2 Prologue 2/3

    //Jackey Isn't a main character as much as Max Dwayne is but she is relevant to the story so this chapter is necessary. Also before you guys ask, when good luck and bad luck meet, it cancels each other out//

    Jackey Felps opened her pale lavender eyes as she sat up in bed. Stretching her arms, she gave a huge yawn before standing up and heading over to her window, pulling apart the curtains to show just how rainy it was.

    Smiling to herself, she began to get excited as she had been waiting for a rainy day for weeks. Usually whenever she walked outside it would be warm and sunny with a cool breeze, a completely calm day with nothing out of the ordinary. It was very rare for it to ever rain around her when she walked outside so this put her into a rather happy mood as she stepped away from the window.

    Heading to her large walk-in closet, Jackey began to sort through her numerous outifts hung up on hangers. The closet was almost as large as her room was and held countless expensive clothings she had won as prizes or had been given to her by her parents.

    She finally settled on skinny jean shorts and a red blouse, deciding that today would be an fine day to be a bit girly. She normally dressed in sweats and casual tshirts, never really wanting to stand out by dressing up in the fancy clothes.

    Though she never dressed up, she was still an above average beauty, and a rich one at that, so she always stood out no matter what she did. She was the envy of all girls in her highschool and the dream of every guy.

    She hated it!!

    Every moment of her life, she had been blessed with good fortune, with good luck so great that she didn't even have to lift a finger for anything if she chose to. Everything seemed to bring her abundant rewards, even if she didn't want it.

    For a long time now, all she wanted was to be normal, to be wanted for more then just her looks, for her money, for her luck. Everyone she met always had an ulterior motive for wanting to get closer to her, with not even a single exception.

    She quickly slipped on her clothes, brushed her hair and then her teeth. After making sure everything was perfect, she rushed downstairs at breakneck speed and grabbed her bag.

    "Bye mom, bye dad," Jackey shouted across the humongous living room, her voice echoing across the empty rooms. "I'll see you after school."

    "Have a good day at school Jackey," A male voice responded as Jackey shut the door behind her.

    She hadn't bothered to bring an umbrella with her as she WANTED to get wet for once. However as soon as she was about to step out into the cold rain, an umbrella appeared over her head unexpectedly.

    Sighing softly in disappointement, Jackey turned her head to stare at the 3 girls who were standing near her door with umbrellas held over their heads.

    These three girls weren't friends of hers even though they claimed to be. They were just here to mooch off of her luck and try to reap the benefits of being close to her. If Jackey were ever to lose this amazing gift, she had no doubt that they would abandon her without a second thought.

    "Careful Jackey, you almost got wet there," One of them said as she handed Jackey her own umbrella, flashing her a fake smile. "Did you forget to bring your own with you?"

    "Shut up Brianna," The other girl said as Jackey started to walk away from them. "You know she probably just wanted to walk in the rain."

    Brianna Flins flipped her hair over her shoulder and walked up behind Jackey, standing close to her, always within a 3 foot radius. It was clear that she was hoping to gain some sort of good luck along the way, or at the very least kiss up to Jackey in any way she could.

    The 3 girls walked in silence for what seemed like hours but was only about ten minutes as they all headed towards Frost Central Highschool, the place where the four of them ruled over.

    "So Jackey," Brianna asked as they got close to the school. "Hows the relationship with Jack? I hear he's popular and smart, not to mention he's super hot. I'm jealous that he's got a crush on you."

    "Not interested," Jackey said flatly. "He acts too much like the cool guy. I like guys who wear their hearts on their sleeve, who're optimistic, who look past physical appearance. When you find a guy who has ALL these qualities then let me know."

    "Geez, why you gotta be so picky?" Another girl asked quietly as she stepped over a puddle.

    "Because," Jackey said with a bit of irritation in her voice. "I'm tired of every single popular guy at our school. All they have going for them is their looks, but none of them have personality. They look at me and think 'Oh, she's hot, let me get her to date me' or they think 'Shes rich and lucky as hell, I'll make her mine'."

    She stepped into a puddle on purpose, kicking up water and splashing the three girls. "I want one guy who likes me for my personality, who likes adventures and is honest to a fault. The problem with every popular guy is that they never look beyond the surface. They're all shallow!!"

    She stomped her feet into another puddle as she picked up the pace, a fierce walk that clearly showed how angry she was. However, that obviously wasnt picked up by some people as someone from ahead called out to her.

    All the girls stopped including Jackey as a tall blonde male with a handsome face, strolled over with a large black umbrella. "Hey Jackey, Brianna, Miranda, and Taylor!! Hows it going."

    Jackey sighed inwardly, not in the mood to deal with this idiot, but she bit her tongue and forces herself to smile. "Good Morning Jack, How are you?"

    The rest of the girls merely nodded and took a step back as if feeling the rising impatience Jackey was emitting.

    Jack however didnt seem to notice as he puled out his phone and checked the time. "Jackey I was wondering if you'd like to walk with me the rest of the way to school. Just the two of us?"

    Jackey grit her teeth and went through an internal argument. This guy in front of her was easily the perfect example of how shallow guys were. She had seen his selfishness, short temper, and his violent ways long before , not to mention that he only dated girls based of their looks alone.

    She had to literally clench her fists and bite her tongue hard to keep from screaming at him to leave.

    This walk had already put her in a nasty mood as she had planned on walking alone in the rain, but the attempt of Jack trying to hit on her nearly sent her over the edge.

    She wasn't prone to anger, but somedays it was hard to just accept that her life was as lucky as it gets. Whenever she got depressed about the lack of adventure and true, unconditional love in her life, she always got close to snapping.

    However, right when she was about to blow her fuse, a bright light surrounded her and she vanished from the spot.
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