17 A Beautiful Voice

    As I was washing the dishes, I thought to myself. If the training would start tomorrow, I'd understand more how to use my power. Now that we will be travelling together, we will know each other better and together we would also be fighting the antagonist.

    But we completely have no clue what the antagonist's goals are. We don't even know who the antagonist is. But we are sure of one thing, though...

    That he or she is after Dionne's power. Why?

    I finished washing the mugs and walked slowly towards the living room. I suddenly came to a stop when I heard a beautiful voice, singing outside the house.

    I looked outside the window and I saw Dionne looking at the moon, singing. In her song, I felt her. It was a song about protecting the world, but why does it sound so sad?

    "Vey uhuyebu'p picu (For everyone's sake)

    A evvuy reo ncap pebf (I offer you this song)

    Vey uhuyebu'p ged (For everyone's joy)

    A evvuy reo ncap pebf (I offer you this song)"

    I listened to her sing. I was looking at the stars as I felt her sadness delivered in the song. Her voice was so soft and any person who heard her voice would really feel at ease. But in the way that she sang... I really felt her regret...


    "Ab unuybix miywbupp, A pceoxm pnid (In eternal darkness, I should stay)

    Ne cuus ixx ncu uhax ikid (To keep all the evil away)

    Ab unuybix miywbupp, A pceoxm pnid (In eternal darkness, I should stay)

    Vey uhuyebu'p picu, uncap A syid (For everyone's sake, this I pray)"

    In order for her to protect everyone, her singing must not cease. The goddess chose her for this world's protection. She will only stay at the top of the tower for eons, with only the stars to look at. No one would be with her. She would sing for eternity, sacrificing her freedom, for the lives of others.

    She stopped singing when she noticed me watching her. I just looked at her and her face suddenly became beet red. Maybe she got shy because I heard her sing.

    I kind of wanted her to sing more, though.

    I went outside and she smiled shyly at me. "I didn't know you were watching," she said and I smiled at her back.

    "Just... continue singing," I just said as I sat on the bench in front of the window. "You have a very beautiful voice, Dionne." I complimented her and she giggled slightly before she sat down beside me.

    "I sang for many years. Do you expect me to croak like a frog," she joked and I laughed slightly at her. She was laughing with me but then, her eyes showed sadness after a few seconds.

    "Never mind me singing. When I sing, I just feel like crying any minute. I'm... the embodiment of sadness when I sing," she said and I looked at her.

    Instead of singing giving her happiness because it's one of her greatest talent, it's ironic to know that it's the one causing her pain and grief. She has no choice but to sing because it was her responsibility to protect the people of this world.

    What if I stood in her shoes. Maybe I'd also lose my mind when I get to be immortal and would sing my whole life just to protect the people. I am an introvert, yes... but complete isolation from people or the whole world is something else.

    I said that Dionne is selfish, but what she did was a bit realistic when I thought of it. Why sacrifice the life of one person for everyone? I mean... a person has freedom. But then again, the responsibility of saving the world is there. The goddess left her with no choice. Now I understand why she left the tower. I know that Dionne is in search of some answers for her own, too.

    I sighed because at the most unexpected time possible, I remembered my family.

    "How is my family back in my world? My mother... my twin sister... what are they doing? Do they know that I'm gone," I asked and Dionne answered.

    "The goddess said one day here is equivalent to an hour, so maybe they don't know you're missing," she just said and then it gave me thoughts.

    If the timeline of this place is like this, then it means I've only been missing for an hour. Terra would be the only one who would know that I've gone missing. Terra would think that I'm in my best friend's house, though. Sometimes I sleep there. But if she were to call and clarify if I'm with Dylan, maybe she'd lost her marbles and start panicking.

    Now I'm curious of what she'd do if I'd been gone for such a long time.

    "Cevin, do you love your family?" I suddenly broke out from my trance when Dionne asked me an unexpected question.

    "Yes, I do. Why do you ask?" Who wouldn't love their family? I may not be expressive at times, but a family's love is something important in life.

    "I haven't even met my family and I only knew about their existence just recently. My mom died when she gave birth to me. She wished for my safety that's why my parents became the tower to protect me," she said and I looked at her.

    "I don't even know how they look like. Sometimes when I roam around, I grew jealous of how children were holding hands with their parents, and would play with them in their houses or at the park. Parents get angry at naughty kids, but you could also feel that in their anger, there is love beneath it," she said and showed a sad smile.

    When she opened up to me, it came more to my realization that Dionne's life was indeed a very sad one. She never felt the presence of her family but because of their love, they became the tower for their daughter's protection.

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    "Your parents love you, Dionne," I said and she suddenly looked at me. "Because of their love, they became the tower; your house-your protection. Notice how the tower was so tall, it would even take years to reach you? It was because your mom and dad were keeping you from harm," I added and she smiled at me sweetly.

    "Yes, you're right," she said and she let out a breath of relief, like I comforted her by my words. "But the thought is nice, isn't it? Having a family of your own," she added as she smiled then suddenly, my heart skipped a beat.

    What the hell? What was that just now?

    Dionne stood up. "I'm getting sleepy, Cevin. I'm going on ahead. G'night!" She went inside the house and now I'm left here outside.

    Even for Dionne who is immortal, she doesn't know a lot about the world she's protecting. She still has a lot of things she didn't know about herself and the world. She would still live long enough to look for answers she had been looking for.

    Maybe when I'm also done with my role, I'd be able to know what I've been wanting my whole life. I realized I'm still too young to know what I truly want.

    What do I really want?
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