5 Efforts and profits

    Demonic Valley

    It was a new day for Zhao Yi who woke up.

    He quickly looked at the contents of his bag to make sure he had not dreamed yesterday.

    "Whew it seems like it was not a dream, with a few dozen hundred-year-old herbs, I'm 100% confident that mother could grow again." Mhhmmm what is it? " He said with enthusiasm and then attention was focused on his body.

    "How did it go?" But how does "Body refinement 6 th layer!" How can it be? "says Zhao Yi, completely surprised by this situation.

    "Good no matter how I went through, the most important thing is that I became a lot more powerful now and my fighting power will have to be comparable to an intermediate rank 2 beast" says he completely intoxicate by the thought of selling all the nuclei demonic beasts.

    "Rich with all this and all these herbs, I'll be able to quickly get into the consolidation realm and shove all that ** clan," he said, and a murderous intent unintentionally disengaged from his body.

    "Well let's kill all these animals and have a miximum of harvest" he will arrange all his things, put the sword in his hands and hastened the steps towards the end of the lower circle of the valley.


    A few hours later in the upper interior of the forest, you could see a boy holding a sword facing a tiger 2 meters high.

    Under normal circumstances, the boy is supposed to be the most hurt but in front of this beast he was without expression.

    The beast seeing that his adversary bore no interest in him roared with discontent and rushed towards the boy under the impulse.


    The boy saw the migrated head straight towards him frowned and then a moment later, a terrifying intension of arcane sword escaping from the sword followed by a silver glow and an absentee pressure escaped in the vicinity .

    Then the gorcon murmured "Tiger sword" followed by a terrifying strike that went straight to the tiger.

    The tiger seeing this silvery glow accompany this terrifying pressure felt his coat straighten up and so quickly to escape.

    But even before he could escape, the strike broke loose and became even faster and cut his body in two.

    "BouMmmm" followed by a silence, the tiger fell dead on the ground.

    Of course the young man against whom this tiger was fighting was Zhao Yi.

    At the heart of those few hours, Zhao Yi hunted like crazy, thus collecting 30 middle demon nuclei 2, 8 medium rank 2 nuclei, and 1 rank 2 peak kernel.

    The rank 2 peak is the Tiger's kernel, normally he could never have killed a beast of this rank but, by facing death against 3 middle rank 2 beasts, Zhao Yi went beyond his limits and understood the third layer. Arcane swords which greatly increased his power and allowed him to kill these animals instantly.

    Taking his sword, he thrust it into the skull of the Tiger and pulled out a black pearl emitting fluctuations of demonic energies.

    For a farmer to mount his crop with demonic kernels, he must refine the demonic energy contained in the kernel and only then can he have a use.

    "It's time to return to this accursed clan, the mother will have to worry, I can not wait to see her reaction to all those happy, defiant stories I've got," he said eagerly.

    He raged his business and headed for the town of CONG.


    City CONG

    After an hour of racing, he finally arrives in the city.

    "According to my recollection there seems to be a pavilion that is specializing in the auction and the purchase of deminia cores" he said following the path to the auction sale.

    It took him about ten minutes to get there and he was greeted by a shopkeeper.

    "Bonjoir young master, young master is he here for a purchase or for a sale?"

    Said the shopkeeper very politely.

    "Bonjoir I would like to sell demonic cores" says til

    "Demonic nuclei?" he says because in general the orc a practitioner has kernels of moniacs, they keep them for himself or his clan.

    "Sir, what ranks are your nuclei?"

    "Intermediate rank 2 and average rank 2," Zhao Yi said indifferently.

    "What!? !!! Rank 2 nuclei ??" the shopkeeper nearly fainted because in general they are only sold for the first and second row of ranks, it is because only the big families could have this luxury and of course they always had deaths against the demonic beasts increasing thus the value of these nuclei.

    An intermdiare tier 2 demonic kernel had a value of 100 gold coins, and a medium rank 2 kernel had a value of 300 gold because only one of its stages is able to assemble a lower multilayered practitioner and those below the gold nuclei could almost rise a layer.

    Of course it would take between double and triple to be able to cross each new layer.

    Soon Zhao Yi came out of the auction house with 5400 gold coins and a smile on his face.

    He smiled because the annual income of the Yi clan is 2,500 gold, so he can consider himself extremely wealthy.

    After that he went to the Medical Pavilion, it is said that the medical flag is a prime force in Zhou's land.

    So, although it is only a small foliar branch at their main branch, no one dared to behave imprudently inside, even the lord of the city will have to respect the chief of this branch.

    Once inside the pavilion, a doctor smell entered his Nazi pits.

    Nobody came to welcome him as before because this building has always been disrespectful to families and large families.

    He found the pills for which he had come to buy namely pills from foundations.

    These pills serve to consolidate the foundation of a practitioner of Body Refinement, for those of the Consolidated Kingdom, they will need a high foundation pill being a yellow grade pill while the bass is a black grade pill.

    The cost of a normal foundation pill is 50 gold and the high is 150 gold which is very scary to the doors of these large families.

    But today, Zhao Yi buys 10 black foundation grade pills and 10 grade yellow pills which equals 2,000 gold pieces.

    Although Zhao Yi felt rich, seeing his money go so fast he could not help but feel a heartache.

    "Sigh it seems like I have to make a lot more money in the future," he said, pushing for the Yi family quarters.
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