5 Cultivation manuals!

    He just closed the menu at that point. He sat down and contemplated his current situation. He had revived into the body of an ordinary farmer boy with only a somewhat good talent for cultivation, and currently in possession of a system that reportedly could allow him to buy anything. "Now that I think about it, wouldn't the system have something that could improve my talent? Store!" With a buzz, a transparent box appeared in front of Aloph. He put in the keyword "Talent" and got several results from the store. One such result made Aloph shiver.

    [Silent Reaping Poison]

    [Upon use, the person's body will rapidly lose their talent in Cultivation and Body Training. Used for silently getting rid of future enemies.]

    [Cost: 20,000 Exp]

    [Note: An evil way to rid yourself of future enemies, but extremely effective.]

    He would definitely not use this unless absolutely necessary, Aloph thought to himself after reading the description. Moving past that result he found some results that were quite something to behold...

    [Heavens Body Serum]

    [Upon use the user's body will have their Bodily talent upgraded to A grade. Also upon use, the user will feel unimaginable pain throughout their body and if should the user pass out, the user will die.]

    [Cost: 10,000 Exp]

    [Note: Imagine getting rid of all other senses and replacing them with pain. Prepare for the worst]

    [Fairy Physique Manual!]

    [Depending on Spiritual Talent, this Physique will increase Bodily and Cultivation talent equal to that of the user's Spiritual Talent grade. This will also make the user's skin fairy-like, very pleasing to the eye. ;)]

    [Cost: 100,000 Exp!]

    [Note: The ladies will trust you with that kind of face!]

    [Heavenly Thunder Body]

    [With this body you'll be able to conquer all. Your Bodily talent will increase to the max. Destructive attacks are nullified and all attacks have the attribute of Tribulation lightning!]

    [Cost: 1,000.000 Exp! Must come into contact with Tribulation lightning to cultivate]

    [Note: Not even the heavens can stop you now!]

    Frankly, he was just numb to it. Half the things presented to him were insane and almost made him faint. The cost alone was enormous, but adding that with the description would make anyone faint at the sight of it. Thankfully he had practiced a few minutes ago. As he was scrolling through the menu he found the thing he wanted.

    [Body Strengthing Technique]

    [Strengthens the user's body to the point of having steel for flesh!]

    [Cost: 100 Exp!]

    [Note: You have to begin somewhere!]

    Finally something normal! He actually shed a tear when he found something within his limits! If going by how much Exp I gain by breathing it'd take 100 days or roughly 3 months. That's too long for me, so I'll have to find ways to gain more Exp!
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