10 A Way to Enter the Wall

    The three of them looked at me. "Come," Yomi said and gestured for me to come to them and so I did.

    "I thought you'd want to know more about the history of this world," she said as she rolled her eyes at me. She reminded me of my twin sister, Terra.

    God, I miss her annoying presence this quick?

    "Yomi, do you know a way to enter the wall? Have you heard something from the knights talking during their stay in the inn," Klein asked his girlfriend.

    "Yes. They said there's a cracked part of the wall near a large oak tree just in the outskirts of this town," Yomi answered and I looked at her.

    "Can we go inside," I asked Yomi and she nodded as her answer.

    "Yes, you need to crawl to enter. There were also knights who entered there but they rarely explore because they said you'll find yourself in a very vast forest and could easily get lost. Rumors also said that there are different kinds of animals-creatures you'd see that you've never seen before. Most especially those big machines," Yomi added and the three of us were surprised by the information she just gave us.

    "Do you want to enter the forest, Dionne," I asked and she looked down, looking scared about the thought of entering a place people haven't even explored completely. "It's okay if you don't come with me," I added and Dionne looked at me.

    "I'll go," Dionne said suddenly, getting Klein's attention.

    "Are you serious? What if one of those machines capture you," Klein said in concern and Dionne looked down again.

    "We agreed to help Cevin in his plans and if he's satisfied, he'll help us in return," Dionne said and Klein looked at her. "If we follow him and if we also heard the answers that he needed, I might get the motivation to go back to where I came from," Dionne said finally.

    Now that we were talking about this, I know that Dionne's determination to go back is slowly improving. Because if it doesn't, she wouldn't even volunteer to come with us knowing that it's a dangerous situation for her.

    I nodded at Dionne's decision and returned my look to Yomi. "What is with the old man? Why do we need to meet this specific guy," I asked and Yomi answered the question.

    "This old man knows a lot. Every time he visits, the talks using our language. Three years ago, we had a problem on how to get water. He was the one who made a solution. We made a well, but it wasn't enough. With enough resources and with enough strategies, he taught us how to make a durable well for the town; even some more for everyone." I suddenly got curious.

    "How did he come up with strategies," I asked and Klein answered instead.

    "He always had this big book that he carries around, with a language written on it that we don't even understand. Now that I've learned your language recently, I remembered one word written on the cover of that book, and it's the word 'survival.'" I got more surprised than expected.

    "If that's the case, then he may come from my world. Maybe he's one of the people who was chosen by the goddess," I commented and all three of them nodded as an agreement to what I've said.

    If he was chosen by the book, did he succeed, did he fail? What did he do for this world? Did he make a wish? Was his wish granted? I have so many questions in my head but that would have to wait until I meet this mysterious old man.

    "How can we find where he lives once we enter the forest," I asked and Yomi looked outside, as if to check if someone was eavesdropping before she closed the door and locked it again.

    She was making sure if someone was listening but then again, no one can understand us since we're speaking in English, but better safe than not. They will get more suspicious if the four of us stayed in this room for a very long time.

    "A knight said something one time when he was drunk that he saw a pathway that was colored gray. If you follow it, it would lead you to the house of the old man but there's like a spell near that house because if you go near it, you would be teleported back to this town like you've never even walked down the path going to the old man's house," Yomi answered and the difficulty of finding the old man made this a little bit difficult.

    "I think I have something to negate that spell so we won't get transported here once we almost reach his home," Dionne said and Yomi nodded at her.

    "If that happens, we might successfully talk to the old man in the forest and ask for some answers-maybe more than what we needed," Klein added and I nodded at him in agreement.

    "Yomi, can you escort us by the tree at night? Lead us to a place a bit hidden so knights wouldn't follow us." Klein even asked a favor from Yomi and she agreed.

    "Ncibc reo." I thanked Yomi and she smiled at me.

    "Reo'yu kuxkuzu," she answered and we all left the room and rested in the inn before we leave late at night. We still have three hours before we go to the forest where the old man lives.

    If ever we see the old man, I will know all the answers-maybe more, to the questions inside my head. He would tell me more about this world, and how it came to be; what he did, and what the goddess did for him. I could ask him all the things I wanted to.

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    I could ask him if I could ever return.

    I will do whatever it takes for me to return to the world I came from.
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