18 Rick betrayed Annie

    "Hey,what about me? Where is my letter?" Jeremy looked at the three girls pitifully.

    Curie wanted to laugh. "Ok.Your letter odd. ABCJ...What about this name

    Astral ABCJRocks. "

    "That's perfect. Any Body Can Jabber of is the tag line. " said Jeremy.

    "I like it. It's awesome. " Annie told her opinion.

    "Is it the tag line or the band name you liked? " Bonnie added.

    "Both, especially that tag.. band name. Curie I think the name is perfect. "Annie told. Curie smiled .

    Annie thought I liked the tagline as well. He is good at vocabulary but I can't spit it out. It looks odd.

    The lag of tag didn't go unnoticed by Jeremy. He just acted as though he didn't hear anything.

    He took his phone and browsed about the mall. He knew about the Blue Dragon mall but he didn't think that it was really the mall which is at hike now. He thought it was a fake name at first but it was real.

    "Curie, getting a chance at an event organized by this mall is really an achievement. It's not easy. "

    "Our first assignment is so huge. I really wonder how we got this project. " Curie commented.

    "I think George sir recommended us. Curie, you remember on that day he praised you and told he would help you grow. " Bonnie added.

    "Ha.You are right.There might be a chance. We should not break his trust. "

    "Whatever, it's really a great stepping stone for us. Don't you think we need to have a celebration for this. "Jeremy suggested.

    " Don't tell me we need to go to the same bar again. I hate it. "said Bonnie.

    " Why Bon bon? Was that guy who danced with you ugly or what? "

    "He is not bad from the side view but I hated it. "

    Curie also added "I am also not interested in that bar. But I want to try if I can meet the guy who danced with me so that I can thank him. "

    Jeremy became hesitant. No way,Curie.

    I should never take her to those parties again..

    "As Bon bon said. It's too noisy there and we can't even be together. We should plan something different.What say, Annie? "

    "My Chaa also warned me on that day.I am also not willing to come. "

    "Didn't we have great fun. Who is your Chaa.. What is Chaa? "

    "Ah! I call my brother as Chaa. He is my only family. I love him a lot. He is really awesome."

    Jeremy thought Why is she boasting so much? Is her brother that great?

    "Annie,is he more handsome than me."

    "You are no match for him. He's got that brown skin adonis look going on, dark eyes that make anyone weak at the knees. He has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel. He's fair and tall especially handsome. "

    "Are you going to stop or tell me the history of your brother?If you want to praise your brother don't compare with me."Jeremy interrupted.

    " Oh! I think I am getting some burnt smell somewhere. Is someone jealous? "

    Curie mocked Jeremy.

    Everyone laughed. Annie thought of something. "If you don't mind we can party at my home! Only I and chaa stay there. Chaa is busy with his business. He always locks in his study room. "

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    Jeremy wanted to say yes as soon as Annie told but waited for a while. I am overreacting when Annie is around. I should maintain my composure from next time.What would Curie think!!

    "That's actually not bad." After a pause seeing Annie's curiosity Curie added. "You know what that's cool. "

    Annie nodded. Jeremy eyes which were dim whether to say yes or no turned bright. He uttered.

    "Ha.Not a bad thought we can hangout there.Bon bon what do you think? "

    Bonnie looked at the faces in front of her.Are they going to fry me if I say no? What's with that deadly look? I want to survive so I need to say yes.

    "Ya.I am busy but I will find out a way definitely. Where's your address Annie? "

    "As all of you come together I will share location to Jeremy.Let's have fun this night."told Annie.

    After deciding about the party they started dividing their tasks.As that was already Tuesday they need to hurry up.

    Bonnie was assigned to try some good music tunes with her guitar. Curie was thinking of some good lyrics.

    While Jeremy and Annie were busy submitting the paper work of the group. They were planning on designing some posters in the school to create hike.

    The day ended only for assigning the tasks. Bonnie was exhausted. " Time flies when we are busy. I used to glance at my phone 100 times if I was in the class. "

    "Add me. It's really fun to events like this. We can enjoy as well. Daily sitting in the class is boring. "Curie said

    putting her pen down.

    Annie made a call to Rick. He lifted the call. He was in Jeffery's cabin. He was arranging some files so he put the phone on speaker usually not even seeing the caller Id.

    A cute voice was heard with some pleasing tone.

    " Ricky, Are you busy? You only call for business matters."

    "Ah!A little bit. Is there anything you important or I will call you back later! "

    "Are you getting inspired by your work-holic boss?He is really ignoring me now-a-days.If my god-brother also ignores me how can I a naive girl survive in this damn world?"

    Rick realized that it was Annie a long time ago.He didn't expect her to bad-mouth about Jeffery. He immediately put the speaker off.

    "Sorry Annie. The phone was on speaker just now. Mind your tongue.How can I help you my dear sista.. "

    Jeffery looked at Rick with anger. "Put the speaker on. "
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