6 Preparations Before Infiltration

    Max walked out of the alleyway with the girl following behind her. "I almost forgot, whats your name?" He had been so confused with her offer of marriage that he had completely neglected to get her name. "I think I heard that one guy call you princess Bristley...is that right?"

    Bristley nodded her head, her blonde hair falling over her shoulder as she walked behind him. "My full name is Bristley Lynn Wilson, third daughter of the current king, Jonathan Lynn Wilson. Of course you probably already knew that as you live here."

    Max laughed akwardly as he walked towards the other alleyway entrance. Ignoring the old man who was sitting in front of the carriage. "The thing is, we don't actually live here, but we'll explain all of that in a bit. I'll introduce you to my friend, a girl who I also just recently met. She's not a peasant so please try not to call her that."

    "Okay," Bristley said as she flipped he blonde hair over her shoulder. "I'll try my best to get along with her for now."

    Max chose to ignore that last part of her sentence and walked around the entrance to alleyway. He immediately had to parry a knife slash as Jackey panicked and attempted to attack him. "Whoa there, watch where you point that thing. You could've seriously injured someone. Your lucky it was me."

    "Sorry," Jackey said as she retracted the knife. "I was just waiting for your signal like you said and since it had been a while hearing from you.....I figured you had died." Her eyes drifted from Max to Bristley. "Whose the girl?"

    "Oh, how rude of me," Max said with a small laugh. "This is Princess Bristley, third in line for position of queen. Apparently she and her family were kidnapped and we're going to go save them. Of course she's going to give us every little detail before we set out, but thats where we're headed."

    "A princess?" Jackey looked at Bristleys blue checkered dress that reached midthigh, her long blonde hair, and enormous chest. "She does look kinda like royalty, but for some reason I don't like her. Its an odd feeling."

    "Thats strange," Bristley responded after also giving her a once over. "I was having the same wierd feeling as you. For some reason, I can't bring myself to like you even though I literally just met you."

    "Okay okay, lets try and stay on topic," Max said with a simple smile. "Bristley, explain everything down to the smallest detail. I'll need every bit of information if I'm gonna pull help you."

    "Why are we even helping her?" Jackey gave Max a questioning look. "We literally owe her nothing!! We should be trying to find a way back home instead of dealing with this snobby princess. She's not even offering us anything in return.....does she want us to do it for free?"

    Max flicked Jackey on the forehead. "Your acting like a total jerk and I don't like it. One should always help people in need. Helping people without an ulterior motive doesnt mean your a sucker nor does mean your a dumbass. It just means that your kind and a good person. While there are others out there who want something in return, just remember that those people are the weak ones and can easily be beaten given time."

    "What you said makes literally no sense." Jackey said. "Someone who gets rewarded for their efforts actually does better then someone who does not. When offered something in exchange for hard work, people are more likely to do it. Your optimistic philosophy doesn't bode well with our world."

    "Ehhhh, this isn't exaclty our world now is it?" Max smiled and flicked her forehead again. "Just trust me and if you want to leave then go ahead. With your good luck, Im sure youd be able to find a way back home or even flourish in this world."

    Max turned his attention back to Bristley and once again asked for the details. She readily complied, acting as if she had never even heard the conversation that he and Jackey had had. She gave him all the knowledge she was capable of including the approximate number of guards turned traitor and where the majority of the family was located. She gave it all to him without hestitation.

    When she was finished Max nodded and gave her a small pat on the head. "Okay, if thats all, then lets head on down to the castle. We can take the carriage to get there. I'm assuming that you know how to drive it Bristley?"

    Bristley nodded as she fell in step behind him and Jackey followed behind him as well, still rubbing her forehead. He had flicked her quite hard the second time and it had actually hurt a bit. She wasn't too upset about it though as she kinda felt like a jerk for saying what she did. She had only said it because she felt a bit of unease the first moment she had seen the girl and felt some enmity towards her. Unable to make sense of her feelings she had attacked without thinking.

    Max walked out of the alleyway and straight up to the man on the cart. "Hey sir, you seem like a nice guy...somewhat. Could I trouble you to move so we can head on over to the castle? If not then I'll have to remove you by force and we both dont want that....itd be easier for us all if you'd just please move."

    The old man looked over at him with an expression of intrigue. "Your an odd fellow....not many people would ask nicely. Most wouldve just simply attacked me. You probably even know I'm a traitor to the king and you still treat me with respect..... May I have your name?"

    Max smiled. "My name is Max Dwayne. I believe in treating others with respect unless they give me a reason to take it away. I don't know enough about you so as a younger person, I choose to show an elder respect."

    "Max Dwayne...I shall remember you," The old man said as he carefully climbed off the carriage. "Someone as kind and strong as you will definitely be able to change the hearts of others. Stay true to yourself and never stray from your path. Keep your smile and optimistic ways."

    The old man turned around and walked away. "Is it me or did he seem to know more about me then he should have?" Max was slightly confused as he watched the man turn the corner and disappear from view. "What a mysterious old man.....I like him. I honestly thought I'd have to fight him. A pleasant surprise...."

    "Whatever," Jackey said as she opened the door of the carriage. "Lets head over to the castle. I smell an adventure for the first time in my lifes so lets get going." She slammed the door shut, clearly wanting to ride alone.

    "Well someone changed her tune real quick," Max murmured as he helped Bristley climb up onto the front of the carriage. "I thought she was against the idea of helping you. Maybe she's finally starting to come around to the side of adventure."

    "I highly doubt it," Bristley said as she took the reins. "Most people don't change their minds so easily even if it may look so on the outside. On the inside theres turmoil as well as conflicting emotions. From what I can tell, you seem to know what you want and are probably an exception, but nearly everyone cant make decisions as quickly. They may choose one thing but could just as easily go another way if given even a slight push from an external force." She gave the reins a flick and made the unicorns begin walking.

    "So what your basically saying is that she could just as easily change her mind?" Jinx couldn't find any fault in her words as henhad seen this type of behavior in many other people. Indecisive people who couldn't make up their minds and others who could easily switch from one decision to another. Those type of people were as common as stars.

    "Well we'll see what happens when we get there," Bristley said as the unicorns rounded the corner and started to pick up the pace. "We'll be there in around 3 and a half hours. We have a long way to go so make yourself comfy."

    "Well, while we're on the way, tell me more about yourself," Max smiled at her, causing her previous embarassed feelings to return. "I just met you and hardly know anything about you. Itd be nice to know...if your willing to share."

    Bristley looked straight ahead, a reminiscent gaze coming over her. "Well if you really want to know, I'll tell you about my life growing up as a mere tool. I'm sorry for saying that but thats kinda how women are used as in this country....no, rather in this world."
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