6 Awakening Of The Martial Mind Of Zhao Yin

    Yi family

    Once Zhao Yi arrived in front of his yard, an old voice shouted at him.

    "Yier, you have nothing, can you leave your mother so worried for a day," she said angrily.

    "But mother you know, the way to be a practitioner has always been sowing hirings plus I've had several fortuitous encounters in the demonic valley looking at my cultivation," he said innocently.

    Her mother seeing her inocent face sniffs "humph" after which she checked the cultuvation of her son

    "6th layer of Body Refinement?" she said with excitement and doubt.

    "Yes mother and I met a senior who gave me his inheritance but he will only be available when I'm in the Xiantian realm and I also ask him about your Martial spirit and he told me that you just needed a lot of celestial energy to completely awaken your Martial spirit, "he says, too enthusiastically.

    Zhao Yin became stunned and delighted by his son's luck, and soon after hearing his case.

    "What do you have mother?" Said Zhao Yi noticing the change of emotion of her mother.

    "Little Yier you said it needed a lot of energy, but it's impossible with our situation," she said with pain and regret.

    Zhao Yi mouse before getting out of his bag a score of 50-year-old ginger and 5 100-year-old spring herbs.

    Immediately bitterly the air around them became very dense and Zhao Yin raised his head out of curiosity and became amazed at the plants held in his son's hands because a Centennial grass was a grass not found in this small town.

    "Mother, this will help you to completely awaken your Martial Spirit," he said, putting the herbs into his mother's hands.

    Her mother recovered from her shock and said, "Yier you will have to use these herbs for your cultiva ...." she wanted to keep talking but Zhao Yi took out about twenty centennial grass and coica her words into her mouth.

    "Mother take them and go in. I'll go with you to cultivate," he says, feeling warm. Then the two entered the hut and began to cultivate.

    Zhao Yin went to his room while Zhao Yi went to his room.

    Once in his room, Zhao Yi pulled out a barrel of water and directly injected the blood of several intermediate Tier 2 animals into the barrel.

    Once inside, the explosive energy nearly made him faint, so he quickly guided her to those bones, her blood, and her finely tuned net organs.

    1 hour later he finishes completely refined his bones, blood and organs. Normally this process would take 6 to 1 and a half years depending on the talent of the person so imagine 1 hour.

    It's really scary.

    Out of his bath, he went to barrel outside, filled with new water and poured more blood of Rand 2 intermediate beasts.

    Now that his body is much stronger, he can now absorb more explosive energy without hurting.

    Once into the barrel, the energy contained did nothing to him despite the triple pressure.

    Slowly but surely, he poured the energy to his 11th point of acupuncture whose barrier broke extremely easily then came

    TWELFTH, THIRTEENTH, FOURTEENTH, FIFTEENTH, SIXTEENTH, SEVENTEENTH, EIGHTEENTH, NINETEENTH acupuncture point and it continued until the 79th when arriving at the 80th, this one resisted slightly before breaking and the The remaining energy slightly increased his cultivation at the inntermediares stage of the 6th layer.

    He gets out of the barrel and repeats the same thing several times while repressing his cultivation.

    Four days later, he finally crossed the 7th layer of Body Refinement and now opened a total of 250 acupuncture points.

    It is necessary to know more one opens of points of acupuncture before the consolidated kingdom, the better will be our future because one can not in power after the corporal refinement.

    Even if the Martial Spirit has a high rank and can increase the speed of cultivation, if we could at the same time open more acupuncture, our future will become limitless depending on the number open even a humble possess a Martial mind classify Huang great 1 may rise at least up to the gold core depending on the number of openings.

    Feeling refreshed, Zhao Yi took a black grade consolidation pill and sat in a lotus position and then consolidated his foundation.

    Fifteen minutes later, he finishes his consolidation and sela.

    But before he could think of anything else, he felt the cold air and looked at his body.

    "How is it so cold? Wait for ice cream? Mother !!!" said in panic then corrus in the room of his mother.

    He was stunned by the sight.

    All around his mother was freezing while.

    He saw something more terrifying in the after, because the crystals behind his mother who were before were turned blue and the little blue fox became an ice fox 2 feet tall with light yellow pupils and 5 tails in back.

    But what caught his attention was the 10 blue crystals behind his Martial spirit.


    This means that she has a Martial spirit rank heaven this news will certainly cause a war of different sect to oppose the right of this talent.

    It is necessary to have that the most powerful person of continent has only a Martial spirit to classify sky grade 3.

    Not only that, but her mother's cultivation soared madly as if she were releasing the energy accumulating during all these years a roar that was heard throughout the continent as to announce the coming of a new sovereign.



    Yi family

    Meeting room

    The patriarch of the Yi family and the elders were in Reunion Meeting when suddenly they came a fierce roar accompanied by a spiritual Qi climb

    "What is roaring, would anyone break into our clan?" asked one of the elders excitedly.

    "Where does this icy energy come from?" asked another elder

    "This comes from the Zhao waste yard," said another elder.

    "Shut up if it really comes from the Zhao court then it will mean that Zhao Yin has made a breakthrough, and felt energy, it seems that his Martial spirit has strengthened even my Martial Spirit trembles in the face of this pressure we should go take a look, "he said and everyone dispersed.


    The same roar made curious all the hidden forces of the continents curious but still could not find where it came from.

    Except the forces of the town of CONG which are rapidly moving towards the Yi family.


    When Zhao Yi was presently attending his mother's cultivation

    5 th layer of Body Refinement, 6 th, 7 th, 8 th, 9 th and the energy did not seem to decrease and continued to strengthen Zhao Yin's cultivation.

    BOUMMMMMM and she officially crossed the kingdom of consolidation her level contunue to ride

    2nd layer of consolidation, 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th, 7th energy finally stopped when it crossed the 8th layer of consolidation.
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