4 Chapter 4 Tamagahara

    ".... but sister! You can't let a man, let alone a mortal man within the Sect! The Elders would never allow it!", a soft feminine voice entered Shen Tian's ears. It was strangely melodic, yet the tone that was used showed an aggressive stance on the matter.

    There was a slight pause in the conversation. The light breezed tickled Shen Tian's nose and his eyes slowly opened.

    ".... Junior sister you saw what happened! His aura alone was enough to speed up the maturation of all our medicinal plants! Even our Spiritual and Earth Grade flora bloomed the moment he entered the garden!", the other voice caused Shen Tian to stir slightly. A small groan exited his lips which caused the two to cease their current conversation.

    His eyes fluttered and his chest heaved. A rough, chesty cough exited his mouth and Shen Tian rolled over and allowed a bad tasting liquid to exit his mouth.

    He could feel the stares the two young girls were giving him. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and looked up at the closer young lady in front of him.

    A small petite young lady with smooth porcelain skin and long wavy black hair. Her facial expression was angry, yet there was a hint of curiosity hidden in her widened black eyes. She sent a scared glance to the taller girl next to her who came to Shen Tian's side.

    "Don't worry. We aren't here to hurt you", her voice was beautiful and gentle to listen to.

    The second young lady was an even greater beauty than the first. A tall budding figure with everything ample were it should be. A thin waist and long luscious legs that went up for miles. Her untainted face made Shen Tian think that there was nothing more radiant than the goddess in front of him.

    ".... where am I?", Shen Tian's voice was hardly above a whisper and his eyes were constantly darting from left to right, trying to make sense of where he was.

    The goddess gave a small smile and answered, "Your on the border between Green Mist continent and Vermilion East Continent. In the territory of the Tamagahara. The Floating Heavenly Bridge Sect".

    Shen Tian's eyes widened and he clutched his head in pain. A strange sensation entered his body and several unfamiliar images passed through his mind.

    The two beautiful girls beside him noticed this sudden change in demeanor and felt the forest's reaction to his sudden trauma. The aura around Shen Tian's body leaked out into the open nature and the flora around him grew uncontrollably.

    Trees grew to the sizes of pagodas! Flowers were forcibly blossomed, releasing a heavenly fragrance! Even the grass beneath their feet grew rapidly with a healthy shade of green!

    It was as if all of nature was welcoming Shen Tian. As if everything was responding to his presence!

    "Sister! We can't hide this! He's obviously awakened an extremely powerful bloodline! At this rate, the Elders will notice what he's doing!". The petite young girl tugged at the sleeve of her senior sister. if they were caught bringing a man into the Sect, even they would be punished severely for it!

    But a new voice that cut into their conversation sent shivers down the pairs spine.

    "Oh? The Elders will notice what exactly?", several powerful figures instantly appeared over the Shen Tian and the two girls, each with a varying expression on their faces.

    There were four figures that floated serenely over the immense growth behind them. All of them were beauties that could cause the downfall of nations.

    "Little Lin, Little Qin.... care to explain what's going on? And why there is a man in our Territory?", one of the figures floated down and stood directly in front of the two girls. Their bodies shaking slightly under the invisible pressure she was emitting.

    She was a peerless beauty that exceeded the young girl that helped Shen Tian. Her body was more mature and could light a fire in any man's heart. But despite possessing such a sexy and attractive body, the power contained within said body could destroy a mountain.

    "....E-elder X-xue! It's not what it looks like! He just appeared in the medicinal garden! We didn't let him in! We swear!", Qin Qingyue brought up her hands and waved them as if to push all suspicion from her away. The petite looking girl beside her, Lin Xiaoqi nodded frantically as if trying to agree with her senior sister.

    The two looked very suspicious, but none of the four Elders could discern a lie from their words. At their level, they would be able to pull the truth from a Foundation Establishment Cultivator like Elder Yun. Their power was beyond comprehension.

    Another Elder came floating down and landed directly beside Shen Tian, her eyebrow raised as she peered at the powerful green aura leaking out of his body.

    It doesn't look as though it is going to stop anytime soon, the second elder thought.

    The heavenly beauty placed a hand on Shen Tian's shoulder but instantly retreated in a flash of green light.

    "Elder Chu! What's the matter! Is there something wrong?", the other two heavenly beauties landed beside Elder Chu, whose face was pale and her hand shaking.

    She waved the two off and let out a deep breath, "It's nothing. His Wood affinity was just higher than I excepted. It's actually more than my own....".

    Her words stunned the other three Elders!

    A higher affinity than Elder Chu's!

    It must be known that Elder Chu possessed a Divine-Grade Wood affinity and was in charge of the various medicinal gardens in the Floating Heavenly Bridge Sect! If a young mortal child had an affinity even greater than hers then his bloodline must be absolutely astounding!

    Since those with a Wood affinity can promote growth and development of spiritual medicines, their value was not low. Even if they don't have direct combat abilities, most Wood affinity cultivators can comfortable lives tending to herbs and medicines.

    If this young man could grow the same level of medicines as Elder Yun, then if he became a cultivator and could control his power then....

    "Elder Feng! Elder Long! I request that I make this child my disciple!", Elder Chu's beautiful green eyes grew stern as she turned to the redheaded and blue netted Elders beside her.

    "What! Absolutely not! The Sect only allows female members! This was a decree made by the creator of Tamagahara! To break this would be treason!", Elder Long, a beautifully mature young woman with curves in all the right places opposed her fellow Elder statement. Her long navy hair fluttered in the wind, and her normally sexy smile turned angry and wrathful.

    The power the two women exerted was enormous. Even one of them would be able to defeat the Thousand Sword Sect Elder Yun with one hand tied behind their backs.

    The gap between their cultivation levels were just too astounding!

    "Just calm down the both of you. Elder Chu, you better have a good reason for this. The Sect has had numerous males request to join over the 10,000 years we've been established, and many of them had cultivation much higher than this young man's. I don't believe that only his affinity has caused you to waver.... tell us the truth", Elder Feng, a heavenly beauty with flaming red hair stood in between these two titans, trying to defuse the situation.

    All the Elders attention turned to Elder Chu. Even Elder Xue who was lecturing Qin Qingyue and Lin Xiaoqi faced Elder Chu whose eyes were locked on Shen Tian.

    Her face turned sombre and the mood melancholy.

    Elder Chu's eyes glistened and the other Elder's faces grew softer.

    ".... He looks like him. My brother... the one who....", Elder Chu trailed off, but the intent was conveyed to the other three.

    In the 10,000 years since the inception of the Floating Heavenly Bridge Sect, only one man had been accepted into the Sect. A pair of twins, one boy and one girl requested to enter the Sect. Both were age 10 and had already reached the peak of the Qi Condensation.

    Chu Qing'er and Chu Yufeng.

    They both possessed immense affinities towards the Wood element, however focused on different aspects in their path of cultivation.

    The sister practiced the healing and growth aspect of the Wood element, while the brother practiced the draining and absorption aspect of the Wood element.

    It wasn't unknown that plants absorb heat from the sun, nutrients from the earth and water from its roots. However Chu Yufeng created a cultivation technique which allowed him to absorb energy from almost any source, regardless of its origin.

    Spiritual essence straight from medicinal plants and herbs. Heaven and Earth Qi direct from the planet itself. Even strands of Yin and Yang Qi from the sun and moon!

    It was a heaven-defying technique!

    "But you know what happened.... what "they" did to him....", Elder Chu's face hardened and grew spiteful. Lin Xiaoqi and Qin Qingyue grew pale at the baleful aura she exuded. The normally gentle and calming Elder Chu had such a hateful glare they never knew!

    The other three gave each other a glance before Elder Xue approached Shen Tian placed her hand on the young man's shoulder.

    My word! His affinity is even stronger than I thought! Thought Elder Xue.

    "Young man.... what is your name?", she asked.

    Shen Tian looked up at the radiant beauty before him and then turned his gaze to the other three Elders, who each had varying expressions of anger, passiveness and guilt on their faces.

    He contemplated whether he should reveal his true name.

    If I do, then there's a chance they might find Shen Xian. I don't know how strong they are, nor do I know their capabilities. I don't even know where I am, let alone which direction the Heavenly Swallow Continent is, he thought.

    Things were dicey for Shen Tian. After receiving the Assimilating Flower Immortal Sword Lineage, he was forcibly teleported across the world and landed directly in the territory of another Sect. One that only allowed women on its grounds.

    On one hand they might let him go. And the other they might kill him. That green haired elder that wanted to accept him as a disciple might be on his side, but he had no reason to trust any of them. They were complete strangers after all.

    "I'm.... Shen Tian". He gave his true name. It wasn't out of good will or anything, but he couldn't lie in this situation. He didn't have the upper hand.

    The black haired heavenly beauty nodded slightly before asking another question, "Where did you come from Shen Tian. You didn't just appear in a Sect. You possess no cultivation. How did you do it?".

    A reasonable question, mused Shen Tian.

    "I was born in Green River City in the territory of the Thousand Sword Sect. It's located on the Heavenly Swallow Continent". He said honestly.

    The quick glances each of the Elder sent each other were easy to read. But the thoughts each of them conveyed were impossible to discern.

    He felt the green aura that was leaking from his body lessen slightly and he took a deep breath to reassert himself.

    I'm on the border between the Green Mist Continent and the Vermilion East continent. I'm in the territory of Tamagahara. I arrived here after receiving a Lineage. And I can influence the surrounding flora with just my presence.

    Everything was related to the Lineage he received from the tiny sword seed.

    The seed fell from the sky and entered his body, slowly changing and improving his physique. Shen Tian could feel his bones becoming stronger. He possessed more energy than he knew what to do with. Even his innate perception grew clearer and clearer, to the point he could recall even the faintest of details.

    "How did you get here from the Heavenly Swallow Continent, Shen Tian? A mortal wouldn't even be able to complete the journey without dying of old age. So how did you get here?", Elder Xue snapped Shen Tian out of his deep thoughts. His dull black eyes slowly taking on a light shade of green.

    "I have no idea. I was battling a Lone Shadow Wolf pack before a Divine Green Light exploded from out of my body. After that, I woke up here". He technically was telling the truth. Nothing Shen Tian said was a lie, but it wasn't the entire truth either.

    It was probably best to kept the Lineage part to himself. At least for the time being.

    Elder Xue nodded once more, "I see. A Divine Light is common in the awakening of one's bloodline. It's safe to assume that your when awakening your bloodline, the power somehow forcibly transferred you here. An impressive feat".

    Shen Tian's facial expressions neither faltered or improved. He remained passive throughout the questioning, trying to remain as calm as possible.

    "And will anyone come for you Shen Tian? Will your family try and find you or are you stuck here?", Elder Chu interrupted the conversation and kneeled directly beside Elder Xue. Her beautifully straight green hair and gorgeous green eyes shone like gems in Shen Tian's eyes.

    He only gave a wistful expression before shaking his head.

    "No. I'm an orphan. The only family I had, or the only person I considered family was my little brother, Shen Xian. He's probably crying while trying to look for me. He's always been a bit of a crybaby", his tone indicated a loss or heartache. He was still trying to ease the pain of choosing to leave Shen Xian, even if he made the decision freely.

    Elder Chu's beautiful green eyes glistened as a familiar emotion coursed through her body. Even Elder Xue and Elder Feng let out a ghost of a smile while even the ever-angry Elder Long had the corners of her mouth raised.

    That was when the unthinkable happened.

    "Alright then, if you four won't take him, then I will".
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