27 The Song of Healing

    Klein jumped and with two strikes from his dagger, he killed two of the beast-like machines in front of him. With Sai's strength, he killed all of the human-like machines by putting his hand inside of their chest and destroying their heart but even though they have defeated quite a number of enemies, they would still multiply under Ophelia's spell. Ophelia would still continue to attack us with her black lightning, but the shield was still here to protect both me and Dionne.

    As the battle continued, I noticed that I am becoming tired. It's like my life force was being sucked out from my body and it was being transferred to Dionne. My vision slowly became blurry and I am already struggling to keep my balance and to make Dionne's body steady because my focus is also on the spell.

    So this is what every character feels like... it's like my MP is being drained away!

    Dionne held my face again. "Cevin, it will soon be over. You can do this, and I'll sing," she reassured me. Even though I couldn't see her clearly, I know that she's smiling at me.

    "And when you start singing, everything will be back to normal. Everyone will be safe and no one will get hurt," I told her and while Klein and Sai were battling, they also spoke.

    "I'm old now but even then, I would still be willing to fight. I chose this life. I chose to live in this world and so I would also do my part in making it peaceful again," Sai said and then Klein spoke next.

    "I want to have a family once everything had settled down. I want them to live in a peaceful place. Yomi, my future wife, would be so happy and so will I. Once we have children, I will give them the life they want."

    Both Sai and Klein shared their dreams and it gave hope for the four of us; the strength for us to protect his world.

    "We have the same dreams, Ophelia... of wanting to live in a world with happiness and freedom; a place where everyone is living in peace without their families and friends feeling hurt and sadness," I spoke and Ophelia answered.

    "I don't care! Stop spouting nonsense! You do not understand how I feel," she shouted and Dionne spoke.

    "No, Ophelia, I understand you," Dionne said and Ophelia released another ray of black lightning but it was still blocked off by the shield I made.  "You've been told to sing alone; to sing for eons with no one to talk to, with no one to be with," Dionne added and Ophelia calmed down a bit but still anger is shown in her face.

    "We've been experiencing the same thing. We stayed in one dark room. We could only see the stars and nothing else. We were always alone. We were longing for attention. At least you experienced the presence of your family. Mine died before I was even born," Dionne shared and Ophelia's face softened as she slowly landed on the ground.

    "I left the tower, too... but because of that, I have almost caused the world to fall into ruin. You entered this world to destroy it. Now that I experienced attention and friendship, I now want to protect this world because even though it was cruel to us because they use us, life is beautiful. We allow life to be beautiful because we sing for them," Dionne said with feelings and tears escaped from Ophelia's eyes, showing that they both really did understood each other.

    "You don't have to release every feeling you have through anger, Ophelia. I can understand you. You need company, someone to talk to. I'm here for you; we're all here for you. Just stop this, and let me heal you. Your sister still cares for you," Dionne added and Ophelia suddenly became berserk when Dionne's mentioned her sister. Ophelia started levitating again.

    "Do not make me remember my sister!"

    She shouted at the top of her lungs and the goddess suddenly appeared. We were also surprised to see her appearing right between us. All of the enemies that Ophelia summoned disappeared by the goddess' snap. Klein and Sai stopped battling and Ophelia suddenly fell on the ground and the goddess went to her.

    "Ophelia, I'm sorry..." The goddess started apologizing but Ophelia kept silent. It was obvious that she is still angry but we were taken aback when we suddenly saw Ophelia crying.

    "What do you want," she asked and the goddess just smiled at her.

    "Please, come back... the older sister I knew is the one who was always sweet to me despite the loneliness she always experienced," the goddess answered and Ophelia could no longer hold her tears back. "I know you won't forgive me easily. It's okay... I just want to talk to you," the goddess added and she also started crying.

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    "Why are you so kind to me despite the cruelty I have dealt in this world," Ophelia asked and the goddess hugged her tightly.

    "Because you are my sister and I love you," the goddess answered and Ophelia got surprised. She cried and returned the goddess' hug.

    Wow... that kind of escalated quickly.

    All of us stopped when all of a sudden, the room became brighter. All of us looked at Dionne.

    "The Song of Healing," Klein said and we all looked at Dionne in awe. She started shining and levitating slowly, like she had become stronger than ever before.

    I stood up and I looked at her. Ophelia and the goddess looked at Dionne. Dionne smiled before she closed her eyes.

    "Bcitw, uhuyubu," she thanked us and she started singing.

    "A pabf vey ncu pwr. A pabf vey ncu uiync (I sing for the sky, I sing for the earth)

    A qaxx syenukn ncu syukaeop xavu (I will protect this precious life)

    Ncap tuxehum qeyxm (This beloved world)"

    All of the dead bodies of the enemy defeated a while ago disappeared and Ophelia started to shine brightly, too, because of the Song of Healing.

    She smiled at us and she closed her eyes. "I guess I am too evil and unfit to live in this world, Falica," she said and the goddess held her sister's hand.

    "No, you will get cleansed. You will not disappear," the goddess clarified and they continued listening to the song.

    "A iz ncu xafcn (I am the light)

    A pabf vey cuixabf (I sing for healing)

    Ne yuhahu ncap qeyxm (To revive this world)"

    The whole of Hartifilia started to shine and we were all in awe to see what was happening right in front of us and around us. We now know that the world will be saved through this song.

    All of us suddenly smiled at the thought that all of our hard work has been paid off. Now we can get what each of us want.

    "A evvuy reo zd xavu (I offer you my life)

    A evvuy reo zd heaku (I offer you my voice)

    Vey uhuyubu'p cesu ibm vonoyu (For everyone's hope and future)"

    I went near Dionne and I smiled at her. Even though she was levitating in front of us, I held her hand and looked at her with admiration.

    "I will be with you, Dionne," I whispered and I knew she heard it. Tears of happiness started to escape from her eyes as she smiled slightly as she sang.

    The world will now be peaceful.
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