1 Prologue 1/3

    Max Dwayne opened his eyes and immediately looked, making sure there was nothing that could kill, a habit that he had developed for each morning.

    Once he saw the coast was clear, he smiled and slid off the bed keeping his head low so he didn't hit the top bunk. He placed his foot on the floor and almost instantly jerked it back up, a searing pain travelling up the heel of his foot.

    Max raised his foot up and peered at the pin that was stuck into his foot. Letting out a small laugh, he calmly pulled it out and set it onto the dresser beside the bed.

    "Well thats one hell of a way to wake up in the morning," Max said with a chuckle as he stood up. He walked over and pulled the curtains apart, showing just how rainy it was outside. "Guess its time to start another day."

    Max turned around and clapped his hands together and faced the whole room full of beds. "Alright bros, lets get our asses up and moving, we all got school today."

    "Shut up Max," One of the boys said as he sat up in bed. "Its your fault its raining outside and you expect us to be happy?"

    "Shut up and get dressed Josh," Max said, tossing a pillow at him. "As for the rest of you, lets all get our butts up and out of bed, we got school."

    There were numerous moans and groans as the lights to the room was turned on, no one wanting to get up and go to school. This was basically how it was every weekday in the orphanage that Max lived in.

    "Okay, but the first one ready gets to be the first to eat the breakfast I make." Max said as he changed into his high school uniform. He winced in pain as a couple of spiders bit into him, apparently having hid inside his outift overnight.

    Almost every single person in the room sat up so quickly it bordered on inhuman.

    "Wait, your making the breakfast today Max?" A short scrawny boy asked as he jumped down from the top bunk.

    "Yeah, he's gonna burn the place down with his bad luck like he almost did that one time." Josh said with a laugh, slapping Max on the back.

    "That was only one time," Max exclaimed in defense as he slid his socks and shoes on (after carefully checking them first). "And we all survived that experience so be thankful."

    "That and his cooking skills far surpass what we can make ourselves." Another guys stated as he threw aside his covers and slid off his bed. "Even Father Abraham can't cook as well whenever he's around."

    Everyone in the room grimaced at hearing about Father Abraham's cooking before breaking out into laughter. They were all officially up and awake, 6 kids in the entire room all preparing for school.

    "Well I'm headed downstairs to make the breakfast," Max said as he headed out the door.

    "Make sure you go down the stairs SLOWLY this time," Josh warned before Max was fully out the door. "Last time we had to pick your unconscious body and drag you to school with us."

    "Shut it Josh," Max yelled behind him as he took the stairs one step at a time. He had to be careful as no matter how slowly he stepped, if his concentration slipped, then something no doubt would happen that would cause him to get seriously injured.

    After making past the first obstacle (the stairs) he now had to face the earth shattering task of baking, something that had always been one of his strong points.

    His bad luck prevented him from doing a lot of things in his life, but after living with the bad luck for 15 years, one eventually found ways to minimize the risks.

    In this case, all he had to do was take out the materials necessary, make sure they were each usable and still fresh, folllowed by checking everything including the oven for loose bolts, faulty wiring. The last step was to make sure that the fire extinguisher was close and at hand in case he accidentally set fire to anything.

    After about an hour of preparing, mixing, cooking, and serving, the plates were all done just as the five others were carefully coming down the stairs. As they lived with Max, they all had to be careful as well, making sure they didn't get hurt.

    "Alright guys, lets eat the pancakes, then get going to school," Max said with a bright smile as he pulled up a chair after making sure it would hold his weight.

    "Just try not to choke on the pancakes, and drink some milk," The short one said as he also checked his chair. "Remember what happened yesterday?"

    "Hush Blaster," Max said as he cut off a piece of his pancakes. "It hadn't happened to me in weeks so I figured I would be okay. How was I suppose to know one of the most popular girls in school would talk to me?"

    The rest of the guys laughed as they took a seat after checking their own chairs. They had all been there when Max had choked up around Brianna Flins, one of the most popular girls in school.

    After an hour of eating, chatting, and the occasional teasing, each and every one of the boys were lined up at the door.

    "Alright guys, you know the drill," Josh commanded as if he were a drill sergeant. "Our job is to escort Brother Max here to school without being killed. This mission takes top priority over our own lives, so lets get out there and do our bests."

    Everyone gave Josh a salute and picked up their umbrellas. It was something that was done each and every school day, where they would all circle around Max and keep their eyes open for any possible dangers that could threaten Max's life.

    It wasn't as if he was helpless as he could easily walk to school himself and make it with only a few scrapes and bruises. However, after helping out his brothers countless times against bullies and girls, they figured it was the least they could for him.

    These boys were more then just roommates who were stuck together against their will, they were more then friends, they were brothers and they always had each others backs. It had been that way for five years, and in that time they had formed a brotherhood that surpassed all bloodrelated ties.

    "Watch out," Blaster said, pushing Max out of the way as a flower pot smashed in the place where he had been standing moments before.

    "Thanks Blaster," Max said, flashing a smile and giving him the thumbs up. "That was much appreciated."

    "Just keep your wits about you," Blaster replied as he looked up at the tall building a couple blocks away. "We're almost to the school, and we havent gotten much bad luck today, seems its not that bad this morning."

    "Yeah," A kid named Braws Juntion said, walking behind the group and keeping an eye behind them. "I'm guessing the worst will come either in school or on the way home."

    "You guys don't have to be so pessimistic," Max said as they stopped in front of the school. "Just learn to think positive."

    Literally after he said those words, he was surounded by a bright white light and vanished from the spot.
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