4 Lucky meeting

    The CONG valley was twenty kilometers from the city CONG, for a normal human it would take days but for Zhao Yi, it took him three hours.

    Once he arrived in front of the forest, Zhao Yi saw a mountain in the distance so big that it touched the clouds according to the writings of the library, there would be an old padagoda of a few millennia at the top but nobody had ever had enough strength to reach it.

    The demonic valley is divided into three parts: lower, upper, mortal.

    In the lower part, the demonic animals go from rank 1 to rank 3

    The upper part from row 4 to row 6 and deadly from row 7 to row 9.

    Zhao Yi decided to go to the middle of the lower part because he will have a better chance of finding Rank 1 peak animals there.

    On the way, he met several animals of average rank 1, but he destroyed them with a single strike of his sword allowing him to have about thirty demonic nouyeau in his bag and 6 liters of ferocious beast blood, plus half a corpse for his meal.  Its goal is to find a beast corresponding to its level and gain experience in combat.

    Soon he arrived in front of a cave, he redoubled his vigilance and looked around him and you know that there were no auras following him or demonic beasts, he entered the cave and carefully inspected its environment.

    After walking three hundred meters in depth, a smell of plants entered his nostrils.

    "Mmmmh?"  Who is there to smell when following the trail and came across a place where there were twenty of them, all at least fifteen years old and about ten of them thirty years old.

    "May the gods strike me my mother is to save her luck!!!  Ginger, spring grass, blood flower all in fifteen to thirty years old!!!!!!!!" shouted enthusiastically and felt a part of his burden go away.

    "With his mother's Martial mind should be able to complement wake up, what is it?...?" he said enthusiastically before his attention was directed a flashing light deeper into the cave, he quickly picked up the herbs and ventured carefully.

    Once he arrived or the light blinking, he saw something that shocked him.    A corpse, but what really shocked him was the ring on the fingertips of that corpse.

    "How can I be so lucky and how come there's a space ring near such a low city?" he said, wanting to take the ring.

    Before he could even take it, a light clinked and the image of an old man appeared before him.

    "My name is Yang Gou Ancient cultivator of the Divine spirit you who had the chance to find my body I make you by my inheritance on one condition" said the old man then looked at Zhao Yi and frowned.

    Zhao Yi already amazed answers quickly with his hands joined "Senior this disciple is called Zhao Yi what condition Seignor he is in?" said he with a lot of ecxitation in his voice.

    Well, it seems I found a good junior.    I was before ten thousand years ago an alchemist of grade 8 almost grade 9, but during my Ascension to reach the level of God, I was attacked by a sectal nomer section of immortal blood, they cancelled my tribulation and my attack, I could not hold then, I broke the void and landed in the mortal world waiting for a worthy disciple and seemed perfect for you to play.  Accept my inheritance knowing that you will only be able to access it in the Xiantian kingdom and the same for my space ring because you need real Qi to be able to activate them," said the old man Yang Gou with expectations.

    Although Zhao Yi already knew that he had the possibility of obtaining an inheritance, he really didn't think about having that of a Divine being almost to the nephew god.

    He recovered from his thoughts and asked, "Senior wants me to destroy the cult of immortal blood, right?  "He said in an interrogating tone.

    "Yes, that's right and if you have to accept, keep in mind that you will have to look for a treasure capable of hiding your fortitude.  Because this cult specializes in the soul" says the old man Yang Gou.

    "In this case this disciple accepts the legacy of the senior," said he, kneeling and running three times in front of the old man.

    "Well and another counsellor never underestimates you as an opponent, always give it your all in combat otherwise you could get hurt," said he then a golden ray entering Zhao Yi's body.

    "Child watch out for you," said the old man as his silhouette disappeared into the air.

    "Thank you senior," he said, bowing once more, then got up and took the space ring from the skeleton fingers and looked at it briefly and put it in his bag.

    "The cave seems deeper let's move on and see if there can be any more surprises.

    Soon he reached the limits of the cave and what he saw put him in a frenzy.

    "Four hundred year old spring grass, three hundred year old gingerbreaders, two two hundred year old blood flowers, What?!!!! There are at least three hundred gigemembers from one hundred to one hundred and twenty years old from this Coast" Exist as never before, they took all the herbs and put them in their bags.

    "Well I think I'll camp here for the night after I hunt monsters all day tomorrow," he said as he pulled out a carcass of an animal and ate it and then fell asleep.


    A shadow appeared over Zhao Yi while he slept.

    "considered all these herbs as a gift from me and this should help you to awaken your Martial spirit if you are indeed from the same family as this man" he said, projecting another ray of light into Zhao Yi's body.

    "With this I have fulfilled my debt and I can finally die without regret" said the old man and disappeared into the infinite sky and his skeleton at the same time became dust and was swept by the wind.
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