5 Britsleys Point Of View!! Offer Of Marriage??

    Bristley was having a horrible day, probably the worst in her entire life. To say that she hated what was happening to her right now would be a severe understatement.

    The castle overrun with renegade knights and her family captured, some of them separated and even abused, and Bristley herself being taken away due to the fact that she had struggled the most. What was even worse was the fact that the people who had captured her were the ones who had raised her over the years. Though they always looked dirty and looked like they could use a shower, she had trusted them and never thought they would betray her.

    Now, held at knife point and being threatened of ****, she hoped for a quick end. For them to just kill her and snuff out the 18 years of life she had already accumulated. To her, her own chastity was worth more to her than her own life and she would rather die then to give it to these traitors....these scumbags!!

    She had already given up hope for rescue as the bastards had chosen a secluded place in the slums where no one cared about anyone else but themselves. She could scream for help as loud as she wanted and literally no one would come to her aid. She was resigned to her fate and only wished her death would come swiftly.

    "Well, I finally see people," A voice said from behind the men holding her against the wall. "I was gonna ask for directions as soon as I saw people around here, but uh....whats goin on here?"

    The voice was rather masculine yet had traces of childishness mixed in with it. It was quite captivating and it caught her attention. She still had no hope of rescue but she was very curious about who had dared to face her kidnappers who were strong in their own right. She turned her head and was actually rather surprised by what she saw.

    The person standing at the alley entrance was a young man standing at around 5'8 with fluffy brown hair and bright green eyes. His looks were above average but his clothes gave away the fact that he was merely a peasant. His ripped shirt exposed just enough skin for her to tell that he was most likely extremely fit and probably well trained. He had a rather interesting expression that seemed to be confused but also held undertones of laughter that you could see if you looked closely enough.

    Her observational skills were top notch and she noticed every last detail about him including his flexible metal gloves and the way he walked forward, confidence in every step. She was almost immediately captivated after she finished observing him, her curiosity peaked and a small amount of hope for her rescue was restored.

    "Whats the problem?" The cat man asked with small smirk as he held on even tighter to Bristley, causing her to wince. "Three guys can't corner girls in an alleyway without others getting suspicious?"

    "No no, you can all do that if you want, but she just doesn't seem to be very comfortable." The boy said with a small smile, turning his gaze towards Bristley who was already staring at him intensely. "Are you comfortable over there miss?"

    For some reason, Bristley couldn't help but smile at his question. He seemed to know what was happening yet it was clear that his aim was to provoke the men instead of outright fighting them. She felt that he was much more clever then he was letting on.

    Bristley shook her head, a smile still sitting on her face. "No, not really. As a matter of fact, these ropes are a real pain." She wasn't exactly lying as the ropes were starting to make her wrists numb with how tightly they had been tied.

    Bristley watched as the peasant then began cracking jokes and looked perfectly at ease. She even laughed a little as she found him to be quite humorous. She was raised around the toughest knights in the kingdom and even they hadn't acted like he was, all calm and collected without even a touch of seriousness. All the guards she knew were too serious and apparently could only crack dirty jokes when under the influence of beer.

    What happened next was so fast that it barely registered with her. The shortest of the traitors rushed at the peasant with knife at the ready, clearly looking to kill. However, he was quickly dispatched by a swift punch to the gut. The other guy didn't fare much better as his left hook missed and he was struck down with a severe strike to the chin.

    She had sudden whiplash when she was spun around and had a knife pressed against her throat by the one with cat ears. However he quickly let go after realizing that the peasant wasn't stopping. He was, unsurprisingly, also knocked out by a strong hit to his jaw.

    It was all over before she knew it, three old babysitters knocked out in mere seconds. Bristley was shocked by his pure speed and strength and could tell that he wasn't even trying his hardest. He simply picked up the knife from the shortest renegade and walked over to her with it, cutting her ropes loose.

    "There," He said with a warm smile, his green eyes catching her own blue ones. "That should be better. My names Max Dwayne and its a pleasure to meet you...hope you didn't mind me stepping in to help. I just assumed you wouldn't care."

    Bristley averted her gaze as she felt a strange sense of embarassment from looking into his eyes. "No, I greatly appreciate it. You were amazing and I'm glad you came to help. However, I must ask whats your motive in helping me?"

    "Motive?" Max asked with a slight tilt of his head, clearly confused. "Whatcha mean? Does someone need to have an ulterior motive to help others? I simply helped you because I wanted to."

    "Ridiculous," Bristley said with a look of frustration on her face. She wasn't particularly mad at him but rather at his carefree. expression. No one in this world went out of the way for others without an ulterior motive and this was especially true for peasants. "A peasant such as yourself always wants something in return. Not to mention that I'm a women, a mere tool to be used by others whenever the need arises. Thats how this world works!!"

    "Well this conversation just escalated rapidly," Max said, his expression still confused. "Not to mention calling me a peasant was slightly hurtful. Anyways, is there anything else I can do for you? I have a friend that I left in the other alleyway and I have to get back to her. You can come with me if you want."

    "Actually yes, yes there is!!" Bristley said, grabbing onto his arm, her expression changing into one of desperation. "I want you to help me take back my family. If you can help me do this, I promise to freakin marry you on the spot."

    "Woah woah woah," Max said, his expression one of surprise. "Marriage? Your offering marriage as a reward for helping? Doesn't that seem like a lot? Offering yourself to a guy you just met? You a hooker in disguise?"

    "Look, just please help me," Bristley said with a pleading look. "Your strong, I can tell. My family has been overrun by traitors and have been locked up inside of the castle. If something isnt done soon then I fear something might happen to them." She pulled him closer and wrapped her arms around him. She refused to let him go as she felt he would leave the moment she did.

    "I was going to help you the moment you asked," Max said as he struggled to free himself from her grip. He was having difficulty as it was clear that he was trying not to hurt her. "I only have on condition. You can't mention that women are tools ever again. Fair enough?"

    Slowly but surely, Bristley let go of Max and took a step back, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She had started crying the moment she had grabbed onto him, her blue eyes turning slightly bloodshot. "Okay, and in return for your help, I'll marry you."

    Max laughed softly and touched the top of her head. Bristley somehow felt comforted as his hand felt strong and warm and it made her heart skip a beat as she looked at Max's warm smile. "Silly girl, you don't have to marry me in order to get help. However, if in the end you still want to then its your choice."

    "Okay, now lets go," Max said as he moved his hand and began walking out the alleyway. "Its time to go and take back the castle. Hope it'll be easy...of course nothings ever easy in my life."
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