3 Damsel in Distress

    Fourteen Hours Later...

    Hreinn sat atop a pile of corpses, meditating, the three moons of this world looming over him. Mana continuously swirling around his body before thinning out and weaving itself into his blood.

    Hreinn's Mana reserves were now almost completely depleted after his continuous meditation. He silently stood up, once his Mana was gone.

    "Asi..." Hreinn said quietly.



    Godly Bloodline: {Unrefined}{Divine}{Innate}: Current Empowerment 15%.

    Dragon Bloodline: {Unrefined}{Wrath}: Current Empowerment 22℅


    "Sigh..." Hreinn let out a disappointed sigh, "Well I expect as much. Whatever..." Hreinn sighed one more time before opening his stat window.



    Name: Hreinn

    Race: Godly Vessel

    Age: 15 Hour 52 Minutes

    Class: None

    Power Tier: Bloodline refinement {Early}

    HP: 519/623

    Mana: 0/423

    Strength: 103

    Agility: 80

    Endurance: 127

    Intelligence: 100

    Will: 92

    Sense: 143


    "At this rate, By the time I fully Empower even one of my Bloodlines I'll already be extremely powerful."

    [Your Godly Bloodline will advance all your stats increase, Increase your longevity, and adapt your body to becoming a God.] Asi said, [Your Dragon Bloodline can increase your Will, Intelligence, Strength, Endurance, and Sense, it also gives you wings at some point. However there is a slight drawback with this in the fact that it can cause the Bloodline inheritor to become crazy with wrath.]

    "Yeah, I know, you already told me that." Hreinn complained after hearing his systems explanation for the second time.

    [Well, just saying...]

    Hreinn was exhausted not only did he kill every monster that he saw, but he even wasted all his Mana while Empowering his Bloodlines. While in thought of what to do next, sat down and started gathering Latent Mana from the world around him, filling up the emptiness that was his Mana reserves.

    After about ten minutes of gathering the Mana Hreinn heard an ear piercing shriek, from somewhere west. After a few second silence was the only thing left. Getting up he pat the dirt, that clung to him, away, before circulating his Dragon Bloodline throughout his veins. Red scaled Draconic wing spread behind his back, scales also showing on various other parts of his body.

    After fumbling for a second, trying to figure out this new part of his anatomy, he had gotten the hang of moving them around, so flapping his wings he set off towards the direction of the scream.

    Soon after Hreinn's departure, another shriek pierce Hreinn's, and anybody within a mile from it, ears. Hearing the shriek this time Hreinn was able to pin point the location, largely due to the increase in his Sense stat, and powerfully beat the air with his wings to get there quicker. As though a rocket had shot through the sky, a loud boom could be heard for some miles, Hreinn had broken through the sound barrier.

    In seemingly no time at all, Hreinn had reached the spot.

    What Hreinn saw at that moment, both, infuriated him, and saddened him.

    Three men... One poor woman.

    All Three men were ripping this poor girls clothes away, and cutting her beautiful body.

    "This is all your fault, you bitch." One of the men said, while laughing like a madman, obviously taking pleasure in watching her struggle.

    "That's right. If you weren't so damn sexy, we wouldn't even want to do this... It's all your fault, all of it. for being too damn sexy, and to vulnerable." The next man said. Hearing this made something in Hreinn snap, as the words of this man reminded him of his previous death.

    "GRAHH!!!" A powerful, raging, roar erupt from Hreinn's throat, sending shock waves throughout the forest. The men who were torturing the woman were taken aback and immediately stopped what they were doing, all eye's now on Hreinn who was flapping his wings in the air. "PITIFUL HUMANS... HOW DARE YOU ACT SO POMPOUS?" A voice very unlike Hreinn's burst forth from him.

    "YOU SHALL DIE TODAY FOR YOUR ARROGANCE!!!" Hreinn then disappeared from the spot where he was previously and reappeared right in front of one of the men. "DIE!!"

    Without fear in his eye's the man threw his fist lazily at Hreinn. "Who is the one acting pompous here?" The man said, his words filled with confidence and disdain.


    And just like that the man was flung back twenty feet, dead instantly.

    The other two men were quite shaken after this, "P-please don't kill us, show mercy. P-please." A pleading, and pitiful, look shone on the faces of the two men.

    "Were you going to show any mercy to this poor woman?" Hreinn said. The faces of the men instantly froze. The only thought in their mind was: "We're dead." A chill ran down there spines as Hreinn let all of his killing intent flush over the men.

    "Go into oblivion..."


    Hreinn's blade flashed with a blood red luster as it cleanly sliced through both of those men in seconds. After the heads of both men fell to the ground, Hreinn put his sword back into his Storage before walking over to the now unconscious woman, probably due to the trauma, and due to blood loss, from the various cuts and lacerations across her body.

    As his rage was quelled, Hreinn's sensibilities returned. An exhaustion unlike anything he had felt before overcame Hreinn. He fell down face first, His wings and scales receding. However before Hreinn passed out fully, he use the last of his Mana to activate a skill, that he got from a pest that continuously kept healing itself.

    [Pilgrim's Light]

    Light flashed around the woman, all of her wounds magically gone, not even a scar left.

    Hreinn vision then blurred before he completely passed out.


    "This child is... Interesting..." A quiet, and deathly calm voice said to himself. It was Asvernel, floating nonchalantly over the sleeping Hreinn. "Not only did his strength increase all the way to a Law Practitioner, but he was even able to boost his strength after the effects wore off... Truly Interesting..."

    Asvernel floated silently down silently towards Hreinn and the unconscious woman, picking both of them up before disappearing from the spot he stood in an instant.



    "Ugh" Hreinn slightly tossed around on the ground, before shooting up like a bullet and looking at his surroundings.

    The first thing he noticed was the woman he saved sitting on the ground, her legs where his head was just at. Then he noticed the lake right next to the place that he was sleeping, and the cloth in the woman's hand. He then felt his face and noticed that the blood of the men he had killed last night had been cleaned off.

    Looking back at the woman curiously, Hreinn said, "Thank you." Hearing this the woman shook her head and continued to stare at him curiously. "Is there something wrong?" Hreinn said, as he was feeling quite awkward when a woman stared at him, after all he was still an otaku, even if he had come to a new world and become somewhat strong.

    A blush rose from the cheeks of the woman after Hreinn said this, she then stood up before bowing several times and saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." Her voice was unbelievably beautiful, sounding like beautiful bells, Hreinn noticed.

    "It's no problem." Hreinn said. "I'm Hreinn, what's your name?"

    "Uhh-Uhh... I-I don't have one..." She muttered shyly, as her blush slightly increased.

    "Oh." Hreinn was slightly surprised. "What about I give you a name?" Hreinn said a smile forming on his lips.

    "T-that's okay, you don't h-have to do that!" She said hurriedly. "I don't wanna cause any trouble."

    "Oh, it's no trouble at all, in fact I rather like naming things. Plus it'll be hard to communicate if I don't have some way to call you, right?" Hreinn wasn't lying when he said he liked naming things, in fact for some odd reason he found it strangely enjoyable.

    "I-i-if it's not t-to much trouble then..." She then bowed several more times.

    "Hmm." Hreinn sat in deliberation for a few minutes. "How about... Yule'ier? It sounds nice right, and I think it fits you well." Hreinn let out a smile toward the woman.

    "Y-Yule'ier... I-I like it..." A thin smile formed on her gorgeous red lips, blossoming like a beautiful red rose. "I love it... Thanks Hreinn!"

    Hreinn let out a pleased smile, he felt genuine happiness that she like the name, "I'm very happy you like it."

    Tears started to form in her eyes and she looked like she was about to cry, she was incredibly cute. "Thank you, Hreinn." Her tears started to fall down her cheeks. "Thank you, so much. You not only saved my life, but also gave me something so precious. I can never show my full gratitude."

    "Hey, hey. It's okay." Hreinn was slightly panicking, as he never had to deal with a crying woman before. He did the first thing he could think of and wrapped her in a gentle embrace, before saying in an even gentler tone, "I did this because I wanted to, not because I was expecting something from you."

    As Hreinn said this she wrapped her arms around him and he pulled her closer to him. As he did this, he moved his hands slightly, before noticing he was touching something extremely soft. When he opened his eyes to see what he had touched, his face flushed completely red, noticing the state of her clothes. When he noticed this, he gently pushed Yule'ier away, then took a look in the shop. Buying some clothing for girls, handed them to her before walking away saying, "It's improper for a woman to wear such tattered clothing. You should change, and don't worry about me peeking I'll be a good boy." Hreinn mused while walking away.

    Unknown to Hreinn a seed of love planted itself inside Yule'ier's heart.
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