6 Late Stage Breakthrough

    Hreinn sat on the ground, dumbfound, "W-What did you just say?" Yule'ier stood across from Hreinn, squarming uncomfortably.

    "I said... I-I'm a Godly Vessel, too..." Yule'ier looked at Hreinn with a determined, albeit uncomfortable, and conflicted gaze. She seemed to be somewhat conflicted. "I want to get strong, too."

    Hreinn threw his gaze at the, surprisingly, unsurprised Asvernel. "You knew about this didn't you?" Asvernel just gave a nonchalant shrug and returned to drawing a magic circle in the dirt. Hreinn let out a weighty sigh, "Why didn't you tell me before? You know I would have been happy to hear it."



    Yule'ier seemed connflicted, standing silent in short deliberation before answering shakily, "Asvernel told me not to say anything... He said he wanted to give you something to strive to protect." A light blush like a rose settled on her cheeks, giving Hreinn a warm feeling.

    Asvernel started to adopt a grim disposition. Yule'ier seemed to notice his change and quickly realized her mistake. "I'm sorry, but I wanted to tell Hreinn because he deserved to know." Her blush grew larger and she grabbed her cheeks, as she muttered under her breath. "I won't be able to hide anything from him once we're married." Her blush grew even larger. Although Yule'ier tried saying it as quiet as possible, with both Asvernel and Hreinn's highly advanced senses, they both heard it without a problem.

    Hreinn adopted a blush on his face, and Asvernel couldn't help but laugh. Asvernel was shot a death glare by Hreinn and Yule'ier at the simultaneously, he didn't react at all though and continued his, uncharacteristically, boisterous laugh.

    Both Hreinn and Yule'ier sighed, realizing that they weren't getting through to him. They both turned their attention to each other, Hreinn was the first to speak, "You said you wanted to get stronger didn't you?" Yule'ier nodded. Hreinn put on a blank expression and said, "Oi, stupid master, can you train Yule'ier too."

    Asvernel looked visibly hurt by Hreinn and let out a deflated sigh, it almost seemed like he was about to cry. "Why do you have to be so mean to your benevolent master?" Asvernel seemed very dramatic

    Hreinn kept his blank expression, "So then you'll teach her?" Asvernel nodded. Hreinn then started to completely disregard Asvernel's existence afterward.

    Asvernel was extremely hurt by Hreinn's actions, but blamed his own actions, so, ultimately, just sat on his log with an extremely sad and deflated expression, while mumbling something about student-teacher respect.

    Ignoring their stupid master, Yule'ier and Hreinn began training a little, Hreinn was showing Yule'ier how to train her Bloodline, he soon realized though that he didn't have, much to teach her as she understood how to do it even before Hreinn opened his mouth. All Hreinn had to do was point out some small mistakes and she was doing it almost better than him.

    Hreinn just sat down and slowly started weaving Mana throughout his Bloodlines. Soon Hreinn got a notification from Asi.

    [You're ready to break through to the late stages of Bloodline Empowerment. You know what you have to do.] This was something that Hreinn had been dreading, not only was it painful but it was also an extremely difficult breakthrough. First he had to completely destroy all his bone marrow than constantly supply his body with Mana to rebuild it while circulating his Bloodlines all at the same time. Needless to this Breakthrough was extremely draining.

    Hreinn let out a groan and immediately began, first he completely destroyed all of his bone marrow. Some people also referred to this stage as the bone marrow destruction stage. this part of the Breakthrough was simply uncomfortable, not all that painful.

    The pain was next, however. Hreinn immediately started circulating his Bloodlines right after all his bone marrow was gone. The main reason that the bone marrow had to be destroyed was because the bone marrow is where the blood comes from. (A/N. Correct me if I'm wrong.) Whenever your circulate your Bloodline your bone marrow uses the Mana in your body to produce your Bloodline through your bone marrow. However, depending on the type of Bloodline, it will not only drain your Mana but also your vitality due to the bone marrow not being fully suited to handle any Bloodlines. This, however, changes as you evolve your bone marrow. Because he had to circulate his Bloodlines while he had no bone marrow the cost to both his Mana and vitality was painful. Literally!

    His body started to circulate both Bloodlines and supply his bones with Mana. Hreinn was trying his best to not scream out anand lose concentration.

    Yule'ier noticed the pained look on Hreinn's face and, though she desperately wanted to relieve his pain, stood idle, something telling her that if she were to disturb him he'd suffer far more than if she sat idly.


    Three hours after Hreinn started his Breakthrough he was almost completely exhausted of both Mana and vitality, however, he had fully assimilated both of his Bloodlines with his new bone marrow, which not only was able to handle His Bloodlines with greater efficiency but also circulating his normal blood even better, his vitality felt vastly superior and his stamina and endurance were exponentially higher. Before Hreinn could check his stats to see the increase he blacked out.


    "Ugh." For the third time Hreinn had woken up face in the dirt, with a groan. All his bones ached and his blood vessels weren't in good shape.

    "Oi, idiot. Do you have a thing for making me worry." These words came from Yule'ier and were quite surprisingly cold. "You should've warned me and master before trying to make such an enormous breakthrough."

    Although he would've liked to get up and answer her, as he could feel a cold sweat building up on his forehead, his bones were far to brittle, at the moment.

    "Eh, not even gonna answer me?" She said. Hreinn started to sweat profusely. He couldn't move his jaw either because it was more brittle than any other part of his body. "You won't even apologize? You are trash." Yule'ier's words were quiet but Hreinn could still hear them, causing his heart to shatter.

    "Goodbye." Hreinn heard the reluctant footsteps walking away. Just then he woke up.


    As Hreinn awoke he heard gentle sobs at his side, "Warn me next time you dumbass, I was so damn worried." Yule'ier's voice was soft as she spoke and carried no hostility.

    Hreinn was extremely relieved and he let out a sigh. He then pushed himself up, his bones no longer feeling brittle, but instead stronger than  steel.

    Yule'ier wiped her tears away and said, "I'm glad you're okay but if you ever worry me like that again I'll kill you." Hreinn could feel not traces of hostility in her voice as she tried to sound menacing.

    Hreinn slightly chuckled. "I'm sorry." He said sincerely. Yule'ier could hear a strange type of relief in his voice. "I'll make sure to let you know next time."

    "Good..." Yule'ier had a satisfied look on her face. "By the way, what's your bone marrow like now I got a full run down about how the Late Stage Breakthrough happens."

    "?" Hreinn had a questioning look on his face.

    Asi was the first to answer however. [If you check your status you will see a new column for your bone marrow...] Hreinn did just what Asi said.


    [Bone Marrow(s)]

    Draconic God Bone Marrow:{Divine}{Dragon}{Unrefined}{Combine-able}: Other worldly power of a Draconic God within you. Helps circulate Dragon and Godly Bloodline. Increases all Attributes.


    Hreinn nodded approvingly, then turned his attention back to a confused Yule'ier. "My new Bone Marrow is called the Draconic God Bone Marrow."

    Her eyes seemed to shine like stars before she said, "That sound like super, super cool." When she said this Hreinn was instantly reminded of a child.

    Hreinn chuckled slightly and smiled. "How about we celebrate your Breakthrough." Asvernel said.

    "Sure." Hreinn replied slightly confused. "but how are we going to celebrate?"

    Asvernel gave a mischievous smile, while replying with an even more mischievous tone, "We'll go to the kingdom near here and get you two cleaned. Then we can go out for a night on me." Hreinn and Yule'ier looked at themselves, realizing how filthy they were, their faces were caked with dirt and mud as well as several other places on there bodies. They had random patches of hair sticking up and they smelled like onions.

    Hreinn smiled wryly and nodded.
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