid in a haystack lying at the edge of the village. I clearly saw all the killings and how they killed the people, I didn't dare to look away, I memorized all the face here with great pain and will kill them a thousand times more painful in the future.'

    Running with all his might in the Forest, Revant realized that he cannot outrun them, since he knew the geography of this forest like at the back of his palm, he decided to confront them and kill as many as possible, after knowing that he cannot outrun, he knew that he will die today and if he truly will die then atleast he will bring many of them together in the depths of hell.

    He decided to hunt those in the Body Enhancement Stage, those that are at the same cultivation as him, these people are the weakest and easy to kill. Catching them off guard is the Key.

    Holding the necklace that was given by his mother, he lovingly caress it as if it was already the last time he can do so.

    After a moment, the loving eyes was immediately replaced by a beastly eyes that was hungry for blood, full of bloodlust and hatred as he pulls out a dagger in strapped in his legs.

    He immediately climbed a tree, hiding within the leaves, waiting for the murderers to pass by.

    "Where is he?! Find him! This mission must be accomplished with not a single mistake and no survivor." The leader, presumably the elder of the group ordered everyone.

    Revant was patiently waiting for something, revealing oneself immediately in front of everyone is just foolish.

    With a rope, he tied it around the hilt of the dagger. Revant slowed down his breath, afraid that it will expose him to the people below, especially to those that are in the Spirit Formation stage and above which has enhanced hearing.

    And then it came, the thing he patiently waits.

    "Spread out! Go in pairs, the target is just a kid, a mortal with no cultivation at all. Kill at first sight! No funny actions that can lead him into escaping!" the elder commands all the disciples, know that nothing would be accomplished if they find the boy together.

    Revant sinisterly smiled. His looks very frightening, with a crying face, a bloodshot eyes and a sinister smile, it was overall a terrifying expression that one cannot just imagine for a 14 year old kid to have.

    'There it is'. Revant knew what the old man was thinking, no one knew that he was a cultivator, that is why he predicted that they will separate themselves to find him. Seems like he is right on point.

    "One big mistake old man, I am a peak Body Enhancement Stage, not a mortal at all. Dealing with a middle level Body Enhancement Stage is not so difficult, which is a fourth of you all people." Revant thought viciously, his state right now is no different than a beast, after experiencing such tragedy his childlike mindset was rapidly adapting and evolving into that of an adult and a killer. He was becoming like this because he was forced to.

    Moments after dispersing, Revant followed a two relatively weak male cultivators, both that are at Late Body Enhancement Stage, by going to one tree to another. Not just because of the cultivation why he followed them, it was also because of their heinous acts towards one of his friend, who died miserably earlier that was first tortured then killed.

    After following them for a while, and after confirming there are no other reinforcement in the surroundings, Revant finally moves.

    'Whooosh'. He threw the dagger with frightening accuracy as it pierced the man's neck, then pulling it with his hands as he jumped the tree. Naturally the man that was pierced in the neck was dragged upwards as Revant jumped down. Moments later, the guy was dead.

    "En-!!" The other man didn't have a chance as his neck was swiftly broken by Revant. Revant stared at the corpse coldly, with no fluctuating emotions. He was completely calm as if this matter was completely natural for him although it was his first time killing a living person.

    After coldly looking at the corpse, he climbed back up again and chased another duo.

    After continously doing the same tactics every encounter, he killed many Body Enhancer Cultivators.

    But as he hunt another group, and after killing the weaker one, he realized that the other person of the group was a Spirit Formation Cultivator.

    "You are good you **ty brat, killing dozens of my fellow sect mates. You deserved a thousand deaths.!! " The Spirit Formation guy shouted as he immediately charged towards Revant.

    Revant took a stance with the dagger now untied to the rope.

    The enemy took out a sword and started slicing towards Revant as the latter tried his best to defend. But eventually he received a deep cut in his left hand. He retreated as he put the dagger in his mouth and put some pressure in the wound. In the distance he stares menacingly towards the Spirit Formation guy.

    Due to the commotion, there are now people coming over but as they came they stood in the sidelines as if they were watching a show, all of them wearing a mocking smiles.

    Knowing many of his fellow Sect disciples came over, the Spirit Formation guy confidence increased.

    "Remember my name, Reed Blamn, you **ty brat. Such a poor brat, it is better to die than to live knowing that your entire village was massacred, you know how I participated in the act? How about telling you that some of the girls you have there tastes pretty good?" Reed Blamn provoked, his eyes sinister and still has some lust containing in them.

    Revant mind went blank, his fury increased a hundred fold. He was now crying with blood, gripping his dagger so hard the skin started to scrape off.

    " Die!!" Revant suddenly dashed forward to Reed, seemingly lost in emotions and fury, acting like without care of his life. Revant charged without stopping as if his mind was no longer conscious and was now devoured by madness and hatred.

    Reed sneered, happy in provoking this little beast into acting like a madman. He knew that this kid was dangerous, he seems like a veteran in the battlefield as his tactics in hunting those that died are worth of praising. By making this little beast lose his rationality due to rage and fury, this little beast will act with no thoughts behind them just like now by charging towards him with no plans at all. And now, he can kill him easily.

    Reed pierced his sword forward, aiming to penetrate the little beasts head to kill him immediately.

    But the scene of matter of brains exploding out didn't came, his sword was stopped.

    The sword was stopped by the little beast's left hand as it was penetrated at the middle of his palm, stopping the hilt completely. Although the left hand received a deep cut, it was not at the point where he can't move it. He purposely shows that he cannot use his left hand anymore, with the intention of surprising the opponent.

    Reed finally panicked, he tried pulling out his sword but can't, he never imagined that this brat's strength was so immense. Reed glance in to the little beast's face, and was astonished.

    Revant was now grinning, as if knowing what will Reed do all along. Revant knew that after angering him, Reed will drop down his guard because he finally succeeded in angering him.

    Revant was truly angry and provoked earlier, yet he wasn't consumed by fury but instead the more angry he gets, the more calmer he is.

    Then with a flash, Revant with the dagger in his right hand, slashed the dagger in Reed throat, it actually contains a lot of force to the point in completely beheaded Reed. Grabbing Reed's head by the hair, he showcased it to the 'spectator'.

    Together with his blood crying face and holding a head towards the 'spectator' majority of them was frightened at the sights.

    "Who's next?" Revant uttered, as he imposingly challenged everyone.
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