1 Chapter 1 Lets dance

    Year 9,993 of the Divine End Calendar. Heavenly Swallow Continent. Thousand Sword Sect Territory. Outskirts of Green River City.


    The sound of steel swords clashing echoed throughout the forest. The light was dull, as expected from an spring evening, which meant the dull roar of a Spirit Beast could be heard from time to time. Yet the threat of these unnaturally strong beasts did nothing to hinder the thirst for battle in the two combatants.


    One's vision would be low under the glare of the evening sun, and beams of light cut through the thick forest canopy like a hot knife through butter. It was a perfect place for an ambush.

    As well a place to train.


    The occasional teasing laugh and taunting comments only increased the ferocity and intensity of the fight. Eventually, even the afternoon cicada grew quiet and the loud sound of panting was all that remained.

    "Damn little brother! You're catching up quite quickly! At this rate you'll be almost as good as me one day!", a young, melodic voice rang out through the forest. It was a male voice, yet it possessed a strange attraction to it. Listening to it would make any mortal wobbly at the knees, and even some weak-minded cultivators may find themselves entranced by it.

    The was no response from the other young man besides a loud sarcastic laugh.

    Despite there being few patches of sunlight that illuminated the dark shade of the forest, a handsome young man could be seen lying on his back, sweating heavily from the bout he fought in earlier. The dented steel sword was evidence of the fact.

    Sword slanted eyebrows, high noble cheekbones, unblemished pale skin. The second young man looked more the the scion of a young noble family, rather than an orphan from off the streets. Even his gleeful smile made the dark canopy just that little bit brighter.

    "Little brother?! We're the same age! Just because your slightly older than me doesn't mean I need to respect your seniority!", the tone of the handsome young man was angry and wrathful, yet there was a comedic undertone hidden beneath. It was obvious that the relationship between the two was close.

    The outline of the mysterious voice's body grew more and more distinct before a single hand cut through the darkness, extending towards the handsome young man.

    Unlike the former, the hand had several callouses on the joints, a sign of years of practice with the sword.

    The mysterious young man chuckled before helping his "younger brother" up, "Little Xian, I may not be the senior when it comes to age, but in sword techniques, I am the elder brother".

    "....", little Xian bit his bottom lip but did not retort. His "elder brother" was right. Despite training together for almost 8 years now, he had never successfully defeated his elder brother in battle.

    They were just orphans after all. If they didn't train their bodies everyday and hone their sword techniques, neither of them would be accepted into the Thousand Sword Sect. Their chance to become cultivators would be lost, and a mundane mortal existence will be all that is destined for them.

    Since cultivation methods and battle techniques were all prized possessions of any Clan, Family or Sect, there was no widespread generalized method of cultivation. People with no background often resigned to live a normal life. And those lucky to have been born into a cultivation family, would live a life pursuing immortality, the dream of every cultivator.

    The elder sibling saw the internal struggle his younger sibling was having and ruffled his hair.

    "Shen Xian! You train harder and faster than descendants from Sects and Families. You have a greater battle awareness than I do, and have kept up with me despite the fact that I've trained longer than you. You have talent. You just need a chance. And that is your chance", the elder brother gestured to  the massive caravan entering the city. Many young boys and girls ranging from 10 to 15 all walked beside the caravan, all dressed in a pure white robe with the image of a heavenly sword cleaving through the firmament on the back.

    The symbol of the Thousand Sword Sect!

    A Sect that has existed for the past two thousand years! It's renown all throughout the Heavenly Swallow Continent. They say that the progenitor of the Thousand Sword Sect had roamed the world and mastered over a thousand different sword techniques. That his battle prowess was astounding and his talent for the sword was one-in-a-million.

    This progenitor that created the Thousand Sword Sect passed down every single sword technique he learned during his life and that almost every technique in the archives of the Sect can be dated back over two millennia!

    Even an orphan with no background would be like a tiger that grew wings if they entered the Sect.

    "This is our chance Little Xian. If we can join the Thousand Sword Sect, we'll have a chance to flourish.... maybe then you'll be good enough to defeat me", said the elder brother. His strange, magnetic voice ceased all sounds in the forest. Only the sound of leaves rustling in the wind could be heard.

    His words seemed to have a positive affect on Shen Xian if the massive smile was anything to go by.

    "Your right Shen Tian! Tomorrow we conquer the Thousand Sword Sect! Then, the world! Hahahaha!". The two boys laughed and carried on all the way through the forest, their voices being carried to an unknown location in the wind, reaching unknown receivers on the way.

    "...And then the fatty fell inside! He was covered in his own waste and you know what he said to me?!", Shen Xian couldn't help but reveal a mischievous grin. In was an infectious sought of mood that spread to anybody that dare interact with him.

    Shen Tian had a serene look on his face, but the uncommon chuckle slipped through his lips. He couldn't help but smile around his younger brother. Despite the two not being related by blood, they shared a relationship closer than any other.

    They grew up together.

    They hunted together.

    They shared stories with each other.

    They would die for the other.

    It may seem like the two boys relationship was an abnormal one, but neither of them knew any other family.

    And both of them wouldn't have it any other way.

    ".... And then he told me, "Shen Xian help me! I've got ** in my mouth!", which I then asked, "So is everything coming out of your mouth ** and he responded "Yes"! Hahahaha!", the younger brother held his stomach in pain from laughing too much. It was quite the spectacle.

    "I'm sure it was very amusing Little Xian. But I was wondering if-!", the strange attractive quality of Shen Tian's voice disappeared and a dangerous, hair raising feeling sprouted up instead.

    Shen Xian noticed the sudden change in his older brothers countenance and instantly adopted a battle ready stance.

    Despite only having two steel swords between them, to deter any normal beast the two of them would be enough. Any non-spiritual beast in this forest had been caught and eaten by the pair of brothers before and they weren't afraid, despite the growing lack of light.

    The two young boys readied themselves and stood back to back, each eyeing their section of the forest.

    There was a formless pressure in the air and a small bead of sweat grew on their faces.


    Numerous red eyes glowed in the moonlight, a faint fury outline was all the brothers needed to realize what had surrounded them.

    Lone Shadow Wolves!

    This species of wolf was common around the Green River City and many mercenaries hunted these wolves for their teeth and pelts and were easy to come by since they usually never exceeded groups of 5 or 6.

    But there must've been over 30 Lone Shadow Wolves in the pack before them! This only meant one thing!

    "A Lone Shadow Wolf must've become a spiritual beast. Only something like that would be able to command a pack of this many....", Shen Tian furrowed his brows and analyzed the scene in front of him.

    Whenever a mortal beast became a Spirit Beast, the aura they exuded naturally made other normal beasts of the same species obey them. Their was always exceptions to this rule but this is a result of a bloodline suppression.

    All beasts try and refine their bloodline in order to progress their cultivation. By eating their prey and drinking their bloodline their is a minuscule chance that a Bloodline Refinement will occur.

    This is why Spirit Beasts naturally attack humans, regardless of any actions taken. Humans are a race naturally suited for cultivation and all humans possess a dormant bloodline within them. Most never awaken this unique power, but those who do are granted immense powers as a result.

    "Little Xian I need you to run and get help. If I stay here and block the path for you, you should be able to get the City Guard to help push them back. I will stay here and-". "No! I refuse!". The elder siblings words were cut short as a resolute expression made its way onto Shen Xian's face.

    The fear he felt for the pack of Lone Shadow Wolves were outweighed by his loyalty to his elder brother.

    However an annoyed expression was all that was visible on Shen Tian's.

    "Damn Shen Xian! This is the best possible way! We're not cultivators! We can't beat the Lone Shadow Wolf pack, let alone the Lone Shadow Wolf Spirit Beast! Use your head idiot!", the loud, brazen tone Shen Tian used betrayed his calm and collected expression.

    It's not like he didn't feel fear, but he was better at hiding it than most.

    "Just watch me! I'll defeat all of them!", a battle hungry grin sat on Shen Tian's handsome face. The normally cheerful and jubilant persona vanished and a blood thirsty smile tugged at his lips.

    The pair of brothers raised their swords and the pale blue moonlight vanished behind the dark grey clouds.


    The brothers shifted like ghosts under the shifting visibility and the dull sound of steel cutting through bone resounded throughout the forest. The two complimented each other, making up for the others blind spots. The level of cooperation between was unlike any other their ages.

    The occasional sword glint from the steel reflecting the moon flickered in the night, creating a dance of blood and steel.

    "Haha! See elder brother! We've got this! We can do this!", Shen Xian's voice reverberated in on the battlefield. The sheer amount of joy on his face was a measure of how much he enjoyed the battle.

    The scent of blood slowly filled the forest.

    "Shen Tian look! An opening! We can get to back to Green River City!", the younger of the Shen brothers eyes widened in hope and success as the path to the City had been created. He unconsciously started running towards the light the City emitted, not noticing the large silhouette hiding within the bushes beside him.


    With a speed faster than what Shen Xian could process, a massive Lone Shadow Wolf leaped out of the bushes, its claws extended and its mouth widened and ready for the kill.

    Shen Xian could only shut his eyes and brace for the pain, hoping he wouldn't die from the initial bite. He just had to wait and see what fate had in store for him.

    So he waited.

    And waited.


    "Damn little brother, always getting into trouble without thinking of the consequences....", a painful tone escaped Shen Tian's lips and a thin red line leaked from his lips.

    Shen Xian's eyes widened.

    "Y-you took it for me....", he whispered.

    Shen Tian's eyebrow twitched, "Of course I took it for you. Its a older siblings job to look out for their younger siblings, idiot". The older brother coughed blood and let out a painful gasp as the massive Lone Shadow Wolf retreated, its stomach pierced and leaking blood.

    Shen Tian managed to stab the Lone Shadow Wolf when it jumped on top of him.

    At the cost of the use of his right shoulder and arm.

    "Shen Tian you-", Shen Xian couldn't finish his sentence before his older brother delivered a quick kick to the chest, sending the young Shen sibling flying over ten meters back. A look of confusion and guilt was written all over Shen Xian's face as he looked at his older brothers back.

    "Go. Go and get help". He said. His tone was cold and unwavering. Unlike the stoic yet supportive Shen Tian he grew up with.

    "But, but-!". "No buts! Go! If you go now, you'll be able to get help! In my condition, I won't be able to reach the City before the rest of the pack catches up with me! Just go!". Shen Tian gripped the steel sword in his hand tightly. This was the first sword he ever brought with money he made himself.

    Now it might be the last sword I ever hold, he thought to himself.

    The grey clouds rumbled and the odd sound of thunder tore through the air, snapping Shen Xian out of his stupor.

    "No! I won't leave you! You'll die! I can't-", his tone was hesitant and remorseful. To run away now was to leave his elder brother, his only family, to death. With his injuries and lack of a right side, he might as well be a main course just ready to be devoured.

    Shen Tian turned his head and gave his brother a small smile.


    Shen Xian could feel the tears building up in his eyes and stood up his back turned on Shen Tian.

    "You better not die. Otherwise I'll reach immortality before you....".

    The younger brothers tone was constantly wavering.

    Going against what he thought was right, he trusted in his older brothers words. That he'll survive until he gets back with the City Guard.

    He's always had faith in his older brother! Now was the time to believe in that faith!

    The corner of Shen Tian's mouth grew a fraction of a millimeter.

    "Maybe you should at least try to beat me before trying to reach immortality....".

    The wind blew through the forest and carried the scent of blood along with it. The smell of iron and steel masked the fragrance of the spring flowers, most of which were in full bloom.

    The sound of fading footsteps were like music to Shen Tian's ears.

    "At least Little Xian will survive.... he'll never forgive me if I go down here", muttered Shen Tian.

    Numerous red eyes gathered behind the massive Lone Shadow Wolf Shen Tian impaled earlier. It seems the wound he caused was deeper than he originally thought.

    "That's good....".

    A cold and distant expression made its way to Shen Tian's face. A face illuminated under the moon's radiant glow. If one looked closely, a small green dot growing bigger and bigger could be seen on the moon's surface. As if it was approaching the forest at tremendous speeds.

    He raised his sword which had been dyed red in the blood of their fallen pack. His limp right arm hung loosely as the wound on his shoulder constantly oozed blood.

    The warm spring evening grew so much colder when this young 13 year old smiled. His words reached no-ones ears but resonated with the green glow in the night sky.

    "Well then.... let's dance....".
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