6 Gaining Exp!

    Since he needed the exp he could just ask the system for help regarding this matter. "System, how can I gain exp in the close proximity?" The robotic voice answered back in a swift manner.

    [Ding! You can practice any cultivation manual and earn Exp. Since you currently do not have a cultivation manual you can instead hunt and kill local animals for Exp. The amount of Exp given depends on the animal and how strong it is.]

    With his question answered he set off in the opposite direction of the Capital! The forest of Doom! Well, it's not really a Forest of Doom. He just called it that because it was his first time going somewhere potentially dangerous in this new life of his! As he walked towards the Forest he picked up some random sticks and rocks for future use. He would need a weapon if he was going to kill something and currently his body wasn't made for fighting, but farming instead.

    As he walked towards the forest he encountered a couple on the way and was met with shocked expressions! As the couple walked passed the boy they asked one another. "Hey, isn't that the boy who recently died?" They merely shook their heads and went on their way. They just thought they were hallucinating as this wasn't the weirdest thing they've encountered in life. The boy in question, Aloph paid no heed to the couple's shocked expressions.

    Once reaching the forest Aloph found a log and sat down. He looked down at the sticks and rocks he found and began sorting them. He found the sharpest rock he could find and used it to sharpen the sturdiest stick he found. After a couple of minutes, he created a small spear. When he was about to create more spears he was greeted with a notification from the system and was met with great surprise.

    [Ding! You have created [Rudimentary Spear]! You can now access the instant craft function of the system! You earned 10 exp!]

    He dropped the spear he had created and his jaw dropped to the floor. Instant crafting? If it meant what it said then he could instantly craft spears! He did exactly what he did to access the store and was greeted with a new menu!

    [Craft Rudimentary Spear!]

    [Cost: Stick, rock.]

    Aloph instantly clicked on the crafting prompt and out of thin air, a spear appeared in his lap. Out of the sticks and rocks, two disappeared. A rock and a stick. When he was thinking of the possibilities of such a menu he noticed he didn't gain exp so he asked the system. "Hey, why didn't I get exp? I made another spear!" Aloph said with slight annoyance.

    [Ding! You didn't make it, so you don't get exp!]

    He just slapped his face at the response. Of course, why didn't he think of that? Clearly, his mind was being affected by the system. He shouldn't get arrogant just because of the system. He had to do things himself, otherwise, he'd just become dependent on the system and he would be in deep trouble if it eventually disappeared.

    He looked down at the System Crafted Spear and compared it to his. It was completely different. He had made many mistakes when he had made the spear, but the System's version was perfect. It was designed perfectly for penetration and very smooth to the touch. He stood up from the log and stared at the closest tree. He first grabbed onto his spear and threw it as hard as he could towards the tree. The spear did indeed pierce the tree, but only an inch before falling out. He then grabbed the System crafted spear and threw it with the same strength. Despite throwing it at roughly the same strength the results were completely different.

    The System Crafted spear pierced half away through the tree before coming to a stop. If instead of looking at the spear and at Aloph you would see him shedding a tear and whispering; "What have I gotten myself into...?"
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