1 Weird

    "Cevin," my twin sister called out to me and I automatically looked back to see her. I was quite surprised that the book that I was holding almost fell from my hands.

    Both my sister and I work in the library as student assistants. Our father died because of a car crash and our mother on the other hand works as a call center agent. Her salary isn't enough for the three of us that is why my sister and I became student assistants. It's the least we could do for us; for our mother.

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    "Ma'am told me to tell you to go to the room at the back of the library. She wants you to look for the book titled 'The Last True Cowboy' by Kathleen Eagle," she added and I just nodded at her as my answer. My sister got some books and she went to her desk to fix the cards of the books. I walked swiftly towards the room to find the book I was asked to look for.

    I arrived at the room and turned on the switch of the room but the bulbs didn't light up. I turned on the flashlight of my phone and one by one, I looked at the shelves to see the book ma'am wanted me to get for her.

    I saw different kinds of books on the shelves, with different genres made in different timelines. Almost all of the books here are books that aren't frequently used or borrowed. Old books, to be more specific. Fiction, non-fiction, old news articles, et cetera. Most of them are all kept here but the problem is, the books aren't all organized which makes looking for specific books difficult to see.

    I also have the interest in reading books. I don't find watching television very interesting because it doesn't get me to use my imagination very well. In every book that I read, I like it when I get to imagine the worlds or the situations being described by the author through his or her character's senses. In this way, I get to make my mind active other than doing school works.

    My index finger stopped when I saw the book I was supposed to look for. I pulled the book from the shelf but was a little bit startled when a black book beside it fell on the floor. It was opened when it landed and to my curiosity, I pointed at my phone to see what book it was.

    "Weird," I commented when I saw nothing written, drawn, or printed on its pages. I knelt down to further examine the book but when I came across its book cover, it even had no title. I got lazy returning it on the shelf so I just left the book on the floor.

    I went outside the room and went straight to my sister, Terra, at the main desk and sat beside her.
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