3 Chapter 3 Not a Treasure? Not a Bloodline?

    The time Shen Tian spent "awakening" his bloodline felt like an eternity.

    This was always the case for those who awakened a bloodline outside of a cultivation family. When one awakened their bloodline with assistance from the older generation, the process usually took the same amount of time it took to brew tea.

    This was a result of the enormous spiritual power generated during an awakening. The older generation assisted with the absorption of Qi and sped up the process significantly.

    For someone with no background. With no-one to assist him with the absorption, Shen Tian might've needed days to assimilate the energy, and to stabilize it he might've needed longer.

    ".... so why can't I feel anything?....", muttered Shen Tian.

    His voice was coarse and his eyelids heavy. He felt his body floating in a sea of darkness. Unable to move or even ascertain where he was.

    "I was just fighting those Lone Shadow Wolves.... how did I get here?", he said with a confused tone.

    Shen Tian's body continued to drift within this eternal darkness, until the faintest green glow appeared off in the distance.

    The light it emitted was akin to a dying flame. A flickering star reaching out for help amidst an endless night. The power it contained was nothing. Nothing compared to even the weakest of cultivators.

    But this light possessed a strange attraction over Shen Tian. He couldn't help but float closer towards the tiny object, enthralled by its strange green aura.

    Coming with an arms length of the object, Shen Tian chuckled slightly over its unique shape, as well as the material it was made from.

    It was a seed.

    A tiny sword shaped seed.

    A tiny sword shaped seed that possessed a green aura of attraction.

    "No! It isn't an attractive aura.... its absorb- no, its assimilating everything around it....", Shen Tian cradled the small sword seed in his palms of his hands. The moment it came into contact with his rough calloused hands, the world of night exploded and a green radiance blinded Shen Tian!

    When the light subsided, the world around him changed, and nothing but a towering Divine Tree whose top pierced the Heavens could be seen!

    Its aura was majestic! Its power was unimaginable! Its very existence was unfathomable!

    It was power! Pure unadulterated power!

    Turning his head, Shen Tian could see millions of lifeforms kneeling and bowing before this Divine Tree!

    Humans, Demi-humans, Spirit Beasts, Divine Beasts, Archaic Beasts, Gods and even Devils alike all bowed down before the Divine Tree!

    Although none of them knew its true name, just the power it exuded demanded respect. Regardless of you were the weakest of ants or the strongest of dragons, everything bowed down towards this abnormal piece of nature!

    "But I know your name.... I know what you are....", Shen Tian placed his hand on one of the roots of the Divine Tree. He felt a strange connection before a string of words appeared in his mind.

    [Assimilating Flower Immortal Sword Tree]

    A name that appeared odd and even weak in most people's eyes was one of the most strongest existences in the entire 3,000 Divine Worlds!

    It could assimilate anything it touched! Living or dead, animate or inanimate, physical or spiritual! Its roots could absorb and integrate anything, regardless of its origins! Knowledge can be obtained and retained instantly. Techniques can memorized and comprehended in mere hours. Arts can be practiced and perfected within days.

    It knew everything there was to know about the path of cultivation.

    Because it had reached the pinnacle.

    A Tree that had reached Immortality.

    It transcended all of creation and existed both inside and out of the physical world.

    And this seed.... this tiny, tiny seed.... was its final gift to the world.

    [Assimilating Flower Immortal Sword Lineage]!

    "A Lineage? I've never heard of something like that before....", Shen Tian furrowed his brows as he gazed at the small sword seed in his hand.

    He was familiar with Bloodlines and even Inheritances, but Shen Tian had never heard of Lineages before.

    "If bloodlines are passed down through blood. And Inheritances are given to those who pass a cultivators test, then a Lineage is passed down.... through objects?", his tone revealed his uncertainty and his facial expression hesitant.

    He didn't have enough information about what a Lineage was or how it affected a cultivator in the process.

    Even though the scene the sword seed showed him, of the monstrous Divine Tree that even Gods and Devils prostrated themselves to, he was unsure of the risks he may face if he takes the seed.

    "Will I turn into a tree?", was the main concern Shen Tian had as he stared down at the sword seed in his hand.

    He gulped and took a deep breath.

    "This is a chance.... above all else this is a chance to become "someone". This is a chance to begin my path of cultivation....". Shen Tian said resolutely.

    He and his brother had dreamed of becoming cultivators since they could walk. When the two of them left the Green River City orphanage together and earned money from hunting wild beasts, they always fantasized what they would do once they walked the path of immortality.

    They would become Kings!

    They would bed heavenly beauties!

    They would destroy kingdoms!

    They would tame True Dragons!

    They would do it all together....

    "Together, huh....". Shen Tian's eyes narrowed at the sword seed in his hands.

    If in exchange for a chance he had to leave behind the only person he considered family in the whole world, could he take it? Would he take it?

    The little brother he cared for. Who he taught every aspect of the sword he ever knew. Who he trusted with his life.

    Could anyone do it?

    ".... he'll hate me for it....", Shen Tian's mind started running into overdrive. For a thirteen year old who lived on the streets most of his life, he was much smarter than those his own age. Not in an academic sense, but a innate perception that allowed him to survive and flourish without a parent or guardian.

    But this perception... was pushing him towards the seed.

    And away from Shen Xian.

    A serene smile made its way onto Shen Tian's lips. He knew his brother longer than anyone. Better than anyone.

    And if there's one thing he knew.

    "It's that no matter how much he hates me.... he'll always forgive me". He muttered.

    Others may see this as taking advantage of his younger brothers kindness. Not needing to worry about forgiveness or reconciliation was like Shen Tian had been freed from an immense burden. He could finally make his decision.

    Free and unfettered.

    "I chose cultivation. The path to immortality is the dream we both desired. I'll reach that, and then drag him with me to the top....".

    He raised the hand with the sword seed within it and crushed it.

    His world exploded with a Divine Green Light.

    Wood Qi and Sword Qi flashed, like the wavy reflection of the sun through water. Ephemeral, yet leaving an eternal mark on the world.


    A massive explosion occurred on the outskirts of Green River City. The originally towering Divine Green Light imploded and an enormous ball of green fire leaked out and swept towards the frightened Thousand Sword Sect forces.

    "You dare!".

    Elder Yun's voice cut through the disorganize chaos and a massive barrier obstructed the movement of the green fire.

    Damn it! The boy failed in awakening his bloodline! Why didn't I make preparations in case something like this happened! You idiot!

    The wizened old man's face turned stone cold as a giant two-handed sword magically appeared within his hands.

    [Stone Sword Barrage]!

    The Thousand Sword Sect Elder unleashed a furry of destructive slashes, each wave multiplying the originals power until it rivaled even a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator.

    This was one of the thousand sword techniques the original Thousand Sword Sect Ancestor created over 2,000 years ago. Its power drew Earth attributed Qi from the ground below them and integrated it with one's attacks.

    Its offensive capabilities were astounding, but its true power lie in its defensive abilities!

    [Hundred Tempest Swords]!

    Another sword technique, this one a rare Wind attributed made its way onto the battlefield. Elder Yun's giant two-handed sword grew faster and faster, before even those cultivators of the Qi Condensation Realm could no longer see his sword flashes.

    Wind attributed techniques rely on speed above all else! The faster and smoother the technique, the more power can be released!

    "Phew.... is everybody alright?! No deaths?", Elder Yun let out a deep breath. He could continue fighting, but the bloodline awakening failure surprised even him, and he expended more Qi than he would've liked to deal with the situation.

    ".... Elder brother? Where did you go? Where are you elder brother its not funny!", a painful cry ceased all action in the forest. Mortals and cultivators alike turned towards the handsome thirteen year old boy who was kneeling in the very epicenter of the blast.

    Shen Xian's eyes turned watery, but no tears leaked out. No-one, even the fair skinned young man from earlier had the guts to look him in the eye.

    "Old man. Where did he go? Where did my elder brother go?". His voice was croaky and his body shaking. Shen Xian knew the answer but he turned his eyes away from the truth. He refused to come to terms with Shen Tian's death.

    Elder Yun merely stood behind the emotional young man, his eyes hazy and his expression softened.

    "Young man.... he's dead. Your older brother is-".

    "NO! I refuse to believe it!", Shen Xian interrupted Elder Yun's words and he started frantically clawing at the earth beneath him, trying to find even a shred of evidence that Shen Tian was still alive.

    All the onlookers bit their bottom lips and even some of them cried.

    If that happened to their family, wouldn't they do the same?

    All of them were thinking the same thing, but none of them had the heart to tell him.

    "He's not dead! He's not dead! He's not-!".


    The crisp sound of a back hand to the cheek echoed throughout the new opening in the forest. The feeling of blood rushing to his cheek snapped Shen Xian back to reality and the tears flowed uncontrollably.

    "He.... can't be.... he just....", were the only words that managed to get out.

    Elder Yun was about to place a hand on his shoulder until a familiar energy exploded from out of Shen Xian's body.

    "Everyone! Get back, he's awakening his bloodline!", shouted Elder Yun. His voice pushed back several unsuspecting mortals from being engulfed in a pure white light.

    Unlike Shen Tian's enormous pillar of assimilating green light, Shen Xian's was an enormous pillar of gentle white light. Its radiance wasn't blinding or malicious, nor was it aggressive or dominating.

    It was tranquil and calm.

    A trait only given to one type of Bloodline.

    "A Light attributed Bloodline.... rare than a Wood attributed but less than a Yang attributed.... but the unique aspect of being able to use Light Qi is....", the old Elder's words trailed off at the end, afraid that someone in the crowd would hear his words.

    The reason why Light Qi is so valued is because it can mimic the traits of other types of Qi.

    Fire Qi was powerful yet nurturing.

    Wood Qi was healing yet absorbing.

    Earth Qi was sturdiness yet softness.

    Water Qi was flexible yet static.

    Metal Qi was domineering yet submissive.

    Sword Qi was destructive yet calm.

    There was an uncountable number of Qi in the world of cultivation yet all of them possessed traits different to the others.

    Light Qi was the only exception. It could be taught. It could be molded. It could be anything.

    "If this young man succeeds than he'll be even more valuable than his older brother.... that is if he doesn't suffer the same fate that is...", Elder Yun shook his head sorrowfully. If the older brother didn't die, then it was possible the younger brother never would've awakened his bloodline.

    If he brought both brothers back to the Sect, the Headmaster would give him a massive reward, maybe even a promotion!

    But... fate is cruel mistress indeed, he thought to himself.

    The Divine White Light eventually subsided and a pure white cocoon was all that remained of Shen Xian.

    "Did it fail?".

    "No! It couldn't of! There was no explosion!".

    "But what is that? Is it alive?".

    Many wanted to know what had happened to the younger Shen sibling, but were content with watching for a fair distance away. Still afraid of the massive explosion Shen Tian caused earlier.

    Eventually the cocoon started to shake and a pure white object leaped into the air. The awakened bloodline making huge physical changes to Shen Xian's outward appearance.

    Skin as smooth as fine porcelain glass. Unblemished and untainted like a white jade. His presence emanated an ancient and powerful aura which sent a healthy blush up to every girls face. Long midnight black hair that waved in the slight breeze.

    His entire being seemed to light up the night sky.

    And the pair of massive white wings on his back, allowed him to float above the rest of humanity, despite being a mortal himself.

    "Where is my elder brother?".

    It was less of a question and more of a command. The bloodline suppression was acting up and several mortals couldn't handle the strain and passed out.

    "Where is my-", Shen Xian couldn't finish his sentence before being knocked out by Elder Yun, who chopped him on the back of the neck.

    He looked at the massive white apertures and gulped loudly.

    ".... We leave for the Sect immediately! Everyone gather your belongings and head for the caravan! We leave in one hour!".

    The normally calm and laid back Elder Yun completely vanished and a more stern and demanding one took his place. He gazed down at the unconscious body of Shen Xian.

    "A descendant of a God.... fate truly is a fickle mistress....". The old man vanished with Shen Xian's body and laid it down softly within his private quarters. He forgot everything else and locked the door behind him before pulling out a Transmission Scroll and tearing it in half. His message sent and received by the Inner Sect Elder above him.

    All the while, ignoring the calls for "brother" that Shen Xian's body unconsciously let out. Not realizing that despite being over a million kilometers away, the calls for his elder brother reached him. Every word was like a dagger being plunged into his heart.

    There was no-one around to hear the faint cries of a 13 year old boy. No one at all....
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