7 the tragedy of the reincarnator

    the young man was called yunfei he did not have a family name as he was an orphan , he was once an ordinary disciple of the immortal space sect, but soon when he was 20 years old tragedy struck the sect , one of the two grand elders had died when he was 16 in the hands of the sun devil, leaving behind only two celestial realm experts left in the sect, the reasons were unclear but the 10 true demons had launched an attack on the sect and by extension on the whole  of the heavenly god continent , the sect master and the grand elder fought the 10 demons to give the normal disciples time to escape , however suddenly the grandson of the elder xiao che turned and attacked the grand elder herself leaving a fatal wound on her , he was covered in strange black fog that seemed to be connected to the shadow devil, in this time he somehow managed to escape while taking the daughter of the sect master with him,

    for the next 10 years they traveled together as the war between the western and the southern continent raged on, in these 10 years he came across a strange medallion which housed the soul of a  peerless expert from another world , with his help he managed to live till he became a celestial realm expert himself , when he was about to reach the immortal realm he was suddenly attacked by the people he called brothers who stabbed him in the back and took long yue away to the demons so that they could get the rewards from them, as he stayed  there  on the desert waiting for death, suddenly the expert in the medallion used his power to transport his soul back in time to when he was 16 years old, now that he had a second chance he would definitely save the sect and would kill xiao che before he allied himself with the demons , but soon he found strange anomalies that he could not explain, first was the mysterious third grand elder suddenly appearing and the second was that the second grand elder was not dead , instead it was the sun devil who had died , then the third was that he could not sense any darkness coming from xiao che , the fourth was that he could not sense the outer sect elder who was later reveled to have been allied with the demons ,

    this made yunfei very cautious and wanted to see just what was going on, soon he realized that the source of all these anomalies was the mysterious third elder,but before he could face this elder he needed to deal with xiao che, he knew that he could not kill him yet because long yue still loved that man so, he deviced  a plan he would challenge him to a fight in which he would force him to reveal his true colors by fatally injuring him and taunting him, then when he showed his demonic cultivation he would kill him,yunfei had made sure that no one knew his true cultivation of an emperor realm practitioner, and thus according to plan he began,

    "i wish to challenge the core disciple xiao che to a fight , if he dares that is!!"  he said,


    ryan was immediately interested in what was the boy trying to do so he stopped fiddling with the formation and started to observe the battle, the first grand elder showed a angry expression on her face because some brat had dared to taunt her grandson into a battle, the sect master and the second elder leaned forward in interest, xiao che walked onto the arena under the worried gazes of  long yue and xiao lin,

    "i, xiao che accept your challenge!!" he said to which yunfei sneered and immediately started to attack , all of his strikes were precise and deadly aimed for the vitals , it was like a snake coiled and ready to attack viciously at any moment, under the attacks of a emperor realm practitioner xiao che could only deflect the attacks and try to counter which were easily parried , the match went on for over an hour and by now xiao che was already panting and was very tiered he had used up a lot of his qi in the fight suddenly when his guard was down a fist struck his dantian which caused him to cough up blood and be flung away from the arena , but yunfei did not stop he leapt into the air  with his fist aimed at xiao che's heart , if the fist connected xiao che would definitely die


    yunfei was very confused , no matter how viciously he fought and suppressed him xiao che would not use his demonic cultivation, even when he crippled his normal cultivation he refused to use his demonic power, so he decided to scare him with the threat of his death which would undoubtedly cause him to use his demonic power, but even when he was poised to strike , he could see the unwillingness to die in his eyes but he could also see despair as if he had already given up, this made yunfei very confused, he could hear a distant scream which he could guess was from long yue and elder xiao lin, but before his fist could connect he was suddenly frozen in air as he was , he could not move even a single inch,

    "don't you think that's enough for a single match??" came a calm but cold voice which sent chills down his spine, when he forced out his emperor realm aura and turned his head a few inches with great difficulty, he saw a face which would forever haunt him, beautiful red eyes which burned with anger as if the sun itself was burning in those eyes, a face which seemed bored but also gave a feeling of cold rage, the medallion was wildly struggling to get away from yunfei but it simply could not ,


    ryan was feeling very angry because when the kid was about to kill xiao che , he sensed the thoughts of his sister , he sensed that she was planning to kill herself if anything happened to xiao che, this immediately made him panic and used his power of telekinesis to freeze the kid in the air, suddenly the kid release an aura of an emperor realm expert which made sense to him because there was no way for xiao che who had just stepped into the king realm a few days ago to be defeated by a mere spirit realm expert ,

    he then sensed the medallion trying to escape the moment it sensed his power , this made him very curious , he slowly extended his hand and concentrated on the dantian of the kid where the cultivators store their qi which was a weakened form of psyonic energy, he then forcefully crushed the qi core in his dantian which made him nothing more than a weak child, he then used his power to bring the medallion into his hands to observe it ,


    yunfei was in despair , he has lost his cultivation and there was no hope for him to cultivate again, he had sensed when the mysterious elder had used his extremely dense qi to destroy his qi veins and dantian making sure that he would remain a normal mortal for the rest of his life, the medallion was also taken by him making him nothing more than a mortal kid,

    he watched and the first elder came towards him with cold fury on her face,

    "you dared to attack a core sect disciple with malicious intent to kill him while hiding your cultivation , you even destroyed his cultivation, you are hereby banished from the immortal space sect and you shall never appear in these region again!!" she said then walked towards her grandson in despair , once the dantian of a person was crippled there was no way for them to cultivate again,  this meant that xiao che could never cultivate again,

    yunfei then left the sect in despair, his intentions of helping the sect had actually caused his  own destruction, while he was travelling towards the east he was suddenly attacked by a group of inner sect disciples ,

    "you are going to pay for the humiliation that you caused us yunfei!!" they said, what followed was an extreme torture session and then he was killed by them, after he was killed the sect disciple used a talisman which they bought from the third elder with the help of the sect master, the talisman was called the soul destroying talisman, it's purpose was to destroy the soul of  a dead person so that they would not turn into a vengeful spirit, this way yunfei met his end and this time he had no soul remaining to reincarnate again.


    right now in the arena after everyone has left ryan used his psyonic power to pull out the soul in the medallion out

    "who would have thought that i would find you here on this planet, it has been a long while right alex??" he said to the trembling soul in front of him with a vicious smile.
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