5 Soul fiend comes in but was slapped by Saitama

    "Who's next?" Revant uttered, as he imposingly challenged everyone

    The sect disciples felt all their scalp tingle and back cold, although they themselves was ruthless for massacring a village, it was different when ruthlessly killing someone unknown and someone they knew killed brutally.

    A few moments of silence reigns the solemn atmosphere.

    Finally one disciple gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

    "This bastard just killed Senior Reed, he is just a Peak Body Enhancer while majority of us are in Spirit Formation. He is just one person, he can't possibly defend against all of us. Overpower him then brutally kill him!" Finally one disciple gritted his teeth and said hatefully.

    "Whoever can decapitate this brats head, will receive 5 gold coins and a human-step tier 2 skill book from the sects treasury. I can guarantee this in the name of this Elder, Elder Buwels." The elder spoke with a reward that enticed everyone. 5 gold coins is an annual allowance of an Outer Sect disciple, receiving 5 gold coins is like living without worries for a year. Yet nothing can surpass the temptation of a skill book, especially a human-step tier 2 skill book, which only inner court disciples can learn. Outer court disciples can only learn Tier 1 skill book, so a Tier 2 is a great temptation for them.


    Seemingly invigorated by the elder's reward, majority of them slowly advance with great greed. They can't possibly accept someone who killed their famous Senior Reed, a rising star of Greenwood sect and the grand disciple of the Sect Head. Killing someone from their sect is besmirching their Sect Master face and reputation.

    Upon knowing Revant can't escape, he throws away the decapitated head of Reed, which only further infuriate the disciples. He grabbed the sword Reed used previously, grasping in his left hand and the dagger in the other. He prepares to fight to the death, as long as he can take many of them together, he can face the villagers in heavens peacefully.

    The sight of dozens and dozens of people rushing towards oneself, with multitude types of weapons such as swords, whips, sabers, greats words, arrow, hammer, axe are terrifying enough.

    The moment of them about to kill Revant, someone yelled.

    "STOP!!" Someone shouted with authority.

    "HI-high Elder Yolhun!? Wait, your arm!?" Another elder spoke. The elder that spoke just now was shocked, this high elder was the one in charge of this mission, and one of the core members of the Sect. His strength was undeniable, being in the Rank 3 Golden Formation Core warrants his strength only having below the 4th Grand Elder of the Sect which is rank 5 Golden Formation Sect.

    But now this High Elder, is now missing an arm and is severely injured! All the elders present was flabbergasted at the sight, even all of them combined cannot even hold a candle against the high elder, but here he was with an arm missing.

    With the appearance of the high elder, no one noticed Saitama, that was just behind him, approached Revant with great speed.

    Everyone was still focused on the elder and his missing arm.

    Putting pressure on his arm, he muttered with great difficulty.

    "Do-don't kill the boy. Release him." He glares sternly as he indicated with his glance to not offend Saitama.

    But who cares about that! The only thing on the elders mind are having revenge who did this to their elder. This is akin to slapping the Greenwood Sect in the face.

    Face filled with fury, the elders looked around and finally saw Saitama beside Revant, who was currently carrying Revant as he fell into deep sleep due to exhaustion and injuries when the high elder yelled to stop.

    "Hey boy, waaa so many blood. What happened to you? These people are ruthless. Even monsters back on earth aren't these ruthless." Saitama muttered as his brows furrowed by the sight of the amount of blood the boy was currently releasing.

    "Who are you boy? Did you do this to the High Elder?" Elder Buwels said as he glared fiercely to Saitama. He fully released his power of Peak Rank 9 Core Formation, the disciple slowly shrank backwards. They were all thinking 'So this was the power above Spirit Formation. So strong'.

    "Well he attacked me first so I strike back?" Saitama asked with a confused face. Why are they getting angry when their people clearly attacked first?

    "You!-" Elder Buwels was about to explode but was interrupted by Saitama.

    "Let me ask a question first, did all of you attacked the village back there?" Still holding Revant in his arms, Saitama casually asks.

    The elder sneered and revealed a look of disdain.

    "No use for a dead man telling anything. DIE!! Hornedbull Charge!!" Elder Bulwens attacked with his own skill. This Hornedbull charged is an Earth-step Tier 2 skill, with a peak mastery. It's overkill to use this to someone who doesn't have any cultivation and a mortal.

    Elder Yolhun was startled, he didn't have a chance to voice out as he doesn't have any energy due to the excessive amount of blood he lost and he still didn't dare to close it up until now as he was afraid of offending Saitama. He knew full well how powerful Saitama is, although one cannot sense any cultivation in him his strength is unfathomable and unparalleled. Elder Yolhun just closed his eyes, already mourning for the loss of an Elder in the Sect.

    Seeing the Elder's action, Saitama answered his owned question.

    "So that's how it is." Saitama muttered.

    The Elder was approaching fast, his body bent forward as if he was truly a bull charging, a faint image of horns appeared in his head.

    Saitama was still holding Revant in his arms.


    Saitama casually kicked.

    Then a resounding explosion happened.

    All the disciples and elders were startled of what happened. Their faces paled and their backs drenched in sweat. Some even have their legs trembling. They clearly saw Saitama kick, it was not fast and in fact very slow, so slow to the point it looks like it contain no power but what happened afterwards terrified them more.

    When Saitama kicked Elder Bulwens, after a resounding explosion, Elder Bulwens was blown back with great speed, breaking down dozens of trees in his path and finally stopping in a small mountain that crumbled down entirely in to pieces.

    The elders and disciples was so shocked. When they checked the elders state, all of them palpitate with feat. No intact bones or flesh can be seen atl all, the Elder is now meat paste!


    "Please spare us Senior." Elder Yolhun unhesitantly kneeled down and begged. Seeing the high elder acting like that, the disciple and elders immediately followed.

    "Please spare us Senior!!!" all of them begged with emotion, truly afraid and trembling in fright.

    Saitama waved his hands, indicating them to go. Saitama never really like too much trouble, so he just let them go.

    All of the Greenwood Sect dispersed in a moment. Not even bothering bringing back the corpse of the dead disciples killed by Revant, also abandoning the corpse of Reed.

    After a while silence came back.

    Saitama walked in a random location, hoping to see any place to settle in. He was hoping to see an hospital or at least even a doctor for Revant he was currently holding.

    'Craaaack' in a place not far away from Saitama, a crackling sound was heard.

    Looking to the sound, Saitama looked at the source and saw two people, one was a cosplaying guy wearing a cool looking robe with cool designs in it along with a familiar looking guy.

    It was Soul Fiend and Soul Immortal.

    After confirming the familiar appearance, Saitama placed Revant on his shoulder and with great speed..

    Slapped Soul Fiend in the Face.
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