3 the mortal who the gods fear

    xia hong watched the handsome man in front of him with fear and gratitude, he was feeling grateful because  he had saved his life which in turn meant that he had indirectly saved his sect from destruction , he was afraid because he could not sense the cultivation of this person but if what he saw was anything to go by than there was no one on the continent who could go against him, after all the person he killed in a second was a demonic cultivator at the true demon realm final stage, there were only 10 true demons in the world , each one capable of destroying an entire continent without any problems , and one of them had died just like that so one could understand his fears ,

    he slowly floated towards the man and the bowed and cupped his hands ,

    "Thank you benefactor for your help, if not for you this one would have definitely died in the hands of that demon and my sect would have faced a great calamity, please allow this one to invite benefactor to his sect so that i can express my gratitude" he said to which the man turned towards him


    Ryan observed the man , he could obviously sense his fear and gratitude , but he could not sense any malice so he decided to accept the mans request, he introduced himself as ryan kane , a wandering man who was travelling to see the world ,

    xia hong led him towards his sect which was known as the immortal space sect , the people of this sect mainly practiced their mastery over space , after reaching the emperor realm the cultivators of this world must choose an element which they want to master , it applies not only to normal cultivators but also to the demonic cultivators and demonic beasts as well, the immortal space sect was an ancient sect  which has been around for over 10,000 years  , they are ranked as number 2 in the top three sects in the world,

    after travelling for over 2 hours at a speed of 600 mph they reached what looked like an entire village full of people in the same uniform with white and blue dresses , after they landed near what looked like a palace , the disciples near the entrance bowed towards xia hong

    ""Welcome back , grand elder "" said the two youths ,

    Ryan later learned that xia hong was one of the two grand elders of the sect who were above every one else , only the sect master was above the grand elders , the other grand elder was  right now in seclution so she could not greet ryan the elder said,

    after some time of waiting in the admittedly luxurious  main hall of the palace , the sect master had arrived , he looked to be around 60 years old but he looked very fit for his age,

    "greetings benefactor, i am long tian i am the sect master of the immortal space sect, on behalf of my family i would like to express my sincere gratitude in helping my father-in-law" he said,

    the sect master was the son-in-law of the grand elder , ryan learned that the reason a true demon had attacked one of the top sects on the planet was because of the sect master's daughter long yue.

    the girl was born with a special physique known as the true yin body, the possessors of said body could cultivate  much faster than anyone, the proof could be seen as even though she is only 18 years of age she has already reached the saint realm , they were also naturally attuned towards ice element and could not use any other element , but the true power of the body was that anyone who married these people could gain over a 1000 times faster results while dual cultivating  than norman times , that is why the sun devil was after the girl because he was already stuck at this stage for over 2000 years so he wanted to take the girl and break through to satan realm which no one had ever been able to do in a long time because he was already reaching the end of his life span, even though  demonic cultivators have more than 3 times the power than a normal cultivator but they also have a disadvantage when it comes to their lifespan,  a true demon can only live upto 2500 years while a normal cultivator at celestial realm can live upto 10000 years,

    ryan  and the sect master talked for all day , the sect master wanted to know more about the young expert in front of him while ryan wanted to know more about this world, as the sun set they decided to stop and get some rest , the sect master arranged a luxurious room for ryan in the palace and informed him that he would introduce his daughter to him later, ryan asked the sect master if they had any library to which the sect master gave him a token and informed him of his location, the sect master was not worried that ryan would steal their sect secrets because some one of his level could easily massacre their sect and take everything he wants from their dead bodies  .

    after every one went to sleep ryan went towards the library, he found out that there was a faint undetectable thread of psyonic energy connection the token to the library doors which was in turn inscribed with a strange pattern which created a relatively weak psyonic barrier  imbued with the space element,

    "i have not seen a weak barrier like this since i was first taken to gungnir as a 10 year old child" he mumbled, if the sect master were to hear his words he would definitely puke blood in anger, this barrier was known as the  immortal sealing barrier , it was said to have been laid down by the founder of the sect who was a legendary immortal realm cultivator , anyone who tried to force open the barrier would be warped away into an isolated dimension where they would be trapped for eternity , the only way to access it was through a special token created by the founder , there exists only three tokens , they were in possession of the sect master and the grand elders respectively.

    ryan allowed the token to float towards the door which suddenly opened itself, he walked inside to find rows upon rows of books which made him very excited, very few people knew that he was a bookworm, if he sees a new book, then he would not stop until he had completely read it,

    he used a small amount of his psyonic power to create a blade and cut his skin , he let a drop of blood come out after which the would automatically sealed itself , he made the blood float in the air and then he used hid psyonic power to empower the blood, after a few seconds a clone of his could be seen standing in front of him, he had his clone read every book in the east section of the library, while he read every thing in the west section , after they were done reading he used his power to assimilate all of the memories from the clone and then dissolved it,

    he learned that this world was known as the azura sky star, it had 4 continents , one in the center known as the immortal mountain range, the remaining three continents surrounded the central continent,  the northern continent was known as the god devourer forest , this was home to the demonic beasts, the southern continent was known as the land of the demons, this was home to demonic cultivators , the continent he was on was the western continent known as the heavenly god continent , it was home to the humans , according to the records , there once existed a 5th continent in the east , it was home to the elves and the dwarfs, but it was destroyed in a war with the demons and demonic beasts , the humans had refused to send any help to them even though they were allies, it is said that the survivors of the continent hid away in a secret location on the opposite side of the planet , even though 10,000 years had passed till now no one had heard anything from them after the war,

    as the morning came ryan headed out of the library and into his room, he was soon called by a maid saying that the sect master had summoned him, ryan after an entire night of reading wanted to end the meeting quickly so that he could go through all the information he had gained from the books , so he used his power to warp space and directly teleported to the main hall which shocked all the elders present except the sect master and xia hong ,

    "welcome ryan , i called you here to meet my daughter who is about to arrive in a few minutes from her expedition to the immortal mountain range" the sect master said.
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