-1 Cultivation levels

    This is mostly just to help me remember stuff. Don't pay it much heed.

    ►First Realm: Spirit Enlightenment

    ►Second Realm: Spirit Refinement

    ►Third Realm: Spirit Ascension

    ►Fourth Realm: Three Godly Attributes

    ►Fifth Realm: Paragon

    ►Sixth Realm: Transcendence

    ►Seventh Realm: Dao Path

    ►Eighth Realm: Law of Dao

    ►Ninth Realm: True God of Dao


    Personalized Cultivation Path Below.

    [ Experience of a True God

    ►First Realm: True Spirit Enlightenment

    ►Second Realm: True Spirit Refinement

    ►Third Realm: True Spirit Ascension

    ►Fourth Realm: Twelve Godly Attributes

    ►Fifth Realm: Invincible Paragon

    ►Sixth Realm: Transcending the Nine Realms

    ►Seventh Realm: Experience Path

    ►Eight Realm: Law of Experience

    ►Ninth Realm: True God of Experience ]


    [ Name: Aloph

    ►Title: God of Exp. This title grants a 100% boost in Exp gain!

    ►Exp: 0

    ►Health: Healthy

    ►Weapon: [Father's Will]

    ►Armor: None

    ►Bodily Talent: C/S

    Bodily Technique: [Body Strengthing Technique] Lv MAX.

    Breathing Technique: [Breathing is the Key to Getting Stronger!} Level, MAX. Exp:

    ►Cultivation Talent: D/S

    ►Spiritual Talent: B/S ]

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    Spiritual Skill: [Killing Intent] Level, MAX.


    Animal processing




    ′ ′ = single quotes, e.g. murmurs and whispers

    ″ ″ = double quotes, e.g. normal speech

    ‴ ‴ = triple quotes, e.g. many people simultaneously speaking the same word
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